Lose weight in 30 days: 30 simple hacks that help

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Lydia Kulterer

Lose weight quickly

Lose weight and do it in an uncomplicated way? Yes, that works! We show you how to lose weight in 30 days with 30 simple tips.

You want to get rid of a few small annoying fat pads? Then you don’t need to go on a radical diet. Often even a few small things help to lose weight quickly. With our tips you succeed quite easily.

Studies have shown that it is mainly small everyday habits that make our belly fat grow. Even very small changes in eating habits or a little more exercise in between can work wonders.

If you start with exercise (which includes short walks), the secret to success is perseverance. Focus on incorporating small movement exercises into your daily routine. At the beginning it is a bit exhausting. But soon it becomes routine. You can always take the stairs – just leave the escalators and elevator behind you.

But before that, let’s take a quick look at what dos and don’ts you should follow if you want to slim down:

  1. No more salt after 19:30
  2. Prefer fruits with little fructose
  3. Stay away from carbonated drinks
  4. As little sugar as possible
  5. Avoid rice, white bread and pasta
  6. At least 30 minutes of exercise every day

30 simple tricks to lose weight fast in 30 days

Try to stick to our little tips for one month. We have a little hack for you every day that can make a big difference.

Many of these tricks you can and should take to heart every day. But we will tell you then at the respective trick. Let’s go!

Day 1: Set a goal

If you want to lose weight quickly, you need a very clear goal. You need to know how much you want to weigh in 30 days less.

Write down a goal for each week! By the way, you also need daily goals. This cannot be measured in weight – but in eating habits.

For example: "I eat 2 healthy meals and 2 portions of fruit every day". But do not overdo it!

If you want to lose weight fast, you have to be realistic – set yourself rather small goals. Otherwise you will lose your motivation. It is better to aim to lose 3 kg and to achieve this with motivation than to lose 20 kg in 30 days (which, by the way, is completely unrealistic and dangerous).

Healthy eating is key. That means lots of low-sugar fruit, but even more vegetables and lots of water. At the same time do not give up good carbohydrates, protein and fats.

Your diet must be adapted to your weight loss goal. Both from the nutrient composition and the number of calories per day. Too many calories are just as bad as too few.

Sounds complicated? A conscious diet does not only bring you closer to your dream figure. You will also change mentally. If you eat healthy, you are in a better mood and have more power.

To help you achieve this, you can create your own personal nutrition plan with our We Go Fit program. You choose between losing weight, building muscle or clean eating and specify your favorite foods.

We Go Fit nutrition plan

It is often very difficult to eat properly. Especially when it comes to recipes, you can quickly reach the limits of your creativity. Therefore it is worthwhile to set up a cooking plan. It’s best to plan what you’re going to eat for a week in advance.

We’ll put together a diet plan that fits your needs and is 100% right for you. Is quite simple. Try it :)

Day 2: Sort out foods

Go to the refrigerator and to the pantry. All products that say "low fat", "light" or similar should be considered critically.

Products that are supposed to contain less fat often hide a lot of sugar and salt – they serve as a taste compensation. Likewise, very highly processed products are considered weight loss inhibitors.

All in all: take a good look at the list of contents of the foodstuffs. If there are additives in it that you have never heard of, it is better not to eat the food.

Video recommendation

You don’t have to buy spreads, vegetable sauces, salad dressings and the like. You can easily make a spread yourself! Mix curd, salt, onion, herbs and you’re done. Tastes a thousand times better than the spread from the supermarket.

Day 3: Get on the scale

Yes, you can’t avoid it. Studies have shown that people who weigh themselves regularly have better results at shedding excess pounds.

The weight serves as an incentive and shows whether you are on the right track.

Day 4: Move

lose weight fast sport

Running, walking, jogging, strolling, cycling – everything is allowed. The main thing is that you walk at least 2 kilometers a day.

Get into your training shoes and get going! Stop how long you take! Take a friend with you, then it is much more fun. You can share and keep up with your day on the go.

Make sure that exercise becomes a fixed part of your daily schedule. No matter in which form.

Day 5: Eat from small plates

This trick plays tricks on our brain. Studies have shown that people who eat from small plates are fuller faster.

Lunch, breakfast and dinner from now on from small plates. This automatically keeps the intake of calories low. The color of your plate should also play a role. So you tend to eat much more from white plates than from red ones. Exciting, or?

Day 7: Replace butter with avocado

Butter is delicious – but it has a lot of calories and no nutritional value at all. You can easily replace it with avocado.

Avocado also has 160 calories per 100 grams, but at the same time it has important nutrients such as vitamins A, E and B vitamins, as well as potassium, magnesium and calcium. You can make it into a delicious spread with cream cheese or just eat it plain.

If you don’t like avocados or don’t have them on hand, go for cream cheese. You can refine it with herbs and spices.

Day 6: Belly-legs-po exercises

Muscles are super. You see, they need a lot of energy for our bodies to sustain them. You burn a lot of calories at rest when you are exercising. So if you are building muscle, you can also treat yourself to something sweet in between meals.

So do an ab workout today that lasts at least 20 minutes. Sore muscles guaranteed and desired!

Besides, muscles have the advantage that you are less cold in winter :)

Day 8: Scan your kitchen

Do you have any foods you can’t get enough of?? Like chips, chocolate, M&M’s and the like.

Think carefully about the foods that you are eating. Giving away and not buying should help you reach your weight loss goals.

I burn about 300 calories in a workout that lasts an hour. 100 grams of milk chocolate (that’s one bar of chocolate) contain 540 calories. A whole salami pizza contains about 1000 calories.

Feel free to take a look at the calorie table of foods. But don’t be fooled by "per 100 grams" – that would only be 240 calories for the pizza. But who eats only 100 grams of it?

Day 9: Chop, chop let’s go

Today it’s sporty. Get up every hour and do at least one exercise for 15 seconds. Little stretches in the office shouldn’t be missing from your plan, just like squats or planks.

Squeezing your buttocks or climbing stairs also count. Some of the exercises you can do at work. By the way, you’re guaranteed to have sore muscles the next day!

If you are very motivated, you can also start with our 30 day leg challenge.

Day 10: The scales are calling

Well, how does it look? Has your "lose weight fast" goal already borne fruit?? Weigh yourself weekly from now on.

Researchers have found that people who regularly step on the scale develop a better awareness of their body. So it can not happen to you that you quickly gain 5 kg. You have constant control over your weight.

Check out the table to see what body fat percentage is optimal for women. Use these numbers to guide your goal.

Day 11: Lace up your training shoes

Remember day 4? Yes, there you were moving for 2 km. I hope you remembered the time.

Today is all about improving that time. Grab the same distance and the same mode of transportation. Let’s go! Do not forget to stop time.

Always stay wild.

Day 12: Make yourself a healthy sandwich

Snacks can be healthy too. Make yourself a sandwich with a healthy whole grain bread. A sandwich, so to speak.

Instead of using a second bun to fold, simply top the bread with lots of healthy foods. Cucumbers, cress, sprouts, radishes, cottage cheese spread, cream cheese, tomatoes, peppers – anything you like – as long as it’s healthy!

Day 13: Fiery dinner

Whatever you eat today, prepare it with a little chili.

Spicy foods stimulate digestion and burn more calories than mild foods. Plus, spicy will make you thirsty, and that’s good. Drinking is something that most people don’t put enough emphasis on anyway.

Day 14: Time for something new

Wow, two weeks down the drain! Congratulations! So that nothing stands in the way of your "lose weight in 30 days" goal, it’s time to adjust it a bit now.

In any case, you should now raise the bar on your "lose weight fast" plan. If it was 2 servings of veggies a day before, you could make it 3 now.

Day 15: 3 days meatless

A great tip for day 15. Try to go 3 days without meat in your diet. Why?

Studies say that people who eat meatless have a lower BMI than those who don’t. If you do without meat, but should not now reach for ready-made meat substitutes from the supermarket. Rather be creative. How about lentil patties? A veggie goulash? Or a homemade vegetable sauce with whole grain rice?

Add a big salad and you’ve got a wholesome meal that’s completely meatless.

Day 16: Pure water

For the rest of the month, try water instead of sodas, alcohol, syrup, etc. to prefer.

Except, of course, your morning coffee and a glass of wine when there is something to celebrate.

Drink at least 2.5 liters of water every day and you will quickly notice how your body changes.

You can add mint, orange, lemon, cucumber, ginger or herbs to the water to give it a taste.

Day 17: Take a lunchtime walk

A great tip that will boost your motivation for the afternoon. Divide your lunch break in half.

In one half you eat, in the other half you take a short walk. Best with a dear work colleague, neighbor or friend. Fill them in on your plans. Maybe she’ll join in – then it’s much easier.

Day 18: Vegetables and fruits

Mix vegetables and fruits with every meal. Very important: Try new varieties. You’ll see, it’ll add a lot of variety to your veggie skillet and oven vegetables right away.

Variety is also great for the taste buds! And for the vitamin and nutrient balance anyway.

You can also turn a lot of vegetables into delicious recipe. How about a delicious low carb vegetable casserole with cheese?

Day 19: Use kettlebells

A new day, a new tip. Start using kettlebells. It’s best to start with 8-10 reps and 3 reps per exercise. With these simple exercises for beginners, the fat will melt away quickly as you build muscle.

Day 20: Try a new workout

Try a new workout at the gym. One study says that women who did a 30-minute workout they didn’t know liked their workout more than their usual workout.

Maybe you’ll find a new sport that excites you so much that you don’t even realize you’re working out. It could be swimming, climbing or yoga. If you have fun with it, the kilos are guaranteed to melt away.

Most courses come with a free workout session. So check out what’s available near you. If nothing appeals to you, ask a friend to give you an introduction to her favorite sport. This is how I discovered my love for climbing.

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