Lose weight: 6 tips on how men in their mid-30s and older can achieve their goal

Lose weight or these three, four superfluous kilos Getting rid of weight – these are topics that accompany most of us again and again. The nasty thing is that the older you get, the faster the pounds pile on and the harder it is to get rid of them. At least that is the subjective perception. No need to panic, because: Most people gain weight after a certain age – and they also find it all the more difficult to lose weight. "More than 60 percent of adult men are overweight", explains Dr. med. Marjana Schmitter, specialist for nutritional medicine. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the BMI for men over 35 years of age is more than 40 percent in the overweight range and more than 15 percent even in the obese range – with an upward trend.

Losing weight in your mid-30s: Where does the "mogul trap" come from??

You stand in front of the mirror and look at a roundish Belly, that shows through the T-shirt – a phenomenon that most men face in old age. This also has a very specific reason, because at an older age, people need less energy. "Around the age of 40. At the age of 15, the metabolism shuts down by 15 percent, because the body switches from building up to maintaining body mass – and thus energy consumption decreases, explains Marjana Schmitter. (Read also: Staying slim at 30? Then you need to break a simple habit)

This becomes particularly clear when you look at the guideline values of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) for the daily calorie requirement. While this is at the age of 19 to 25 years with men still with approximately 2400 calories per day, this sinks with the age of 25 to 51 years on 2200 calories per day – a number with higher age further decreases. Added to this are the changes in hormone status. "Less testosterone is produced and muscle mass and growth hormone decrease. This means that our body can break down less and less fat."

Weight in old age – also a question of the head

But it’s not just the body that’s to blame for weight in old age – it’s also the head. Yes, you have read correctly. This is because the fixed circumstances in which one finds oneself in this phase of life have an influence on our eating behavior. Because it is true: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. "About 33 percent of men gain weight when they are in a committed relationship,", explains Dr. Schmitter. By no longer looking for a partner and feeling secure, life becomes comfortable. Psychologically, after some time of infatuation and increased sexual activity, providing and being provided for takes over the important role in a relationship.

But not only the relationship has an influence on our diet. While you still had enough time for sports and extensive cooking in addition to your education or university, it is no longer so easy to take time for a regular work-out in a daily routine with a job and children. The creeping increase process is strengthened by the fact that one, if the job does not give movement, much sits and in the evening on the couch rests and with unhealthy Snacks for the long day rewards itself. All these factors lead to the fact that one gains weight faster in the age. But how do you counteract this??

6 Tips for healthy weight loss in old age

Although many people don’t realize it, our eating habits are actually influenced by our age. "Too large quantities, too much fast food, too much alcohol and too little exercise", summarizes Dr. Schmitter together. With these six tips you work successfully against the weight gain:

When people talk about fast food, they usually think of the burgers at McDonald’s or Burger King – but as the term suggests, it’s mostly about dishes that are prepared quickly and therefore contain hardly any fresh ingredients. This applies just as much to the French fry stand as to the sandwich with mayo that you quickly buy on your way to work because you didn’t manage to eat breakfast again.

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