Simple diy construction instructions for a table made of wood

Even if you have two left hands, you can assemble a really nice table that can be seen. If you decide to build a table on your own, then you should make sure that here is used material that can withstand the load. If you use too thin plates for the table top, they can warp after a certain time. If you intend to take glass as a table top, then you should use safety glass, which has a thickness of at least 8 mm. You should also make sure that the substructure for the table top is stable, so that the weight of the table top can be well distributed on the legs. You should consider using perhaps more than four table legs here. A frame construction for laying the table top is also a good alternative here.

Material list for the table

Our table should have a length of 100 cm, 75 cm wide and a table height of 79 cm.

  • 4 squared timbers that are clean, without knotholes and planed
    8cm x 8cm x 75cm height
  • 4 round bars with 3cm diameter and 57cm length
  • 4 round rods with 3cm diameter and 82cm length
  • 1 blockboard 100cm x 75cm x 35mm thickness

wooden drill, 8x wooden dowels, wood glue, pencil and tape measure

First step

First, the table legs are prepared, i.e. drilled, where the round bars are inserted. Here the holes can be drilled at different heights, so that the table looks better later from the optics and the stability is given. The holes are made ca. 4 cm deep and drilled at a distance of 6 cm. On the short side the holes are drilled at a height of 4 cm and 10 cm and on the long side at a height of 7 cm and 13 cm. Two holes with a depth of 1 cm are drilled on the front side of the legs. Here the table top is later connected to the legs.

When drilling the holes in the bottom of the table top, make sure that it matches the hole spacing in the legs. You should also make sure that the table top protrudes over the legs, 5 cm on each side.

Use sandpaper to grind the sharp edges here and the edges will be broken. Now you can decide with which method the table top should be treated. Lacquered, stained, glazed, oiled or waxed.

The assembly of the wooden table

Here you give some wood glue into the holes, for the wooden dowels, of the table legs. Also put some glue in the holes for the rods, insert the rods and push them together. Now you have a square body that you can pull together with a tension belt at the level of the round bars. This tension belt is removed after the glue has dried out. Place the table top on the dowels and the table is ready.

Note: Copper tubes or brass tubes can also be used instead of the wooden round bars. Also a glass plate instead of the joiner’s plate. If you take a glass plate, then please do not drill holes in the front of the legs. Here you can take a rubber plate in the size of the table legs, so that the glass plate has a firm non-slip hold. Select these rubber plates only in a thickness of 1 to 2 mm. If you have any questions, I am happy to receive feedback.

And of course, these instructions leave enough room to further customize the table – have fun with DIY,

Don’t be alarmed, I work professionally as a 3D graphic designer and also create assembly instructions for other products, hence the 3D images on this page.

Attention: The reproduction is of course without any guarantee. Each assembly takes place naturally under exclusion of the guarantee and applies in own responsibility!


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