Lose weight by eating less – how to achieve success

If you want to lose weight, you have to achieve a negative calorie balance to do so. Today, pretty much everyone who has ever dealt with the subject of dieting knows this. To do this, first calculate your basal metabolic rate and your power metabolic rate with a calorie calculator that you can find on the Internet, and from their sum you get the amount of calories you consume every day. Then it is important to arrange your diet so that you eat about 500 calories less than you consume. This way the body is stimulated to get the necessary energy from stored fat cells and you lose weight. But often losing weight despite eating less does not succeed and one wonders what one is doing wrong.


Eat less with more exercise

To lose weight quickly and effectively, you should also combine a diet with more exercise. However, studies have shown that when food intake is reduced, there is often unconsciously also a reduced amount of exercise. If the body receives less food, it switches to economy mode, so to speak, and tries to lose as little energy as possible through movement. Most of the time you don’t even notice the change in your behavior. But you unconsciously try to always park very close to the entrance at the mall, and you also come up with an excuse for your Sunday walk. This eventually leads to the body conserving kinetic energy to make up for the reduced energy intake from the diet. As a consequence, losing weight by eating less fails. You should be aware of this fact if you want to lose weight and eat less. Rather, you should consciously incorporate new exercise routines into your daily routine. Climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator, or walking part of the way to work, can be among the small changes in routine that can assist in losing weight. If one becomes accustomed to the increased movement, one can decide finally also for perseverance sport, Jogging or bicycle driving and in this way still more easily decrease, and/or a once obtained weight also better hold. If eating less is combined with more exercise when losing weight, the prospects of success are much better.

Smarter eating when losing weight instead of eating less

Many diets have one major flaw. You eat too little and never feel really full. If the hunger gnaws constantly, one is fast victim of the own impulses and reaches despite Diat for a piece Pizza or a cream tartlet. In this way, the success of the diet is quickly rendered impossible and the desired weight loss fails to materialize despite numerous deprivations. Also such diets lead usually to a Jojo effect. If one starved oneself a few Pounds away, then one gives after the Diat hot hunger attacks and has the lost weight fast again put on.

But the problem can be solved in a quite simple way. When dieting, you are supposed to eat fewer calories, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat less. Rather, one should choose food wisely, so that it has a high satiety value, but few calories. Proteins and fiber quickly give us a feeling of satiety. That’s why the diet should also include as much fresh vegetables and fruits as possible, which provide fiber while being low in calories. Lean meats, cottage cheese and eggs, on the other hand, are excellent sources of protein that also contribute few calories.

If you eat healthy, you will have an advantage even after the diet is over. Once you have become accustomed to larger amounts of fruits, vegetables and salads, you can simply add a few more foods to this way of eating after the diet until you get to the full number of calories you convert daily. This way you can keep the new weight well and also feel fitter and healthier at the same time.

Sufficient amounts of water are also important when dieting. For one thing, a glass of water can curb a fast-emerging hunger pangs. On the other hand, water is also very important to flush waste products out of the body, which are produced when the body converts stored fat cells into energy.

Eat more consciously

If you have set yourself the goal of losing weight by eating less, you should first and foremost eat more consciously. Often it is the small things, which one consumes daily without thinking, which make fat. If one treats oneself during a short work break at the coffee machine gladly once a large Cafe Latte with sugar, then this strikes with approximately 200 calories to the account. If you allow yourself the pleasure of eating once in the morning and again in the afternoon, you will have reached almost a third of the calories allowed by most diets. Therefore it applies to regard not only food, but also beverages critically and to examine for their calorie content.

Eating more consciously also means taking time to eat. If you want to lose weight by eating less, you should concentrate on the meal and chew each bite slowly. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes until the feeling of fullness sets in. So you may feel hungry after a quick meal, while a slow, indulgent meal may leave you feeling full before you’ve eaten the whole portion. For the same reason, it is also recommended to drink a glass of water about 15 minutes before the meal. Thus, the feeling of satiety begins to set in faster and it is not difficult to eat less at the meal.

Last but not least, you can also make use of a little psychological trick. In addition one selects to the meal simply a smaller plate. The small plate seems full even with the smaller portion and the subconscious registers a normal size of the meal. This way you can eat less without feeling like you are getting too small of a portion.

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