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Oman – The country in the Middle East is one of the trendiest insider tips of the year. Recreation seekers can relax on the picturesque deserted sandy beaches, while action-hungry vacationers can get their money’s worth on an exciting desert safari. Today I present you the mysterious Oman in more detail.

Oman, a country of more than 3 million people in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, is not necessarily a destination that is first on many of our vacation lists yet. But why actually? The answer is quite simple: Oman is often thought of as a dry and deserted desert, but it is actually a very beautiful place fascinating beauty this country in the Middle East to many simply still unknown. Because just this desert, but also the miles of lonely beaches, the emerald green sea and the surrounding mountain landscape, make a Vacation in Oman so especially. When the vacation is topped off with unique accommodations, the vacation experience seems just perfect. Come with me on a journey through the Sultanate of Oman and see for yourself what this fascinating and culturally interesting country has to offer..

Travel tips for Oman

Muscat | Salalah | Suhar

What you need to know about Oman

  • The Sultanate of Oman is located in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula and borders on the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen as well as on the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman.
  • The country is Sultan Qabus ibn Said mastered. The liberal ruler has done a lot for prosperity and education within his sultanate in the last decades and catapulted it into the modern age.
  • To enter Oman, you need a passport Visa, which can be easily applied for online in advance of your trip. The visa is usually already included in package tours.
  • You pay with the Oman Rial. 1€ corresponds at present to about 0,44 OMR.
  • The official language is Arabic, however, many Omani speak good English, so that you do not have to worry about the communication.
  • Unlike Egypt, for example, you can explore Oman on your own or make some trips with a rental car. Oman is considered to be safe travel destination. The only thing you should watch out for are the free-roaming camels that like to trot along in the middle of the streets.
  • The people in Oman are strangers to incredibly friendly and would very much like to share their exciting culture with you. So it goes without saying that one likes to follow a few little rules, right?? The unasked photographing of people is only reluctantly seen. Therefore, just ask the people in advance, then they have certainly nothing against a snapshot as a vacation souvenir object.
  • Basically, in Oman you can expect year-round warm bathing temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. But especially the beach paradise around the region of Salalah is Khareef between July and September. Then the air becomes unbelievably muggy due to the monsoon, which makes the fine rain fall like a mist over the land. In this time Salalah is a popular vacation destination for Arabs, who enjoy the "natural wonder rain" very much. I advise you to avoid the sultriness and the rain during the monsoon season and to travel to the fairytale country in the Middle East between October and March. You can get more information in my travel calendar, where you can find an article about the topic Best time to visit Oman find.
  • "Do female tourists have to wear a veil in Oman??"is one of the most frequently asked questions in connection with vacation planning. Oman is a Muslim country, but during your vacation in the sultanate you will need to obtain a not hide or walk around outside the hotel with a headscarf. If you wear pants or skirts that are at least above the knee, and a T-shirt that covers the shoulders and is not transparent, you will not be looked at askance anywhere. Would you like an Visit Mosque, you can simply cover your hair with a scarf or a shawl. This is perfectly sufficient in most cases.

Arrival& Vacation destinations in Oman

To give you a first Overview of Oman To give you a better understanding of the country, I will now introduce you to the largest cities of the Sultanate. Salalah and Muscat (also Muscat) have airports that from Vienna can be reached with a stopover.

To get you in the mood I have prepared a Video from my last trip to the Orient, in which I show you the highlights from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman:

Muscat – the capital of Oman

The city of Muscat surprises with a strong contrast of modern bridges, three-lane highways and traditional buildings. Let the Scent of the exotic spices guide you through the small alleys, past traditional Arabic stalls with fragrant perfumes, shiny silver jewelry as well as oriental carpets. Don’t forget the haggling, it is an integral part of the culture and completes the shopping experience.

Sultan Qabus Mosque in Muscat

Without a doubt, the Sultan Qabus Mosque in Muscat is one of the most impressive buildings in the city, after all it is one of the largest mosques in the world. Not only the spacious exterior is worth a visit – make sure to take the opportunity to see it from the inside. The interior of the temple with its magnificent Persian carpets, sparkling chandeliers and ornate ornaments on walls and columns will amaze you. Every day between 8 and 11 o’clock – except for Friday prayers – you can explore the imposing building for free. By the way: In Salalah, the city I would like to introduce to you as well, there is also a Sultan Qabus Mosque, which can be visited without any problems.

Other sights in Muscat

But before our exploration tour continues in the south of Oman, I would like to briefly introduce you to other highlights in Muscat and the surrounding area that are worth visiting. Fans of operas and concerts should visit the Royal Opera House Muscat visit, which is already from a distance a real feast for the eyes.

If you would like to learn more about the culture and history of Oman, the Bait Al Zubair Museum and the National Museum of the Sultanate are the right sights in Muscat for you. In the museums you can admire traditional weapons, garments and Omani art. History buffs should also visit the Al Jalali Fort which was built as early as 1580 and still watches over the harbor of old Muscat. The magic of the Orient is especially evident in the Mutrah Souk in the newer part of the city. Here you will find all kinds of exotic spices, souvenirs and other specialties to marvel at. A stroll through the souk is like a feast for all the senses.

Salalah – paradisiacal sandy beaches& palm groves

In Dhofar, in the south of the country, the multifaceted Oman shows itself from another side: through the Monsoon, the so-called Khareef between July and September, the landscape is lush, banana plantations, mango and incense trees and even waterfalls adorn the scenery in Salalah (also Salala).

Take a trip to the incense souk of Salalah and taste a piece of the precious resin! Incense is actually edible.

But that’s not all: Those who spend their vacations here will return with wonderful memories, because the area around Salalah in particular promises Caribbean bathing pleasure on endlessly long beaches, paradisiacal beaches. Hotels where your every wish will be read from your lips and exciting excursions in the surrounding area round off the vacation experience perfectly.

Suhar – in the footsteps of seafarers

In Suhar, close to the border to the United Arab Emirates, you will find Fairy tale from 1001 nights literally true. Here you can follow in the footsteps of the probably most famous sultan of Oman most famous seafarer of all times. The myth says that Sindbad in Suhar set off on his adventurous journey.

The city itself has an exciting history behind it and was once the richest trading metropolis and was repeatedly attacked by the Persians. Even today, the splendor of the past times can be observed – so gardens in the most brilliant shades of green, white oriental buildings and especially the fort still testify to the splendor of the legend. Beautifully situated above the sea, the impressive fortress will fascinate you with its historical architecture and an exciting maritime museum.

The impressive landscapes of Oman

If you feel like a little sightseeing, rent a car – preferably an all-terrain vehicle. The cities of Muscat or Salalah are the ideal starting point for an Round trip through the Sultanate of Oman, because of its central location countless cultural highlights can be reached by car in a short time. Which are those, I tell you in the following.

Magical desert landscapes

The most famous desert area is the Rub al Khali, the world’s largest continuous sand desert. But also the Wahiba Desert is very popular with tourists, because there are even unique accommodations, but more about that later. Once you are in Oman, you will quickly realize what a diverse landscape this mysterious destination has to offer Deserts and oases The beautiful beaches of the Wahiba Desert invite you to explore, narrow hidden fjords in the midst of impressive mountain ranges provide a welcome cooling and green terraced fields, which you would hardly expect in such a hot region, will amaze every nature lover.

Exceptional bathing places

About 125 km away from Muscat, you will find the most famous and extraordinary bathing place in Oman, the about 20 meters deep Hawiyyat Nadschm, better known by its name Bimmah Sinkhole. Here the ground water mixes with the salt water of the ocean, which is connected to the sinkhole by an underground cave system. Pack your swimwear when you come here, swimming and snorkeling is even free of charge in the Bimmah Sinkhole.

Mystical mountain landscapes

Do you want to spend your vacations in the middle of the fascinating mountain landscape, for example near the famous Hadjar Mountains, then you should definitely go to the north of the country.

Not only the surrounding landscape, but also the fort of Nizwa is definitely worth a visit.

The beautiful Nizwa is only 1.5 hours drive southwest of Muscat and is the ideal destination for all adventure fans among you. More than 40 well signposted trekking trails in English await you here. First you go with an off-road vehicle, if desired also partly on foot, through the desert, until you finally find the spectacular and rugged mountain landscape have reached. The Sultanate is a true Eldorado for hikers and mountain bikers as well as for climbers. Not far from Nizwa is the castle of Jabrin, another exciting sight in Oman. The castle dates back to the Middle Ages and can be visited.

Oases in the middle of the desert

Besides mountains and deserts, a third type of landscape awaits you in Oman: the green landscapes of the south, with its wadis, palm groves, green canyons and waterfalls it looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Around Salalah, especially in and shortly after the monsoon season, you will find blooming landscapes that you would not have expected. One of the absolute highlights is a Excursion to the Wadi Darbat, the life-giving river that characterizes the landscape of the Dhofar region. Also make sure to take a detour to the Ayn Athum waterfall. Hard to believe that such a natural spectacle takes place on the Arabian Peninsula.

Snorkeling and diving in Oman

If you prefer to be on or in the water, you should not miss a boat trip! Thanks to different providers you can have an unforgettable time and even experience free-living dolphins and – with a bit of luck – whales up close. Surprisingly, Oman’s waters are among the most biodiverse in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. So thanks to the colorful fish life, colorful coral reefs and exciting shipwrecks come passionate Divers and snorkelers in Oman also at their expense. My tip: Find a Hotel with house reef or attached diving school, so you can quickly enjoy unique moments under water.

Glamping in Oman – a special experience

If you don’t want to be tempted by the luxurious hotels Oman has to offer, I have a very special idea for you – how about glamping??

Glamping is the most luxurious form of camping. In my encyclopedia you will learn more.

Instead of pitching a tent by yourself, unpacking your seven things and taking care of the well-being of all your fellow travelers, you usually don’t have to worry about anything when you "glamp" with them. The tent, somewhat larger than usual, is already ready and also the furnishings are already immaculately set up. And now imagine, exactly this tent is also located in the middle of the desert. Especially popular in the Sultanate of Oman is the Desert Nights Camp in the Wahiba Desert. In total, this camp has 26 deluxe tents, all of which are stylishly decorated and have private bathrooms with showers for the comfort of all guests. Especially in the evening, when you watch the romantic sunset and afterwards under free starry sky accompanied by oriental music in the background, you will feel like in a dream from 1001 nights. Similarly, the glamping accommodation Dunes by Al Nahda near Barka, located about 65 kilometers west of Muscat, is situated on a dune top and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain landscape and the vast sea.

Oman is a real insider tip

I am sure that I could convince one or the other of you of the mysterious trend destination Oman on the Arabian Peninsula. On the one hand you are offered a relaxing and also luxurious vacation including oriental flair – far away from mass tourism. On the other hand, there are a variety of activities that will allow you to discover the diversity of Oman’s landscape. I am curious with which experiences you will return from this great country! In my booking section you will find the right offers for your vacation in the Oman already from 630€ per person for a 7-day stay in a great hotel including flight and transfer.

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