“Mountain doctor”-anne: “then maybe i’ll be a mom after all.” | episode 3, season 15

How Reacts Anne on the developments surrounding Franziska and her baby at the "Mountain Doctor"? What does she feel?

Anne confronts her own feelings with the "Bergdoktor at the back. Photo: Screenshot/ZDF

For years we laugh and suffer with Martin’s great love Anne. But what the fan favorite in 14. "Bergdoktor"-Season The couple desperately wanted to start a family, but after an operation it was discovered that Anne was unable to have children. Adoption is also hopeless at her age.

A major setback for Anne, which not only left her devastated and deeply saddened, but also in his thoughts. Since then, she’s been wondering if their relationship can handle it or if Martin will one day turn his back on her because she can’t have children. Although her fiance assured her that he loved her anyway. But the fact that he is expecting a child with his ex Franziska caused a lot of hurt feelings, tense situations and finally even almost the separation of the dream couple.

Also in Season 15 these circumstances make Anne very uncomfortable.

"Mountain Doctor"-Season 15: Anne between her own feelings& Martin

Anne in a roller coaster of emotions. Photo: Screenshot/ZDF

A conversation in the first episode of the new season between Lisbeth and Anne already showed how difficult it still is for Anne to come to terms with the thought of never being able to have children of her own – and having a partner who is expecting a baby with her ex. Nevertheless, in the new episodes Anne tries her best to put her own feelings behind and keeps her back to Martin.

A support that the Bergdoktor urgently needs. Because at the end of episode 1 Franziska fell into a coma, the doctors are at a loss as to what caused the condition and what could help her. Martin is also worried about his unborn son, because as soon as Franziska’s values deteriorate, the doctors have to deliver the child in order to protect the mother’s health.


To make matters worse, Franziska’s mother Thea accuses Martin of negligent bodily injury for issuing her daughter a certificate of airworthiness. Now his license could be revoked. In addition, Thea demands that Martin relinquish custody of the baby. A difficult time for the otherwise quite optimistic Bergdoktor, who increasingly loses heart, as we see in the first three episodes.

"Mountain Doctor"-Season 15: Birth of Martin and Franziska’s baby

The mountain doctor, as we have never seen him before. Photo: Screenshot/ZDF

Episode 2 hinted at what would actually happen in the third episode: Franziska’s doctors are worried about her steadily worsening vital signs. When local inflammations finally appear at the end of the episode, Alexander, Dr. Rudiger and Co. to deliver the child by Caesarean section.


Although Martin can only think of Franziska and their son, the talks with Anne in advance are a balancing act. In their minds, they both prepare for the imminent birth, but Martin is unsure what Anne’s attitude will be. She keeps asking him if he knows anything more, but Martin answers her very carefully throughout the episode, always careful what he says and how he says it.

"Bergdoktor"-Anne: "Then maybe I will still be a mom"

Anne is unsure how to deal with everything. Photo: Screenshot/ZDF

So there is a situation where Anne cautiously asks if her fiance would bring the little one to Gruberhof after the birth. Martin is visibly overwhelmed by the question, prefers to deflect it and says he has to go to a patient. Anne’s answer completely upsets him: "Then maybe I’ll become a mom after all." Irritated and without an answer, Martin gets into the car. Anne’s harsh tone and choice of words make him frown. Does she express the hope that she could take Franziska’s place if she doesn’t wake up again??

Another time we watch Martin visiting Anne in the stable. "And if your son were born tomorrow.. What does that mean in concrete terms??", Anne wants to know once again. Martin explains thoughtfully that his son would then be born four weeks before the actual due date. "Then, of course, he’ll stay in the hospital for a few days first, when he’s stable… White not, would say, a week or so."

For a brief moment, everything seems back to normal for Anne and Martin. Photo: Screenshot/ZDF

Anne doesn’t want to be fobbed off with that, and asks with honest interest: "And then he comes to us? So, to you?" Martin’s answer visibly lifts Anne’s spirits: "Anne, honey, he’s coming to us. To us." Anne smiles. She looks forward to the baby in her house with mixed feelings, but is happy at this moment. She’s even in a joking mood: "Did I mention that I don’t know anything about newborns??" This also makes Martin grin: "It’s not bad, because I am the absolute top expert."

After a break, however, Anne gets serious again. Thoughtfully, she says: "It feels like it’s been ages since we wanted to have a child, doesn’t it??" Martin answers the question in the affirmative. But there is much unspoken between them.

Bergdoktor: Anne gets the third proposal


Elsewhere, Martin bitterly tells Anne that he is not allowed to be present at the birth – Thea’s ban on visits also applies in the delivery room. "She also wants custody in case Franziska doesn’t wake up", Martin adds. Anne is horrified: "If you want to bring your son up here, I’m here." She knows, how much Martin suffers from the situation, and is serious about her offer.

But as they both embrace, it’s clear from the look on her face that she herself is unsure how she’s coping.

"Bergdoktor"-Season 15: Anne leaves the Gruberhof behind her?

Even though Anne doesn’t let on how much the impending birth is taking a toll on her, throughout the episode we see her eyes drifting, how hard it is for her to appear positive, even though the whole situation and her future are visibly on her mind. Lisbeth and Hans are not unaware of this, but Anne does not engage in a deeper conversation with them.

Bergdoktor: Is Anne separating from Martin?

Anne reflects on her life. Photo: ZDF

A scene that fans may already know from the trailer suggests that Anne is asking herself whether she should give up her life at Gruberhof. She stands on a hill. Seriously, she looks at the farm and its stables – her whole existence is concentrated here. Should she leave all this behind her? Apparently Anne can’t or doesn’t want to talk openly with the Grubers, maybe because she feels that now is not the right time and that there is no room for her thoughts and feelings.

We still don’t know what Anne will decide at the end of the season. In a photo taken in one of the last episodes, she is holding Martin’s son in her arms, beaming with joy. But Franziska will wake up again and want to take her son with her – and then? How will Anne cope with the loss of her little one??

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Questions and questions, the answers to which we will unfortunately only receive in a few weeks.

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