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A house is more than just a roof over your head. It is the place where life happens. It is the place where you laugh and cry, where you rage and come to rest. Memories are born here that will remain unforgotten for decades to come. And as different as people are, as different are their dreams. We fulfill them smoothly. Hundreds of satisfied customers confirm this every year. We would also like to convince you of a prefabricated house from SchworerHaus.

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In the beginning is the dream. We offer you various possibilities to design it the way you want it to be.

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Why not invest in a home of their own instead of putting the money into rent, thought the Bigger family. They envisioned a modern house with ambitious architecture, open floor plan and lots of design.

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TV stars Jana and Thore Scholermann build their dream home with SchworerHaus

After an exciting and intensive planning period, the exciting demolition of the old property on the site and the assembly of the cellar and house including the interior fittings, our Schworer building family and presenter couple Jana and Thore Scholermann, known from ProSieben and Sat1, were able to move into their dream house in early summer. We accompanied the Scholermanns on their exciting journey to their dream home with SchworerHaus – from the search for a suitable plot of land to moving into their new "Scholerhaus" – accompanies.

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Platinum for SchworerHaus: Once again SchworerHaus was named to the club of the best in tested customer service with the grade "very good excellent.

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We are experts in building houses and we want to pass this on to our customers. In our house building blog we inform you comprehensively about the topic of house building.

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Prefabricated house advantages

Especially the service "Everything from one source has convinced our customers in their choice for a prefabricated house. Instead of spending valuable time coordinating your building project, you can use it for your family and leisure activities. When you build a prefabricated house, you benefit from many advantages. Planning reliability through an efficient construction company and the reliable annual quality monitoring of the Quality Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (QDF) are plus points of the prefabricated house construction method.

The following 10 advantages are guaranteed to convince you of the prefabricated house.

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Are you thinking about building a house or a home?. Buying a prefabricated house?

Then you have come to the right place.

The Schworer Group is one of the industry leaders in prefabricated construction. We are a family business that Hans Schworer founded in 1950 as a building materials trading company, and today we have around 1.800 employees at seven locations nationwide. With Managing Director Johannes Schworer, the nephew of the company founder, the second generation has been at the helm of the company since 1998. The headquarters and production of the prefabricated houses is Hohenstein-Oberstetten on the Swabian Alb.

Turnkey building: Prefabricated timber house& Cellars from our own mills

The product range includes energy-saving prefabricated timber houses, FlyingSpace residential modules, multi-storey residential buildings in Schworer hybrid construction, timber building materials, prefabricated bathrooms, commercial and industrial buildings, prefabricated basements, prestressed concrete ceilings and other prefabricated concrete parts. Every year SchworerHaus sells to the 1.000 houses in a wide variety of architectural styles – mostly turnkey and in the highest possible quality at the best possible price. To date, over 41.000 realized customer houses of the SchworerHaus quality "made in Germany.

Prefabricated timber house from Germany

From the tree in the region to the prefabricated timber house

SchworerHaus has an unusually high vertical range of manufacture for the industry: All houses, from the basement to the roof, are produced in-house. As the main building material, the company consistently relies on wood that comes predominantly from PEFC-certified, sustainable forestry from forests within a radius of around 60 kilometers from the Swabian company headquarters. This guarantees very short transport distances, a low environmental impact and strengthens the economic power of the region. In the company’s own timber mill, we refine the local wood without chemical wood preservatives to high-quality building and materials.

Before processing, the natural material is carefully dried to a guaranteed residual moisture, tested several times and sorted according to strength. SchworerHaus regularly invests to ensure the high quality level of SchworerHolz. This also benefits the house customers. Between 40 and 60 percent of the refined wood is used in the construction of Schworer houses, the other part of the wood products is sold under the SchworerHolz brand to specialist dealers.

Certified quality for Schworer prefabricated houses by BDF& QDF

The components for energy-efficient and ecological prefabricated timber houses are made from the timber products on state-of-the-art production lines – subject to strict quality specifications. In addition to in-house quality management, SchworerHaus, as a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau e.V. (BDF), both the manufacture of the components and the assembly of the prefabricated houses are subject to annual external quality monitoring by the Quality Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (QDF).

Sustainable production concept – CO2-neutral energy supply

The wood residues from production that can no longer be processed industrially serve as fuel for the company’s own biomass power plant. The result is a CO2-neutral energy supply that covers the production heat and heating requirements of the plant in Hohenstein-Oberstetten and also provides heat for neighboring businesses. In addition, green electricity from the biomass power plant and a photovoltaic system on the roof of a production hall is fed into the power grid. The amount is calculated to be sufficient to supply a 65.000-inhabitant city from. This aspect is part of Schworer’s strategy to keep the environmental impact as low as possible through a sustainable production concept over the entire product life cycle from the tree trunk to the finished house.

Efficiency houses according to BEG

"Efficient houses according to BEG"- what does it mean??

Efficiency houses were previously known as buildings with the energy standard K Efficiency House 55, 40 or 40 Plus. Now they have the designation "Efficient houses according to BEG".

Newly constructed residential buildings can be subsidized with low-interest loans and grants that meet the standards of an Efficient House 40, 40 EE and 40 Plus via the Federal Support Program for Efficient Buildings (BEG).

The new Building Energy Act (GEG) was passed on 13. August 2020 in the German Federal Law Gazette and came into force on 01 August 2020. November 2020 in force. The previous Energy Saving Act (EnEG), the previous Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and the previous Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWarmeG) will cease to apply when the GEG comes into force.

The new GEG contains requirements for the energy quality of buildings, the preparation and use of energy certificates and the use of renewable energies in buildings. The GEG brings together the EnEG, EnEV and EEWarmeG in a modern law . A uniform, coordinated set of regulations is created for the energy requirements for new buildings, for existing buildings and for the use of renewable energies to supply heating and cooling to buildings.

Can SchworerHaus build prefabricated houses in accordance with BEG?

Yes. The building envelope of the Schworer houses meets the requirements for an efficiency house 55 according to the latest GEG. Our prefabricated houses have an excellently insulated building envelope, save heating costs due to low energy requirements, contribute to the conservation of energy resources and thus keep CO2 emissions low. With little effort, the building envelope can be adapted to the standard of an efficiency house 40, 40 EE or 40 Plus, d.h. As a result, you can also benefit from low-interest loans and subsidies from the BEG.

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Prefabricated wood housing

Beautiful, energy-efficient and with certified housing health

SchworerHaus stands with its houses for customized, contemporary architecture. From the basement to production in the sawmill and prefabricated house factory and the company’s own cabinetmaker’s shop, right through to assembly on the building site, customers receive everything from a single source. In addition to a highly thermally insulated, tight building envelope, all Schworer houses are equipped with pioneering technology.

Schworer houses are also ahead of the field when it comes to healthy living, partly because they use tested materials that ensure low-pollutant indoor air. In addition, SchworerHaus installs a controlled ventilation system as standard, which constantly improves the living climate and reduces energy consumption – a proprietary development under the name Schworer-WarmeGewinnTechnik, which represented a revolution in house construction when it was first used in 1983, but has long since become a general building standard today. SchworerHaus has further developed it into an energy-efficient fresh-air heating system with the addition of a heat pump and ceramic reheating elements.

The ventilation system is used in the synergy effect as a heating system. In addition, construction crews and site managers receive regular training on healthy building, and on request builders can have certified indoor air measurements carried out as part of the building inspection process. A large-scale practical test by the renowned Sentinel Haus Institut and TuV Rheinland with indoor air measurements in 650 customer houses proves that Schworer houses meet the highest standards of indoor air quality. The study results can be read in the guidebook "Gesunder Bauen und Wohnen" ("Healthier Building and Living"), which also contains many practical tips for healthier everyday living.

more about "healthy building

Innovative, sustainable prefabricated houses, reliable building partner

In its almost 70-year company history, SchworerHaus has always demonstrated stability and innovative strength. 26 patents and numerous awards in the fields of environmental protection, architecture and service speak for themselves. SchworerHaus was one of the first in the industry to introduce a validated environmental management system in accordance with the European EMAS as early as 1997; it is important to us to be a pioneer and ambassador of a sustainable way of production and living. SchworerHaus belongs to the group of climate protection companies, an excellence initiative of the German government and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK).

Sustainable building – prefabricated houses, residential modules, multi-storey construction

Just as environmentally friendly management is firmly anchored in SchworerHaus, so too is the concept of sustainability. SchworerHaus is constantly working on the further development of its own building solutions, such as multi-storey construction or the FlyingSpace room modules or custom-fit roof extensions in an urban context, etc.

The company also participates in numerous research projects – always with the aim of setting new standards in the industry. The results are being incorporated into future-proof concepts in prefabricated construction that are already one step ahead of social changes, for example in terms of demographic change, mobile living, redensification in urban areas or recyclability of materials. For Schworer-Haus, sustainable, responsible building means creating homes that will last a lifetime.

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