Lost vehicle documents – how to obtain a new registration

Lost vehicle title and registration document: How do I get a replacement?

vehicle title and registration document lost: How do I get a replacement?

The registration cannot be found! What to do now?

Even the tidiest person misplaced from time to time. When it comes to important identification documents, the helplessness of those affected is often.

Because then, in the normal case, must be as quickly as possible Replacement here – and this is not only official procedures, but often also with Extra costs and Stress connected.

For example, if a motorist has both vehicle documents If you have lost your vehicle, many people do not know where to start – or whether you are still allowed to operate a motor vehicle at all. In the following, you will find out how to contact a Loss the best way to proceed with the vehicle documents.

FAQ: Lost vehicle documents

First report the loss to the police and then re-apply for the documents at the registration office or the respective citizens’ registration office.

Vehicle registration and vehicle title cost around 12 euros each. However, there are further cost points z. B. the affidavit. In total, costs of up to 150 euros will be incurred.

The vehicle registration document does not have to be in the vehicle, but the vehicle title (registration certificate part I) does. If you are not able to show it at a control, you have to expect a warning fine of 10 Euro.

How did you lose your vehicle registration certificate and license??

You have lost or invalidated the registration documents

Case number 1: you simply have the vehicle documents lost resp. misplaced. It would also be conceivable that the documents are accidentally lost invalidated This is usually the case if the papers have been punched, cut, badly faded or soiled. So if the documents have fallen victim to the washing machine or a tipped-over cup of coffee, and the data is no longer decipherable, it is often necessary to obtain a replacement.

This scenario is "advantageous" in that those affected usually have continue to identify can – this is essential for a new application. Do I have the invalidated documents still in front of you, then do not simply dispose of them, but take them with you for safety’s sake when you make a new application. Of course, the situation is different if you have not lost the car documents, but if they have been stolen.

If you have lost your car license and registration document due to theft, you should report it to the police immediately

If you have lost your car license and registration papers due to theft, you should report it immediately

Your car documents were stolen

Case number 2: You have not lost the papers from your car, they have been stolen. This could be the case, for example, if both documents are kept in your wallet. In such a case, those affected usually have to look for a new one first identity card or passport take care – because for a new application it is usually indispensable that you can identify yourself as a person.

In addition, such a theft should always be reported to the Police to Display brought back – and so promptly as possible. As a rule, you will then receive an Report issued to your report, which you must present to the competent authorities.

This is how you proceed when re-registering

If the vehicle documents are lost, then these must be newly applied for become. Both the vehicle registration document (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1) and the vehicle title (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 2) are lost by an official responsible registration authority handed over. Which registration office is responsible for you depends on your specific place of residence and can be determined quite easily online.

  • Photo ID (identity card or passport with confirmation of registration)
  • Proof of a valid main inspection (HU inspection report)
  • for company cars: proof of Business registration or. a Commercial register excerpt
  • corresponding Application forms, should be on site
  • if necessary. Proof via report to the police or. Declaration of loss
  • if necessary. affidavit – you usually do not have to draw this up yourself
  • if necessary. Power of attorney as well as Personal document of the person giving the power of attorney – Please note that some registration offices require the vehicle owner to appear in person!

How long does it take to issue the new documents?

If you have lost your vehicle registration and title, the duration of reissue differs

If you have lost your vehicle registration certificate and title, the duration of the reissue differs

If both vehicle documents have been lost and need to be replaced, you will receive the Vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate part 1) normally immediately or quite soon after the new application. The situation is different for Vehicle registration (registration certificate part 2) from. This is because before a new vehicle registration document is issued, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) the loss of the same offer.

But what does that mean? If a Vehicle registration is lost, a new document is not made immediately. After the application has been submitted, the registration authority first informs the KBA. These then publish a so-called Summon, thus a notice of the loss. This then appears in the official, electronic Verkehrsblatt, which are open to the public. This is to give a potential finder the opportunity to hand in the possibly recovered vehicle registration document within.

A corresponding replacement document is usually issued only when the Bidding period from fourteen days has expired and no one has reported a find. The reissue of a vehicle registration document takes accordingly at least three weeks in claim. If you have lost both vehicle documents, then there are differences in the duration of a new issue!

Car documents lost: What are the costs for new documents?

If you have lost your vehicle documents, the cost of the new documents depends on the processing office and the concrete effort from. You pay not only for the new documents, but also for the affirmation in lieu of an oath and for shipping.

  • New issue vehicle registration document: about twelve Euro
  • New issue vehicle registration document: about twelve Euro
  • Affidavit: about thirty Euro
  • Dispatch of new documents: such as ten Euro

What does it cost if I am on the road without papers??

If motorists have now lost both vehicle documents, the question often arises as to whether the vehicle in question can be reissued moved at all should be. The Vehicle registration should not normally be kept in the car anyway, so there should be no need to worry about that.

The situation is different for the Vehicle registration document from. If you are not able to show the registration certificate part 1 on demand, you can think of this warning fine of ten euros to. In case of loss, this can be proven by a proof of the Theft report be bypassed.

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