Katja wiedemann

Frank Wittfoth
"In a world without limits, where the only constant is change, those who have the resources and determination to face their reality and act decisively will be successful."

Kai Hoffmann
"Seeing digitalization as an opportunity is existentially important to us. But the focus should remain on customers and consultants. Digital elements can be a useful addition to training, marketing and service."

Dirk Steffen
"After 30 years in the industry, the changes in life and pension insurance show us how important it is to be truly independent."

Katja Wiedemann
"Twenty years of professional experience has shown me to focus on humanity. The interplay of enforcement and feasibility should always be in harmony."


The expert model

There have been many sales approaches in recent decades.
Quantity always came before quality!
Also in the LV revocation distribution of the first years was unfortunately not different. After the failure of the first unwinders we listened to mediators. We conducted interviews and identified the weaknesses of established sales approaches.
The expert model was developed. Super qualified mediators advise, others recommend …and IT afine colleagues capture.
A big step towards quantity with quality.

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Service for partners


Consulting is and remains "Peoples Business! Despite all the possibilities of online communication, we believe that getting to know each other in person and direct communication and exchange are very important. The added value experts therefore organize regular partner meetings as well as the expert congress. The expert congress aims to bring together all market participants and to bundle competencies in order to create even more successful added value for our customers.

When it comes to our customers’ money, it is important that all partners are well trained and, above all, that no promises are made that cannot later be kept. All partners are trained via our online academy and kept up to date with the latest legal developments. Here, of course, we differentiate between the positions that a partner takes in the expert model. In addition to training, the academy also serves to acquire new cooperation partners.

Marketing and sales support

Nothing replaces directly approaching existing customers and new contacts to find people who are dissatisfied with their life insurance and would be happy to be made several thousand extra euros.

In addition, we want to support all partners to achieve an expert status online as well and thus gain customers and partners.

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