The 5 best applications to sell things

With the right tools, it is possible for anyone to make extra money selling things we no longer use. In the Play Store we can find a large number of Apps to sell thingsHowever, they are not all equally popular in our country.

In this article we collect the 5 most used applications to sell things in Spain. I have not included Letgo Due to the low presence it has in our country. Neither to AllcollectionSince it focuses on stacks of items, it is not available to all users.


Milanuncios is one of the sales platforms for used items more veterans Developed in Spain, which today has been modernized to align with Wallapop, the most common application used in Spain to sell second-hand items.

This platform bought To change the name later to Vibbo and finally close them. One of its strengths is in the messaging area, an area that allows us to know if the buyer or seller is connected to the application or through the Internet at that moment. Through this chat we can share more images of the products we want to sell, avoiding having to end up on WhatsApp, as almost always happens when we use Wallapop.

Milanuncios allows us Sell used items for free without the platform receiving a commission. However, if we are a company, we have a number of special conditions and benefits that are not available to private users and that are subject to charges.

The Milanuncios application is free in the Play Store and also available for download is available on the Internet.

Facebook Marketplace

One of the latest platforms that has become an interesting option if you have a Facebook account is Facebook Market Place. Facebook’s second hand sales platform.

Facebook Marketplace not found independently as an appInstead, we find it in the Facebook application that uses our location data to show us the objects closest to our location.

If you don’t use Facebook, you will be forced to do so create an account If you want to use this platform, a platform whose main problem is: it is limited to Facebook users.

Through the application we can access the public data that vendors have posted on their walls, Information that really does not allow us to know if the seller is legal or if the products they sell are trustworthy.

Unlike other platforms, Facebook offers Market Place has no reputation system This allows us to trust or distrust the seller or buyer, which is another negative point besides the need to create a Facebook account.

Ebay Had its golden age in the first decade of the year 2000, as it was practically the only platform that managed the sale of second-hand items and shipping and payment security through PayPal.

However, with the arrival of other platforms such as Wallapop, the popularity of this platform has decreased. To this we must add that the number of companies selling new items is increasing in a movement that is based on try to compete against Amazon.

Although the number of used products is not that high anymore, it is a great platform to find Find any product that comes to mind, as the search results show us all results available worldwide and also show the approximate cost of shipping to our country.

eBay is an excellent platform to buy used items but not sell. The high commissions of eBay on the one hand, and PayPal on the other, mean that selling a product on this platform can even cost us money.

While we use the platform, we receive an evaluation of sellers and buyers and create us so build a good reputation within the platform.

The ideal payment method for buying on eBay is PayPal, as this is the only way to protect against fraud. eBay is available for free download from the Play Store and is also available over the internet.


If you want to get rid of all those clothes You don’t like it anymore, it doesn’t fit or it’s too big for you, the best application to sell it and make some extra money is Vinted. Vinted is the only platform that focuses on buying and selling second-hand clothes, although like other platforms of this type we can also find completely new items.

The application is completely free to download from the Play Store and also allows us to, access via the Internet. In 2019, Vinted bought Chicfy, a second-hand clothing sales and shopping platform, from the ad from Sure yes sweetie, so you have to keep looking for it.


I decided to save this application for the end since it is the application Most used to sell used items, although we can also find new items to sell things through the various ads (increasingly common) on this platform.

Wallapop does not charge a commission Of sales between individuals and is maintained thanks to the money charged professionals who create their own businesses in the eBay-style application, although they focus on used cars.

Wallapop is a good app that is worth its money. Shipping to buyers, charges a small commission for the insurance. The buyer will not receive payment until the seller approves the item they purchased.

This is a problem, since it is likely that we will meet someone who will replace the product with a working one, deliberately damaging it to not continue the payment . and the seller has no way to fight back and the buyer always has the reason.

Regarding this I am more convinced of how eBay works by paying through PayPal, because through disputes you can quickly reach an agreement with the buyer or seller in case of disagreement or clarify the truth.

One of the problems that practically continue to affect this platform since its launch is the news, Messages that sometimes do not arrive or arrive too lateSo if we find an interesting item, we have a good chance of not getting it if the platform does not work.

Like eBayWhile using the platform, we receive a rating from sellers and buyers, which allows us to build a reputation within the platform.

Wallapop can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. In addition, it offers Web access, perfect when we want to clean our house and sell everything we see.

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