Mediation. The smarter process.

Where people come together, interests collide. When they diverge too much, conflicts are inevitable. The end of many conflicts is the courtroom, but with a judge’s decision, most tablecloths are cut forever – and the economic consequences for a company are immense.

My name is Anke Stein. I worked as a lawyer for seven years and then decided to go into mediation because I always felt that waiting for the judge to rule was passivity and being at the mercy of the judge. Dialogue is in my eyes the wiser form of discussion, because communication and compromise are the results of active and self-determined action.

Your problems. My services and solutions.

Problems, conflicts, escalation: especially in business there are always points of friction. When teams drift apart or management and works council fail to find common ground, it’s STEIN time. Because then I enter the stage to start the solution process together with the parties. Strategy discussions at board level naturally benefit from my experience, as do negotiations on company successions.

And then, of course, there is the conflict bubbling within ourselves: How do we make decisions?? How do we motivate ourselves to take the next step in our careers?? And how do we deal with a serious illness?

The wealth of experience I have accumulated in the course of my work as a business mediator forms the basis of my know-how, which I would like to pass on to you and your employees:


If the will to find a solution and common sense form a unity, the chances of reaching an agreement are high. After all, we are seldom as far apart as our emotions would have us believe.


Infotainment for your event: pitfalls and possibilities in the area of conflict management and new motivational ideas will sustainably inspire your audience.


Your employees will benefit from strategies that will also help them score in customer negotiations. Your teams become more efficient – and your company more successful.


Personal change is the pinnacle of change: I accompany your change processes and create guidelines for resolving the conflicts that regularly arise in the process.

The foundation of my knowledge


When negotiations – regardless of their complexity – have come to a standstill, I call the parties to the round table and take over the procedural authority. I act in an impartial manner, which is why the decision-making authority always remains in the hands of the parties.

Communication and negotiation

The tone makes the music. Brilliant arguments are not to be despised either. The right mixture of negotiation skills and willingness to compromise has the best chance of success.

Crisis and conflict management

Many crises are home-made. By definition, crises always have an end, but what that end looks like depends solely on the reaction of your company.

Team development (international and intercultural)

Teams are known to be put together according to the principle of forced marriage. Nevertheless, there are numerous adjusting screws that promote cooperation – provided you know the direction of rotation.


Why do employees actually need to be motivated? Shouldn’t full commitment be a matter of course? Every person has personal expectations of his or her environment, and if these are met, any further form of motivation is obsolete. But life, as we all know, is not a concert of wishes.

Accompaniment of change processes

Technical progress forces us all to move with the times. As soon as proven structures in companies fall victim to this progress, it is met with incomprehension. When the defenders of the old and the proclaimers of the new find common ground, progress is made that everyone can support.

Development and implementation of conflict management systems

Intra-company disputes have consequences: lack of cooperation, mobbing, high sickness rates. A conflict management system increases productivity and reduces error rates.

Consulting in difficult situations

Everyday business is full of challenges and opinions. I accompany you in strategy discussions, contract negotiations and disputes with business and contractual partners, shareholders and employees.

Health and overload coaching

Serious illnesses sometimes turn life upside down. I teach mental strategies to promote self-healing and challenge mindsets and priorities.

My values and principles

My thoughts and actions are characterized by respect, appreciation and fairness. I am committed to my clients and negotiate and act on their behalf at eye level. The goal of conflict or negotiation resolution is always to evaluate a current situation in the preparation phase and to find ways to improve the situation in the negotiation phase. However, this must never be done "at any cost," because while the subject matter of the negotiation always has value, it must never be traded at the expense of one’s credibility.

Mediation. The EdelSTEIN among the solutions.

I had my first big performance in 1970 in Wuppertal: My birth thrilled the audience. This was followed by a happy childhood, a completed apprenticeship as a bank clerk and, from 1993 to 1997, law studies at the law faculty of the Ruhr University Bochum. My legal clerkship took place at the Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf, the second state exam at the local OLG with an excursion at a criminal defense lawyer in sunny San Diego.

Afterwards, I worked for seven years as a lawyer in the executive staff and contract drafting of Nord/LB in Hanover and Singapore.

During this time I acquired the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master, the certificate "Training and Consultancy" with German and American certification as well as the certification as a business mediator at the FernUniversitat Hagen. In 2011, I completed the training as a wing-wave® coach – a proprietary, innovative coaching method that is successfully used in German-speaking countries, but also in France, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Scandinavia, Japan, Russia, and the USA.

Another milestone was the training with Gunther Schmidt at the Mei-Hei Institute in Heidelberg, where I learned and internalized hypnosystemic concepts.

Today I work nationwide as a systemic business coach and mediator with proven training experience in communication, conflict management and negotiation skills.

I am also involved as ..

  • Lecturer for mediation at the FernUniversitat Hagen
  • Honorary deputy. Chairwoman of the "Kulturinitiative FILOU e.V."(Municipal Theater Beckum)

My personal stone of impetus

Stumbling blocks in life are often milestones and impulse generators for new thinking and further changes. In my case, it was my cancer that turned my life upside down and gave me time to reflect on the importance of living positive psychology. I realized that difficult situations, challenges and ambivalences of any kind can only be overcome if you actually believe in a solution. Equally important is the willingness to deal with each mosaicSTONE of his problem and to approach this with determination and prudence.

My motto:
Go for it – go for your goal!

The stage is yours ..

"Tell me, Ms. Stein, when will you know if you’ve done your job well?"

"If I have maneuvered you through your crisis so effectively that you no longer book me …"

Contact me.
The best solutions are found in dialogue:

Anke Stein
Speaker | Mediator | Consultant

Crisis manager with passion

Feel free to use the following form.

Gutenbergweg 15
59269 Beckum

Phone: 0 25 21 / 10 574

contact @

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