Learn effectively: with these 9 learning strategies it succeeds as if by itself

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Sophie Singer

Effective learning: This keeps the information in your head, reduces frustration and leaves enough time for other things in life. We tell you the 9 best learning tips!

Let’s face it: learning has a pretty bad image. ‘It eats up free time, makes us masters of procrastination, causes frustration and nervous breakdowns. The closer an exam comes, the stronger these symptoms are.

And actually, it’s not "learning new things" that we find so awful. It’s the activity itself. Learning is not really sexy. The feeling of space, time and hygiene goes down the drain. The tolerance limit drops threateningly.

In addition the knowledge: "I do this voluntarily!", which makes us totally doubt. Because, yes, at some point we decided on this study, this training, the Abitur or the further education.

Now here is some good news and some bad news. The bad: There’s no magic formula that will take the learning out of your hands. Unless your name is Harry or Bibi. The good: There are relatively simple strategies to learn effectively.

Learn effectively: With these 9 strategies it works out

Let’s take a sober look at the whole thing! Learning is actually something great. We broaden our horizons, can understand connections better and thus develop further and further. Learning is a privilege. To make it more fun and easy again, here are the best tips!

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1. Create a schedule

Get an overview of transcript, script and possible mock exams. Sort thematically and then create a schedule for when you want to work on what. Plan enough buffer. Not every day is the same. And you need breaks too.

2. Learn effectively: Find your place

Yes, it’s totally fancy to sit with your MacBook in the coffee shop. Sipping unmentionable coffee creations while learning. If you can be productive here, you deserve a huge round of applause. Then you deserve the coolness.

For everyone else: It doesn’t matter what it looks like. The main thing is that it helps. Some people like to cram collectively in the library or in study groups. Or at home. Lonely at the desk, with baggy pants. Talking to yourself. Running in circles. (Someone else on it like this. )

3. Study on your own time

The great thing about the inelegant slouchy look: It always works. In the morning, at noon, in the evening, at night. And of course it is important to find your own timing. If you are productive from 00:00 to 05:00, that’s great. Study when it feels good to study!

4. Associate learning with something positive

Who thinks: "I don’t understand. I can’t. I don’t want to", not only lowers your own motivation to learn rapidly. But it also ensures that we are so distracted with prayerful expressions of displeasure that we become unproductive.

Even if it’s hard, try to look at the positives. If you’ve studied for this exam, you can take the next class. Change your career. Or check off another milestone.

Always stay wild.

5. Learn effectively with flashcards

What used to work on the vocabulary test still works well today. Write down questions or problems on the front of index cards. On the back are the answers. Here’s how to learn quickly and effectively.

6. Form study groups to be able to learn effectively

The advantages of learning groups are obvious. You do not get lonely during the exam period. You can better motivate yourself to be productive with others. In the group you can query each other, discuss problems or solutions.

It also makes it easier to meet study deadlines. Finally, you’ll have to justify to others why you prefer Gilmore Girls. Or taking a 4 hour nap at noon. ;) By the way, the group size should not exceed 5 people.

7. Learn effectively with mindmaps

Mindmaps help to understand connections better. For this you write a question or topic in the middle of a big sheet of paper. Around it, you jot down all the relevant information and insights you’ve gained so far.

8. Repeat the learning material regularly

Dear friends of unsuccessful learning strategies: Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This may not be the formula for infinite life. But for effective learning. The more often you repeat the material relevant to the exam, the better you can retain it.

Of course you have to start learning in time. But this strategy is much better and more sustainable than the universally known and hated bulimic learning: Push everything quickly into your head. Spend the exam on the paper. And forget forever.

9. Avoid distractions

It’s bitter: but it’s better to study without your smartphone, TV and the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. Make sure you don’t get the temptation to procrastinate in the first place. And save such entertainment for your breaks. :)

Our conclusion:

Learning is a nuisance. But also necessary. Therefore, we should always focus on the goal and not lose ourselves in self-pity. So go for the bacon. With our 9 tips it works all by itself. :)

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