Solutions for “error of the request due to a serious hardware failure”

Get an error message "Error of request due to a serious hardware error"? In this article we can help you repair this serious hardware error and recover data on it.

"Request error due to serious hardware failure" error occurs when your computer’s hard drive/SSD is physically damaged and the operating system either cannot access it or cannot perform read/write operations on it. This error condition will also occur with removable drives.

This error is very common, and in most cases the hardware is actually physically damaged, so you can’t perform any operations. However, there are "some" solutions you can try before attempting to back up your data and move it to another hard drive.

What causes the error "Request error due to serious hardware failure"?

As mentioned earlier, the error itself is fairly self-explanatory and gives the user an idea that either there is damage or the drive is in poor condition. This error is most often provoked when:

  1. The hard drive cable is defective. If the cable is broken, the data cannot be transferred, so the computer prompts the error message.
  2. There are bad sectors on the hard disk. There may also be corruptions and wrong mappings.
  3. If the cable is not defective and the hard drive displays the same error message in all computers, it probably means that there is a hardware failure in the hard drive.

Recover data on the failed disk

As long as you get this error message, you should first recover your important data on the hard disk/memory card. Because this data may possibly be lost because of the error. Manually accessing the data is already impossible. You need professional data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro can help you a lot with hard drive data recovery. All you need to do is download this software for free and follow the guide. With just a few clicks you can recover the data on the faulty hardware.

Step 1. Run the program and select the hard disk you want to recover. Then click "Scan.

Step 2. After the scan, preview the data listed in the directory tree and select the desired ones. If you can’t find your desired files, filter by the specific file types or search the file name in the search box. More data can be found in "RAW" folder.

Step 3. Then click on "Restore". It would be better to save the recovered data to the other location to avoid data overwriting.

How to repair serious hardware error – 4 solutions

As mentioned above, the hard drive cable, bad sectors and hardware problems are responsible for the error, and the corresponding solutions include: [1] Check the connection [2] Check the SMART status [3] Check and repair bad sectors [4] Reformat the hard drive and initialize the drive.

Solution 1. Check the connection of the hard disk

  1. A loose connection of a hard drive to the system will probably trigger the error message like this, so try to press a little on the USB port with your hand.
  2. After checking the connection, be sure to try connecting the external hard drive or portable drive to the USB port on the motherboard, which provides a more stable power supply.
  3. Normally, the command returns four different statuses: "OK", "Bad", "Unknown" and "Caution".

OkDon’t worry, try solution 3 and solution 4, hopefully you can bring the hard disk back to a normal state.

Bad, Unknown: Quite annoying. You can still recover the error with solutions 3& Fix 4. In the meantime, data recovery is urgently needed.

Caution: It indicates that the hard disk is damaged at a high level, it is better to take immediate action to minimize the data loss on the hard disk.

Solution 2. Verify the hard disk with SMART attributes

Windows has a built-in SMART analysis function that analyzes your hard drive/SSD and checks all parameters through minor operations. If the analysis returns results like "Bad", "Caution" or "Unknown", it probably means that it is a serious error and you should back up your data with the highest priority. After the backup, try to replace your drive.

  1. Press Windows + S, type "command prompt", right-click on the application and select Run as administrator.
  2. Once you are in the elevated command prompt, run the following command: wmic diskdrive get status
  3. If the answer is normal, as in the figure above, you can move with the other solutions.

After you have backed up the important data, you can now repair the hard disk/memory card serious error. Follow the steps.

  1. Click on Start >All programs >Accessories;
  2. Right click on Command prompt > select Run as administrator;
  3. Type CHKDSK /F enter> Press Enter;
  4. Type CHKDSK /R on> press Enter. CHKDSK will repair file system errors and bad sectors.

Solution 3. Check and repair bad sectors

If the problem is in the hard disk mapping or a minor error, there is a possibility that it can be fixed with the "chkdsk" command or with the error checking program in Windows. These commands basically scan the entire hard disk, and if they encounter bad sectors or memory, these blocks are turned into a "no access" block-Zone moved.

How to run the DiskPart command to fix broken errors:

Step 1: Open the command prompt as already described.

Step 2: Type chkdsk x: /f /r (x stands for the drive letter of the faulty hard disk)

Here [/f] will try to fix system errors, while [/r] will try to repair bad sectors.

Step 3. When you are prompted to run chkdsk after a reboot, press Y and restart your computer.

Solution 4. Format or initialize the drive

Since this error also occurs with portable hard drives, you can try formatting the drive and see if that fixes the problem. Even if your drive is not initialized properly, this error may also occur. Make sure that the disk is initialized and the correct partition style is selected.

  • To format the portable hard disk, find the affected drive in My Computer or This PC. Right click on the drive and choose Format.
  • Uncheck the "Quick Format" box and format your drive properly. After formatting, disconnect the drive, reconnect it and check it.

If the drive is not initialized, press Windows + R, type "diskmgmt.msc" in the search bar and press Enter. right click on the disk and select "Disk initialization". Choose the right partition type and continue.

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