Pickup lines: ladies, make the first move!

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Women should make the first move much more often when getting to know each other. We tell you why pick-up lines often do not work at all and how you will still be successful.

Ahead in the video: The 8 most embarrassing pickup lines and how you can best counter them

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  1. · Ahead in the video: The 8 most embarrassing pick-up lines and how you can best counter them
  2. · Pickup lines for men& Women: Keyword icebreaker
  3. · Pickup lines: Category "Stupid to worn out"
  4. · Stupid pick-up lines: Category "sexist and brazen"
  5. · Pick-up lines: "Charming" category

The woman is herself. Fortunately, this also applies when getting to know someone. Because in the meantime, we women become active ourselves when we like someone. Nevertheless, it is still a small overcoming, no matter whether for men or women, to address someone strange. After all, you only have this one moment and of course you want to make the most of it.

So what to say to show the other person that you are interested and that you are the main winner??

Pickup lines are such a thing. Most of the time, they are far too stilted and artificial, and therefore quickly come across as unintentionally silly. Still, it can be quite helpful to get the first sentence right BEFOREhand. Because once you are in front of the object of your desire, you often get nervous and speechless. So it’s not so bad to have a clear starting point for yourself.

But are there really good pickup lines for men and women?? Or rather: Are pick-up lines absolute no-goes or simply classic door openers for a first conversation?

Pickup lines for men& Women: Keyword icebreaker

One thing is clear: The best pickup line is useless if you don’t at least approach the other person with a charming smile. Undercooled posturing is not only silly, but simply off-putting. Be nice, relaxed (as far as possible) and show yourself honestly and sympathetic, as you are. And either it fits or it doesn’t. Therefore: Be open and show your teeth. That is already half the battle.

And, if one should give you a rejection: No matter. It’s always worth a try when it comes to love, isn’t it?? He who dares may lose. Who dares nothing, has already lost. Don’t forget that in this case. Who relies only on the fact that the other dares the first step, which misses all chances to seize the luck even by the head.

The question remains: Which pickup lines for men&? Women are ok or. how else do you break the icy silence??

First things first: use the word "pickup lines" not too literal. So it shouldn’t be an embarrassing, memorized saying – at least not if you’ve been out of your teens for a while now.

Pickup lines: category "Stupid to hackneyed"

There are sayings we’ve heard a thousand times that have never hit home. Never! Why can’t they be killed?? Why is it that every now and then there is someone who takes offense at such a lousy saying?? You do not know. But it’s still funny to see them gathered once again. Here are our highlights of the worst pickup lines for men and women:

  • "Hello. Don’t we know each other from somewhere?"
  • "You are still here. Why aren’t you in my bed by now?"
  • "Did you really hurt yourself when you fell from the sky??"
  • "Hey, beautiful woman. So alone on the road?"
  • "I am new in town, can you show me the way to your apartment?"
  • "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Heidi Klum??"
  • "After all, we’re two guys and you’re two gals – so we thought we’d come over here. "
  • "You have really beautiful eyes! This is what I wanted to tell you."
  • "I know that milk makes you beautiful, but, hey, how much did you drink?"
  • "Is it really that hot here, or is it you?"
  • "Are your parents terrorists? Cause you’re hot as a bomb!"

Stupid pick-up lines: "Sexist and brazen" category

It becomes really bad when sexist or macho sayings are unpacked. After all, it is actually about a first approach, a come into contact. Not about sexual preferences and guys who hit the ground running. Here are our highlights of the most sexist pickup lines:

  • "You are the sweetest chocolate in the world, let me be your filling!"
  • "Remember my name, you will scream it all night long."
  • "All those curves, and me without brakes!"
  • "I must be a light switch. Every time I see you, you turn me on!"
  • "If you want to sleep with me, smile briefly."
  • "Ey baby, I hope you have a good liability insurance. Because you just made a mega dent in my pants."

Pickup lines: "Charming" category

Enough of the gruesome examples. After all, there is a better way. Of course, one can also be of the opinion that pick-up lines are generally not acceptable. But many people find such a saying easier, because a normal "Hello, I’d like to get to know you" is not so easy for them is too simple.

Or because they are just more the insecure, shy type. Therefore, for all those who find pickup lines somehow helpful, here are a few "charming pickup lines":

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