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Sunday, the 24th.11.2019, participants show off what they’ve created over the course of the 2019 Creative Year. All interested people are cordially invited to look at the works from 11:00 to 17:00, have a drink with us and of course chat with the artists. Exhibiting:

In the foyer you can also see works by Sabine Reder.

Creative trip to Croatia

In the autumn vacations 2019 it went this time to Croatia. We have been inspired in Istria by lively cities, cute places in the hinterland and fantastic nature.

Summer Academy 2019 in the studio K81

Spring Academy 2019 at Atelier K81

From the 23.04.In 2019 five artists work for a week in the studio K81 on the theme "Human Nature". In addition to painting, collages and silkscreen prints are also created. The results are on Sunday, the 28th.04., On display from 12:00 to 17:00 at an exhibition. All interested parties are cordially invited.

Participating artists: Claudia Fehrenbach, Joke Michaelsen, Elke Munchgesang, Rita Stabenow-Schmieder, Sabine Reder

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First of all we approach the subject. What ideas do we have for "Human Nature? Humans with and in nature, the change of nature by humans, the influence of the changed environment on humans. Are we all becoming robots? But also the essence of man. How we think and feel? What emotional opposites we are exposed to? War and peace, love and hate, .

The first sketches and pictures develop. And then the first day is over far too quickly.

The ideas for the pictures become more concrete. Rita works in her usual serial way of working. There are multi-part, sketchy and delicate groups of figures. Claudia is working out her human-animal mixture. Technically she moves between ink painting, collage and graffity. Elke also uses different techniques: she combines photography with screen printing, painting and drawing. Joke is engaged in painting as well as working on a mask. And then we also have a guest today: Annedore, last year’s Summer Academy participant, is keeping us company today and working her way into screen printing.

Impressions of the day:

While the weather outside is uncomfortable, more works on the theme of "Human Nature" are being created in the studio. And since there is not much time left until the end of the Spring Academy, some of us are already thinking about how we can present our work on Sunday in the best possible way. What needs to be framed? What mounts need to be cut? Does someone still drive to the art supply to buy missing things? And in the evening then the realization: "Oops, only one more working day to the exhibition. I still have so many ideas I want to implement."

Final spurt! Feverishly the pictures are finished and also already the one or other preparation for the exhibition is made. After dinner together at the latest, the cordless screwdriver temporarily replaces the paintbrush. Tomorrow follows the big puzzle: The pictures must be arranged in the studio to a coherent overall picture and hung up.

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Final exhibition of the Creative Year 2018

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As always at the end of the year, the graduates of the "Creative Year" will be showing their work, which was created during her one year training.

Petra Kronen, Joke Michaelsen, Elke Munchgesang and Dagmar Rumney therefore cordially invite you to their final exhibition in studio K81.

On Sunday, the 25th.11.2018, are from 10:00 to 16:00 in the Nelkenstr. 81 in Monchengladbach to see her abstract paintings, collages and monotypes. The artists will all be present and are looking forward to lively visitors and interesting conversations.

Summer Academy 2018 in the studio K81

For the first time a summer academy will take place in the studio K81. Five artists will work for five days on the theme of "Perspectives" design. The participants are Dagmar Brocker, Claudia Fehrenbach, Annedore Pusch, Rita Stabenow-Schmieder and Sabine Reder.

In the next few days we will post interim reports here from time to time and report on the progress made.

Who wants to see the results live, is welcome to come to the exhibition on Sunday, 05. August between 11:00 and 17:00 to come to the final exhibition in the studio.

At 12 o’clock on the dot, the group gathers in the studio to brainstorm. Claudia is as always well prepared and even has a detailed mind map on the topic "views through" created. Dagmar would like to contribute some photo works. Annedore concentrates on collages and an installation in a Plexiglas cylinder. Finally, we decide that, in addition to the individual ideas that each person implements, "glasses" should be used our community theme – and we are curious to see what the end result will be.

Rita in distress: a painting made at home in the early morning breaks during drying. All rescue attempts fail, so the frustration is great. But also almost all the others have to struggle with technical problems: tools don’t work, the glue always sticks only where you don’t want it to stick. Sabine curses one time after the other: "I’m going to stop with the installations and just paint!"

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In a good mood we start a new day. Some of the technical difficulties have been overcome, new ideas are being implemented. In the evening after a delicious meal we are pretty exhausted after three exhausting days in the studio (luckily it is not as hot inside as outside). First at home a round of sleep and recharge for the rest of the week.

At the latest in the afternoon some of them get a bit nervous. "Only one and a half working days left until the exhibition. Do we have enough showcase barers at all?" Yes, we have! A few works are already finished and only need to be brought into a presentable state (read: framed or something). Other unfinished pictures from the fund of the artists are waiting to be reworked to fit the theme. So everything is in the green zone – even though the heat is slowly but surely making us pretty tired.

A few impressions:

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The final spurt begins. On the last day of the summer academy, a great deal of work is created once again. Annedore is quite relaxed, since she has successfully completed her main project. Claudia takes on the theme of eyes, Rita rigorously overpaints and creates in her usual relaxed way times just a whole series in watery acrylic ink. Dagmar frames her photo works, and Sabine processes some materials that have been stored in the studio for some time (z. B. a roll of cinema film and several construction plates).

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Final exhibition of the "Creative Year" 2016 in studio K81

Again a year comes to an end – and with it the one-year basic training in abstract painting for this time six participants. On Sunday, the 20.11.2016, they show how they have developed during this time. From 12:00 to 17:00 in the studio K81, Nelkenstr. 81 in Monchengladbach to see a wide variety of artistic creation.

Graduates, as every year, are diverse: from early twenties to early seventies; male as well as female, still fully in the workforce or already retired. Some are professionally involved in art, others are simply looking for a creative balance or a new challenge. What all of them have in common is that they have been involved in solving the tasks they have been confronted with during the year in their own unique way, thus finding their own style. So look forward to an interesting, varied final exhibition of the creative year 2015/2016!

On view are very reduced, predominantly soft gray works by Rita Stabenow-Schmieder alongside cheerful explosions of color by Rosi Bentler. Ulrike Creischer-Nentwig works in fine, transparent layers, while Bernhard Heese likes to break up his thick layers of paint with scratches. Leonie Ritgens and Hildegard Sona are particularly interested in the effect of the different color surfaces. In addition to canvas paintings in acrylic mixed media, all also show collages, decollages and monotypes.

And so that the ears are not neglected while looking at the many pictures, Wolf Guitar (well known in Monchengladbach through performances at BIS, both solo and with his partner as Duo Blues 66) will provide the musical background. He will play excerpts from his program "Woodstock&" More".

The artists will of course all be present and are looking forward to many stimulating conversations.

Exhibition of the participants in the studio K81 at 28.06.2014

On Saturday, the 28. June, the studio K81 shows pictures of 13 participants from various courses and workshops. On view are both canvas and paper works. We are also looking forward to Wolf W. as musical guest. The exhibition will be open from 15:00 to 20:00. Admission is free.

Participating artists: Daniela Arens, Dagmar Brocker, Claudia Fehrenbach, Christiane Mboye, Ulrike Creischer-Nentwig, Daniela Hoppenkamps, Eliane Laegel, Beate Lennartz, Jutta Steinhauer, Carla Walther, Michaela van de Weyer, Angelika Wiedemann, Rita Wurzinger

Cologne Paper Art from 11. to 13. April 2014

Under the name KUNSTWECKER the following artists present themselves at this year’s Cologne Paper Art:

The fair focuses on works made of and with paper. By not using canvas paintings, the works are cheaper than, for example, at Art Cologne, which takes place at the same time. So you can find affordable works at Cologne Paper Art even if you are just starting out as a collector. From interesting newcomers to established artists like Emil Schumacher, there’s something for every taste and budget.

The trade show takes place in Vulkanhalle, Lichtstr. 43 in 50825 Cologne-Ehrenfeld. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth Nr. 23 to welcome!

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