Taking a family photo yourself: tips& inspirations

It’s time for an updated family photo? We show you the most important tips on how you can easily take your family photo yourself. And to make your picture extra special, we have collected numerous creative family photo ideas and inspirations for you.

Taking the family photo yourself: Taking a photo with a self-timer

When you take a family photo yourself, it’s often not so easy to be together in the photo. Therefore, it is best to set the camera to an Tripod or on a Stack of books on the table. Now you have two options:

  1. Self-timer
    Set the camera, focus on your family and set as long a lead time as possible to get to your spot in time. As a rule, you can choose up to 20 seconds. Depending on the camera model, you can also set how often the camera should take a picture.
  2. Remote control for shutter release
    For ca. 20 to 30 euros you can buy a remote control for your camera. Newer cameras can also be controlled remotely via smartphone. Make sure you hide your smartphone and operate the shutter unobtrusively. For example, behind the back of another family member.

Tip: Use the Continuous shooting. The camera will take between five to 12 pictures per second in this mode. This way the chance is much higher that in the end you will have a suitable picture.

The right camera setting for the homemade family photos

With the automatic function you are already well equipped.

If you are less practiced, it is best to use the Automatic function use. Especially in nature or for a home story, lighting conditions change quickly. If you want to capture movements, for example when playing, you can also use the Sports mode use your camera so that the people are not blurred.

Also, consider the following tips:

  • No flash
    Camera flash often creates unnatural light or is responsible for red eyes in photos. Therefore, flash should only be used by photographers who can use it skillfully (for example, in a studio).
  • Blurred background
    A so-called depth of field brings the family members more into focus and makes the picture look more professional. However, if the surroundings are part of your subject, for example the mountains on a hike, you should obviously avoid depth of field.

Here’s how: For a blurred background in auto mode, you should turn on autofocus and press the shutter button halay until the camera adjusts the focus. Then you can trigger. With the cell phone you can tap the person on the display.

  • Do not zoom
    Zooming will degrade the quality of your shot and the photos may be slightly out of focus later on. Instead, move the camera closer to your subject.

For more tips, take a look at our free online photography course.

Where should the family shoot take place?

When you take your family photo yourself, it doesn’t always have to be in front of a white wall. You can also use trips to nature or your everyday life at home as an opportunity to. The only important thing is that the location fits your family and you feel comfortable there.

Outdoor shooting, studio pictures or home story – each location has its advantages:

Outdoor shooting in nature – bring movement into it

Photograph not only your loved ones, but also your favorite places.

In nature you have especially the chance, Movement in your family photo and make the surroundings work for you. Photograph the family playing a game of tag in the backyard, on the next hike, or throwing leaves in the air together.

A special big advantage when shooting outdoors natural light. Best suited:

  • Morning or evening hours
  • slightly cloudy days for softer light
  • Perspectives with the direction of the sun (do not shoot against the sun, unless you are skilled and can play with the backlight)

Tip: The more family members there are in the image, the calmer the background should be so that the image doesn’t look too jarring to the eye. As a background are suitable for example:

  • Walls
  • hedges
  • Blurred backgrounds, e.g. B. Forest edge, bushes
  • meadows or sky

Studio look – how to build your own studio

A white wall with daylight and your own photo studio is born.

You are a fan of clean and minimalist images? With the studio look, draw undisturbed attention to your family members. Since it’s rare to have access to a real photo studio, we’ll explain how you can easily create a Build your own studio Can.

For this you will need:

  • a white wall in front of which you can take photos with enough distance (at least three to four meters) or
  • a white, large cloth
  • Daylight or two spotlights each with a white cloth

Do you want the Daylight If you don’t want to use a large window, you can shoot outside in front of the house or use a room with large windows.

If the rooms are too dark, you can use two spotlights Take a light and hang a cloth in front of it so that the light is softer. Place the two spotlights with enough distance to the right and left in front of the wall. The light cones should meet in the middle. How to avoid a shadow on the background later on.

Tip: Keep at least one meter distance from the wall and use a slight depth of field when taking pictures. This makes the background look softer and small bumps on the wall (z. B. Woodchip wallpaper) disappear.

Homestory – use the everyday life

Everyday life is perfect for beautiful family photos.

The most beautiful pictures at a family shooting are created when you are too Feel one hundred percent comfortable. So why not use everyday life as a backdrop? For example, you can bake something together, photograph the kids playing or having a pillow fight together on the bed.

Rooms with windows facing south are especially suitable for beautiful light. To create a special mood, you can also use a string of lights or candles. You can find helpful tips for photos and camera settings with candlelight in our article "Taking atmospheric Christmas photos yourself". Above all, try to avoid artificial light from lamps.

What to wear for the family photo?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothes. Also, refrain from:

  • different patterns
  • bright colors
  • Partner look
  • Large prints or logos

This in no way means that you should only wear blue jeans and white t-shirt. Small splashes of color make the subject more interesting and lighten it up. Decide on two to three colors that go well together. In photos, for example, pastel shades look very friendly, but muted colors like dark red and blue also go well together.

The clothing should also match your motif. For example, a walk in a chic blouse looks rather unnatural.

How to keep my kids happy?

Make sure they have fun and the family shooting will be a great success.

Take the family photo yourself and motivate the kids at the same time? With these 6 tips, the family shoot will be fun for the little ones and relaxed for the adults:

  • Tip 1: Let the children help, for example, press the shutter release or become the photographer themselves.
  • Tip 2: Let your children also suggest motifs that you will implement together.
  • Tip 3: Take moving pictures more often instead of pictures where the children have to hold still.
  • Tip 4: Create an everyday situation and photograph your children or yourself as a family on the side, for example, while playing.
  • Tip 5: Plan for several days or sessions rather than one long photo shoot.
  • Tip 6: Use confetti or your favorite toy for more fun at the shoot.

Should the dog also be on the picture? Then train already a few days before important commands, so that your quadruped takes the desired position. Small tip: for the look into the camera helps a treat directly above the lens.

Family photos ideas& Inspiration

Sometimes it’s a small change of perspective or a casual smile that creates the perfect family photo. Get inspired and take the family photo ideas with you to your shoot.

Idea #1: New perspectives

Get creative and use your surroundings. For example, take pictures through the window of your beloved VW bus or through the kitchen window with a view of the garden.

Look for unusual perspectives for creative family pictures.

Idea #2: Children at eye level
Instead of standing next to or in front of each other, make sure you and your children are at the same eye level. For example, you can crouch down or put the children on your shoulders.

If everyone is on the same eye level, the picture will immediately seem more personal and intimate.

Idea # 3: Fun& Motion
The perfect family photo idea: whether it’s playing catch in the garden, jumping in the air or having a pillow fight on the bed – movement makes the picture more exciting and the shots are really fun too.

Movement makes the picture more exciting.

Idea #4: Spontaneous photography
The family is trying to position themselves or discussing the next motif? When no one expects a photo, the most honest and often the most beautiful shots are taken.

Take pictures even sometimes secretly for beautiful snapshots.

Where to hang the family photos?

Of course, you can hang individual family photos in any room, for example in the children’s rooms, in the living room or on the staircase. In our article "Arranging pictures on the staircase: different hanging& Inspirations" you will find helpful tips.

If you take a family photo yourself, you will naturally end up with many more photographs than from a photographer. Sometimes it is difficult to decide for the right picture. Therefore, how about a whole photo wall in the living room or kitchen? You can learn everything important in the article "Design picture wall: How to choose the right frames".

You are still looking for the right picture frames? When choosing, make sure that the frame matches the motif and the furnishings. In our free frame configurator you can upload your picture and choose the right frame for it or even order it custom made. Especially with children, we recommend picture frames with acrylic glass, so that in case of a fall shards do not pose a danger.

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