Muller confirms: under kovac was bayern departure topic – “could have been”

Thomas Muller wants to end his career in three years at the earliest and thus play at least two seasons longer than his current contract at FC Bayern Munich. „I definitely want to play top-level soccer until 2025. The sport is going great at the moment, and I’m having a lot of fun on the pitch. That’s why I’m not thinking about quitting for a long time yet", said the 32-year-old to the "Sport Bild". „Physically, I feel really good, and the ball also obeys me most of the time.“

Muller is the longest-serving professional of the German record champion in his 14th season. Bundesliga year, his contract ends in the summer of 2023. There have been no talks about an extension yet. „I’m very unexcited and at the same time self-confident in my approach. From the club is still no one approached me. So what the future brings, you have to see", said the 2014 world champion.

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Bayern’s CEO Oliver Kahn had recently stressed that Muller, like Manuel Neuer (35) and Robert Lewandowski (33), with whom there are already talks, is a player with whom they will talk: "To also understand what they have foruberberlegungen and what they want. Of course, that’s high on our agenda in the next.“ In the interview, Muller didn’t want to know that this could be construed as a departure rumor: "So this question is supposed to be the basis for the headline of the interview (laughs)? Fun aside, we can not use such disruptive fire. I’ve been in the business too long for that.“

On van Gaal& under Kovac: Thomas Mueller’s departure from FC Bayern twice a topic of discussion

In the past, a departure of Muller from his youth club, meanwhile, was quite a topic, most recently in 2019, as he confirmed: "Yes, it could have been that I leave the club two years ago in the winter. If the known situation had turned out differently back then under Niko Kovac.“ He is in view of the development under Hansi Flick with the triple victory and now under Julian Nagelsmann but "glad about it", that it has not come so.

But if it had come to the transfer, so Muller, it would have been for him "a painful, but also necessary step. There was a very open and factual conversation with the club’s management at the time. But since transfers are not made in October, it was never concrete in the end.“

It’s no secret that ex-coach Louis van Gaal was also attracted to the club when he was at Manchester United. With the Dutchman, who once made the 2014 World Cup winner a regular in Munich, he has "a special history together, a great mutual trust. That’s why I didn’t rule out the option right from the start, even though I felt very comfortable at the club at the time.“ FC Bayern had him, however, despite 100 million euros offered transfer "in no case" That was already a statement and an appreciation of the club at that time, which impressed me.“

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Am I understanding this correctly or was it just written in a slightly confusing way?
2014 Van Gaal wanted him gladly at ManUnited, at that time there were also rumors about it.
But did they offer 100Mio for him at that time?
That would have been the first confirmed 100Mio transfer at that time (Bale was published later that he cost 101Mio, if I’m not mistaken) and accordingly a new record.

So if the offer was really received in 2014, I just can not really imagine that.
15/16 or 16/17 rather, but as the first player who would crack the 100Mio, for that he has not brought enough at that time mMn.

The sum is of course the madness. Whether it was now directly 100mio or one has rounded it up now, is a moot point. One hears the rumor not for the first time and I can believe it well. A it shows the esteem of a miller abroad, b Bayern is usually not a club that sells (think also of Ribery), c Manu is a club that can pay a lot of money and d it was the desire of van gaal. One must add that we generally do not get everything. Just the sheikh club and clubs from China have spent and offered for a time also unimaginable much money. Who knows what else was offered for sums that we have never heard of. Is indeed been a lot later, but think of the Neymar deal.
On the subject: Bayern and Mullers this is a picture book story. That a player at such a high level from the youth comes and also stays is just great. Of course, this is also relatively easy with a club like Bayern. Should he not have the desire to do something else, then he will stay as long as he wants to.
It will be exciting whether Bayern now distributes contracts that go longer than a year? Actually, there are but from a certain age only one-year contracts, or (so at Bayern)?

The analyst has in November (to his 600. Game) and on Monday (about the partnership between him and Lewy) published two very good analyses. But then it is about the classification of his ball actions also in European comparison.

Meliodas 02.02.2022 – 14:33

Muller becomes the Totti of FC Bayern – world class and yet always remained with his club.
An absolute exception nowadays, but still highly creditable.

That Muller was seen under Kovac and also among many Bayernfans at the time as over the zenith, I still do not understand today. Of course, lack of form affects everyone, but this instinct for the goal, the teammate and the position on the field – you do not forget when you have such skills.
Since I find a Neymar comes so far sporting not rudimentary no matter how many ubersteiger and Streamingdienst-Dokus he makes also.

Muller is a player that many envy internationally, you only have to talk to fans outside Germany to understand his standing.

At that time much came together. Media, Lows Rauswurf ect.

You have to think about it, his two worst seasons still mean min. 25 scorers!
In return, players in other clubs and leagues become club icons and heroes, while in Germany and at Bayern he is stripped of his general fitness to play soccer!

Here some really still think that would be the biggest stumble and good-for-nothing.

A good thing that Messi is still changed. Imagine if he had finished his career at Barca, then we would never have known if he was a great player.

Joking aside. Muller has also performed in the national team and I think that is already a pointer to whether he can do it elsewhere. The topic Kovac we do not even need to unpack. Since virtually all players had a speed limiter of 100km/h built in.

Doesn’t change the fact that your contribution remains wrong, a lot of polemics for nothing

That he got the best possible out is right, if you feel the word world class with Muller as an insult to other players wirds already more difficult.

You do realize that we are talking about a player who since the beginning of the data collection the 2. ! Has the most goals (after Messi)? More than Ronaldo (who has been in professional soccer for many years longer), De Bruyne, Suarez, Iniesta, Neymar, Kaka, Ronaldinho and and and. Plus so many (important) goals in CL and the national team.

Muller will be the Totti of FC Bayern – world class and yet always remained at his club.
An absolute exception nowadays, but still highly creditable.

At that time a lot came together. Media, Lows Rauswurf ect.

You have to think about it, his two worst seasons still mean min. 25 scorers!
But players in other clubs and leagues become club icons and heroes, in Germany and at Bayern, on the other hand, he is denied the general fitness to play soccer!

Is generally so that actually only here in Germany Muller has not absolute legend status. When you hear how experts / ex-professionals from other countries talk about Muller is a whole different number. Here some really still think that would be the biggest stumble and good-for-nothing.

querpass toni that was called by uli into life after toni has not extended he was not so great. same game as with sule now or ballack back then. oh i forgot alaba who plays world class at real but even then only mediocre according to kalle and uli

Toni Kroos was also seen very critically by the fans during his time at Bayer and that m. M. n. also back. He has made a very big step at Real Madrid and has definitely developed further. Has this level but not very long held (

3 years, was already in the last CL win season significantly weaker). It was not a mistake for me to give him away, based on the information the club had at the time.
For me he is not one of the best MF of the last 10 -20 years even today. Just as little as a Schweinsteiger. Simply because the wedding was too short.

Muller on the other hand is simply a legend. Who has not yet understood that, you can not help anymore. You only have to look at his scorers and you know

Again, it’s your right not to see him there (even if no expert would agree with you), but to compare him, in terms of consistency with Schweinsteiger is absolutely adventurous for me. Kroos was already at Leverkusen with the best player in the entire Bundesliga. Then came a few top years at Bayern and I honestly do not see where he should have diminished at Real the last few years? On the contrary (and most Real fans see it this way) felt he is getting stronger and stronger. Kroos is the consistency in person. The scratches since he is in Madrid (almost 8 years) at a 92% pass rate, and puts in addition in each 4. Play a goal on, in each 3. Game he is involved in a goal. These are values that many OM’s can only dream of, he brings these numbers (and so much more) as 8ter/6ter. I biggest title collector of Germany not behind Muller, but both as one of the most formative players of the last decade (and something more)

I think no Bayern fan has ever seen Toni Kroos as one of the best players in the entire Bundesliga. Kroos was always seen as a good to very good midfielder at Bayern, but not really seen as world class by anyone, as far as I remember and as far as I can see the discussion eg. here in the forum pursued (and with it I do not mean the discussion, which gave it, after the contract negotiations failed, but long before).

I personally felt Kroos last years in Madrid rather "weak" (which still means good to very good, but just not world class anymore), while I saw in 15/16 to 17/18 as one of the 3 strongest midfielders in the world. At the moment, he wouldn’t even be in my top 10 at his position (6s/8s).

Der-Tor-im-zm 02.02.2022 – 14:25

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