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"Enable" is a trade journal published throughout Germany for care professionals in geriatric care. We are pleased that we could inform in an interview about the preventive measure! The fact that there is great interest in them is proven by the inquiries that we have since received from all over Germany. The "right" participation in the measure is however only possible for homes in Bavaria.

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30.06.2021 – to copy: Birdbaths made of concrete

In summer, many natural watering holes and puddles dry up – and especially in hot weather, birds then suffer from a lack of water. Here, the residents at BRK-Seniorenwohnen Kirchberg near Bad Reichenhall provided a remedy: together with the care professionals, they created beautiful birdbaths out of ready-mixed concrete and rhubarb leaves, which were placed over soup plates and now enrich the feeding station and the garden.

  • © RK senior living Kirchberg
  • © RK-Seniorenwohnen Kirchberg

19.05.2021 – A live report from a second participant home in Amberg

Oberpfalz TV reports again – this time with a report from the Clementine-von-Wallmenich-Haus in Amberg, the second senior citizens’ home in Amberg to take part in the prevention measure. In addition to cognitive performance, bird watching also promotes well-being and mobility – when the residents come downstairs every day to watch the birds in the courtyard.

Amberg: Start of the anti-dementia campaign "All the birds are already here"

25.03.2021 – Hildegard from Hammernplatz

"All the birds are already here" – that closes in the AWO senior citizens’ facility "am Hammernplatz In Lauf, a mallard duck also joins in. This is her second year breeding in the planter box between the kitchen herbs and she has been named "Hildegard vom Hammernplatz" get. Last year, residents were able to watch eight ducklings make the leap into the nearby Pegnitz river.

  • © Kathrin Lichtenauer The AWO home is directly above the river Pegnitz
  • © Kathrin Lichtenauer Who sees the duck?
  • © Kathrin Lichtenauer Hildegard from the hammering place

08.02.2021 – How bird watching is "lived" in the homes

With the LBV materials, the social care team at the "Maria Hilf" senior citizens’ center In Passau, we created a beautiful pinboard that makes people want to go bird watching. Or in the Munchenstift home St. Josef: Here the residents, together with the in-house day care, have filled cups with fat food, which now enrich the feeding station. What is always important: at the kick-off, the residents help to fill up the feeders!

29.01.2021 – Counting birds against dementia (copy)

This was the title of an article on Oberpfalz TV. Also present: the Caritas home for the elderly in Amberg, where the LBV prevention measure has been used frequently since March 2020.

02.11.2020 – B2 Radiowelt reports about the project (copy)

In the last week of October, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation recorded a report in the garden of the Alfons-Hoffmann-Home of the Munchenstift. A heartfelt thank you to all involved – especially to the housekeeping manager Anke Auer and to Mrs. Leutheuser, who lives at the Munchenstift and not only likes to watch the birds often, but also takes care of the squirrels in the park.

22.10.2020 – Study results confirm: Bird watching boosts life satisfaction (copy)

The Catholic University of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt provided scientific support for the LBV project and has now confirmed its effectiveness: "Our data show that bird watching particularly promotes the cognitive resources, mobility and social well-being of senior citizens," says Prof. Elisabeth Kals, who organized the event together with Dr. Susanne Freund led.

Since fall 2017, LBV has been setting up bird feeding stations in senior citizens’ homes throughout Bavaria and offering residents* informational and occupational materials for birdwatching

The scientific results of the Catholic University Eichstatt-Ingolstadt show that this nature experience supports older people to stay mentally and physically active.

16.09.2020 – We keep our distance – and can visit the facilities again! (copy)

© Silvia Hoehn / Alloheim Kick-off event at the Lowenquell Senior Center in Bad Rodach on the project All the birds are already here

© Silvia Hoehn / Alloheim

At the moment we are catching up with the kick-off events that had to be postponed after the lockdown. The conditions are different now than they were last year, but even with adherence to the hygiene protection measures, a good start in the facility is achieved:

The residents listen on the terrace or the balcony, with micro and amplifier system it becomes well understandable. And instead of using the projector on the wall, large-scale bird pictures are now being shown around by care professionals to illustrate the outdoor lecture. And the reaction of a senior citizen from Munich shows that the residents are looking forward to a change of scenery. She said she fell asleep thinking about it (note: the lecture) and the experiences of her childhood…..

28.04.2020 – Bird watching is supposed to provide variety

© Kathrin Lichtenauer Handing over feeding station and educational materials to AWO Horst Salzmann Center in Munich

Actually, the launch event should have taken place at the end of March in the Horst Salzmann Center of the AWO in Munich. Now Kathrin Lichtenauer handed over – in the open and contactless – feeding station and educational materials for a "self-start". The lecture for the seniors will of course be made up for later!

18.11.2019 – Always nice: positive feedback from participating homes

"…… we are overwhelmed!! First of all, right in the evening of the presentation quite a few birds have already visited the new feeding station and probably started a "round peep", there are really many birds coming! Secondly, the plush birds are so cute and sweet that we can even reach the bedridden residents with them and they react. So: I think that this is already a great success within a short time. Thanks for everything! By the way, her lecture was also highly praised by the residents!"

"…… thank you very much for the great match. Our residents will certainly enjoy it very much. Super!"

"…… it was an all around successful meeting. Mrs. Schirutschke has aroused enthusiasm for the topic with her very interesting lecture, which was very well received by our residents. For it again best thanks. The plush birds are now also in our dementia groups in full use."

"… You have infected some listeners here, we already have the bird fever!"

23.09.2019 – The LBV prevention measure becomes an official project of the UN Decade

With great participation of the residents, a ceremony took place on 23.09.In 2019, the AWO senior citizens’ home in Petersgmund received the award for "All the birds are already here" as an official Decade Project as part of the special competition "Social Nature – Nature for All". The laudation was held by Prof. (Univ.Lima) Dr. Peter Bauer MdL, Patient and Care Representative of the Bavarian State Government on behalf of patron and Minister Melanie Huml.

© Tobias Tschapka Ceremonial handover (centered with the flag: Dr. Norbert Schaffer, LBV chairman, right with plaque: Prof. (Univ.Lima) Dr. Peter Bauer MdL)

12.08.2019 – "All birds" meets with nationwide interest

"Birds bring happiness" – under this title is a detailed report not only about the LBV prevention measure, but overall about the positive effect of bird- or bird-flowering. Nature observation in the Suddeutsche Zeitung from 12. August in the "Knowledge" section. Read here

12.02.2019 – The VolunteerAgency Dingolfing-Landau e.V. as a supporter of the preventive measure

The FreiwilligenAgentur Dingolfing-Landau (Volunteer Agency Dingolfing-Landau) coordinates volunteer activities in senior citizen facilities, among others. The bird-watching idea was met with great interest there, and six homes were recruited to participate in the LBV measure.

Three homes will be visited this year, three more next year.

And more: via a crowdfunding project, the FreiwilligenAgentur acquired funds for the participating homes for craft materials, binoculars or wall calendars, in order to anchor the bird activities even more in the home’s everyday life. We appreciate this support!

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