On the golf course – donald trump declares himself the 47th. U.s. President

On the golf course | Donald Trump declares himself 47. U.S. presidents

Donald Trump (75) has dispelled the last doubts: He wants to be back in the White House, and has long been warming up for the 2024 election campaign.

In a short video clip that went viral on social media Wednesday, he makes it clear ahead of time that he will, of course, win and once again become the most powerful man in the world.

"Now on the tee, the 45. President of the United States of America," said a teammate of Donald Trump, while filming the former real estate juggernaut on one of his many golf courses.

Trump, who is getting ready to tee off, turns around coolly, glances briefly at the cell phone camera and declares himself the next U.S. president in a flash: "The 45. and 47." Bam.

His teammate exclaims, "Yeah, I love that. Mister Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen…!"Other players applaud.

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Interesting what you learn when a supposedly off microphone is still on.

Biden has been in office just under a year. There is already speculation about who might succeed him.

An official announcement of a presidential candidacy, of course, looks different. But Trump’s behavior in recent weeks, the disastrous poll numbers of his successor Joe Biden (79), and the lack of leadership in the Republican Party speak volumes:

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Trump’s chances for a new candidacy and even a victory in the fall of 2024 do not seem slim at present.

A poll by the news agency "Reuters" recently showed: Trump is in the lead in the favor of his conservative party. Far behind in second place (down 43 percent): Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. But hardly anyone outside the Sunshine State knows it.

Actually, only two things could stop him: A prosecutor in New York who puts him in the dock for shady real estate deals. Or – as Trump himself said – a diagnosis from his doctor. But the amateur golfer looks fit as ever.

Wants to know once again: Nancy Pelosi Photo: Rod Lamkey/AP

Trump’s golf course announcement, meanwhile, comes with the announcement by one of his two arch-rivals that she will run again in congressional elections this fall: Liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (81, Calif.). She had initiated both impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Trump’s other nemesis – Hillary Rodham Clinton (73) – meanwhile, is once again being touted as the Democratic nominee for the White House in the U.S. because Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris (57) are so pale and unpopular.

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