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For the Introduction of your paper numerous scientific criteria have to be considered. These will be scrupulously examined by your professor when grading your paper.

An essential part is the content red thread. In the following, 1a-Studi therefore presents you with the homework introduction developed by the 1a-Studi experts 4-structure rule for the perfect introduction of a term paper before.

What is the goal of the introduction of a term paper?

Many students make the mistake to put too little emphasis on an introduction really good introduction to lay.

Especially in a term paper, where a research question is to be answered in only 10 to 20 pages, the introduction of great importance.

The Introduction of your term paper thus has 2 Goals: on the one hand to pick up your reader and to arouse interest to read your paper. Second, to delineate the topic so that the reader of your term paper knows exactly what is covered in your term paper.

Studi-Tip: Test questions for a perfect introduction: 1) Does my introduction arouse interest in the topic?? 2) Does the reader know exactly what will be covered (why, who, how)??

Structure of the introduction of a term paper

So that you have a perfect Introduction for your term paper 1a-Studi has developed the 4-structure-rule for introductions.

This is based on 4 elements:

  • Interesting introduction
  • Delimitation of the topic and problem
  • Clear question
  • Structure of the work

Study Tip: If you are unsure whether your introduction of your term paper succeeded, then add the red thread check to your text correction.

Term paper introduction – (1) Interesting introduction

Imagine you have a new boyfriend or a new girlfriend. Friend. He comes to your home for the first time. Clean up beforehand? Do you? Put on something nice?

The first impression counts. And so it is with the introduction of your term paper.

The first 3 sentences of your term paper Are the introduction to your work and must therefore arouse interest, to read your paper. The goal of the introduction is to make your reader understand to pick up. It is about a Appeal, your work to read.

A interesting introduction in your term paper can be achieved by the following topics:

  • Pick up the content of a current headline on your topic from the news
  • Take a historical step back and show a rapid development that has
  • Start your paper with an appropriate quote
  • Make a prognosis: who or what will be affected by the topic and how

Studi-Tip: In the first 3 sentences the Keywords of the topic of your thesis must be included.

term paper introduction – (2) delimitation of the topic and problem place

After you have shown what your term paper is about, you need to further narrow down the topic of your term paper or. the Problem Elaborate.

Under (1) Interesting introduction, it was about general information and about picking up your reader. You have defined:

  • What is it about?
  • Why is this?
  • From which development the topic arises?

In Part (2) Problem it is about defining who or. what is covered by your topic. Furthermore, which effects are to be expected resp. have already occurred.

The speech is Problem. This is very important and should – like the following question – be formulated very precisely.

goal is to make sure that the reader of your term paper clearly knows which Problem in your term paper will be dealt with in relation to the following topic. Secondly, it must be clear who or. what is involved.

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Term paper introduction – (3) Clear questioning

The third element of a perfect term paper forms the Question. With this you formulate a clear goal, which you then follow in your work. The question of your term paper is subject to scientific criteria.

If your examiner has not given you one, then you have to develop it first. Remember, a good question reflects at the same time an expected result of your term paper. The question must therefore be clearly formulated.

Studi-Tip: How to set up a perfect question in your term paper, you will find in this article term paper writing.

The Goal the question resp. Research question is to answer this question at the end of your paper to answer. This is the main thread of your paper and is of great importance.

Term paper introduction – (4) Structure of the paper

So that the reader of your term paper gets an overview of the contents, you must as last element still a structure of the work formulate.

For a term paper it is sufficient to chapter from the first Outline level to name: For example: B. in chapter 2 the theoretical basis for the treatment of the question is created.

Aim of the Structure of the introduction of a term paper is to form the red thread. Furthermore, to give the reader an overview of what, in which chapter is treated. Also the question why should be answerable.

Studi-Tip: Always make sure that the structure and the outline of your paper contributes to the answer of your research question.

What should not be included in the introduction of a term paper?

Previously you have learned from which 4 elements a good term paper consists of. An in-depth guide for a perfect term paper you can find here at 1a-Studi.

The introduction of a term paper is subject to numerous scientific evaluation criteria, which are meticulously checked by your professor.

If you are unsure whether your introduction is successful and meet the strict satisfies scientific criteria, then book the red thread check to your text correction in addition. The 1a-Studi subject lecturers check your introduction and give you feedback for improvement.

Red thread check of your thesis

Find out if you have checked all scientific criteria for a perfect work have implemented and whether the red thread included in your thesis. &

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The following elements do not belong in Introduction of a term paper:

  • Definitions and delimitations of terms
  • discussions and evaluations of contexts
  • Results
  • Presentation of advantages and disadvantages
  • Personal dedications of the author

Example of introduction of a term paper

The following Examples of a good and complete introduction you can use as inspiration. These were created during the coaching of 1a-Studi with the help of the 4-structure-help.

Phrasing tips for the introduction of a term paper

In order to formulate an interesting introduction to your term paper, you can make use of different means of expression.

Return to the topic

Here you pick up a stand from the past. The goal is to pick up on a familiar point of view and then link it to your topic. Approval

Pick up on a current or existing point from your subject area and agree with it. This can be the approval of a criticism or an ideal condition. The goal is to agree with the research and then confirm or add to it in your term paper.


Analogous to the agreement you take up here the state of the research and negate the topic. The goal is to then show the problem from the negative and answer the problem through the research question.

Give an example

Here you make a comparison. How others do it? Which well-known author comments on your topic and how? The basis for starting with an example is good literature research. The goal is to use the briefly touched upon example to make the topic of your term paper understandable.

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Use quotations

For this you must be very familiar with the topic of your term paper. Only use quotes from well-known authors who basically have a connection with the topic. Your reader should know the citation as well.

Personal introduction

Depending on the subject area, you can choose a personal introduction. The goal is to present your opinion or personal viewpoint on the topic. However, a technically clean term paper should always not include pronouns.

evoke emotions

Here you play with the emotions. You can set the direction of the text with the first citation. Is the topic critical? Are there already expected serious consequences? The goal is to immediately point out a crisis or emerging escalation. You can of course also introduce a positive emotional state.

Checklist introduction of a term paper writing

The following checklist will help you get an overview of whether you have included all the important criteria for a good introduction.

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