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If you become unemployed, you should register with the employment agency in good time. In this article, we will show you how to proceed, when you have to report at the latest and what documents you need to register for unemployment, and we will also provide you with a downloadable checklist for this purpose.

Registering as unemployed or jobseeking?

First, it is important to make a distinction that most professionals are not aware of. Between a Unemployment and the status of the Job search there is a clear distinction in the third social security code (SGB). And this is what the employment agency will do. For example, according to § 138 SGB III, a person is considered unemployed if he or she ..

  • is not in an employment relationship,
  • make an effort to end unemployment and
  • is available for placement by the employment agency.

You are unemployed only when you are no longer employed. The necessary preparations for an ordinary Unemployment registration but already start on the day you know that you might become unemployed. At this point in time, you are considered to be unemployed in the sense of the SGB and thus for the employment agency jobseeker, and this you should then also Report immediately.

Deadlines for registering as unemployed

Let’s assume that in August you will receive notice, the work permit valid as of 31. December of the year becomes valid. Even if unemployment is still a few months away, you should inform the employment agency in good time. If you do not do this, you will be threatened with Blocking periods in the form of a reduced entitlement to unemployment benefits.

For the Job search notification – quasi the advance notice of unemployment -the rule applies that this is at least three months before becoming unemployed must be given. At first, it is sufficient to call or to report via an online form. From this point on, you are officially considered to be looking for work.

If the notice period to be observed by your employer is shorter, the rule is that you should at the latest within three days after the termination have to report.

No later than the first day of unemployment but you must also present yourself in person at your employment agency and show register as unemployed. In our example, this would be no later than the first working day after 1. January, as this is a public holiday.

If possible before the deadline appear

It is sufficient if you appear at your local employment agency on the first day of unemployment. However, if you want to start receiving unemployment benefits on this day, it is advisable to make this appointment earlier. Because this will also enable you to file your claim for unemployment benefits in good time before your unemployment begins. Keep in mind that it may take several days or weeks before your application is approved. Time in which benefits have not yet been paid out.

The sooner you talk to your employment agent, the sooner you can also talk about a suitable new job and the conditions for it. If it is not possible for you to appear at the employment office before the start of unemployment, the placement may also be delayed.

What documents do I need to register for unemployment?

You will need the following documents to register for unemployment with your local advisor:

  • Your letter of resignation or. the temporary employment contract
  • your identity card or a residence permit resp. Work permit
  • Your social security card
  • your curriculum vitae
  • proofs of benefit payments of previous unemployment

If you would also like to apply for unemployment benefit, you should also bring the corresponding application for unemployment benefit I with you. The application form will be sent to you by the employees of the employment agency after you have reported your approaching unemployment, or directly on the spot.

Alternatively, you can also Apply for unemployment benefits online. You will find the necessary form in the Portal the employment agency. You must register in advance for this portal.

Why do I need these documents?

Some documents, for example the identity card, Serve to ensure that your advisor can clearly establish your identity. Others make the procedure related to the unemployment registration easier.

Your advisor will pursue a common goal with you:

Your unemployment should end as soon as possible. Your application for unemployment benefits should also be processed as quickly as possible.

From your letter of resignation or. the temporary employment contract the consultant takes the date of the end of employment. This date is important for the application for unemployment benefits, because your claim begins on the first day after the end of employment.

your Resume you do not necessarily have to bring in writing, but if you do, it will facilitate the process enormously. Every unemployment registration means at the same time that you have to actively look for a new job. Your advisor will create an applicant profile for you based on your work history. Thanks to this profile, he will be able to send you the most suitable job offers possible. You also have the option of having your profile published anonymously. This has the advantage that potential employers who have not yet published a job application can become aware of you. Further Tips for finding a job through the employment office you will find in this article.

Why do I need proof of benefits?

Depending on how long you were employed before unemployment occurred, you may be entitled to unemployment benefit I or, if applicable, unemployment benefit II. Provided you have been employed for at least twelve months in the past 30 months with compulsory social insurance, you can file an application for unemployment benefit I. Evidence of possible previous benefit payments will make it easier for your advisor to assess your claim. If you do not come to twelve months of employment, you can get advice on an application for unemployment benefit II.

What happens if I submit the documents late?

You cannot file a claim for unemployment benefits retroactively. If, although you are eligible to apply for an education voucher from 1. You are unemployed in January, but you do not submit your application until 15 January. If you file an unemployment claim in January, you will lose your claim for the first two weeks of January.

It is therefore important that the telephone or. personal notification is made in time. You may still be waiting for some documents at this point; you can usually submit these later without any problems.

At Download center of the employment agency there are helpful leaflets for unemployed people with and without benefits, which also go into more detail on how to apply for benefits. Please feel free to use this for additional information.

Well prepared for unemployment registration with checklist

As you can see, there are some rules and deadlines, but if you are well prepared, you will manage them easily. With this checklist for registering as unemployed, you are on the safe side.

By the way, there are also excellent funding opportunities, to quickly get out of unemployment again. In order to make it easier for you to return to a new job, your advisor at the employment agency may then ask you about further training. Which further education the employment office pays for and which not, how to find a good training and how you Apply for an education voucher, you can also find out here in the blog.

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