The application portfolio: tips and hints

Nevertheless, in today’s professional life the Online application For some positions, it is still common practice to send an application portfolio printed application in a folder to be sent to the employer.

What does an application portfolio look like right? Here's

How does an application portfolio look right? Here is the info!

Exactly because the application folder as such rather unusual has become, some questions come up fast, should it be demanded then nevertheless times. The right choice and design of an application portfolio is of great importance; after all, it is the tangible Figurehead of an applicant.

Short& scarce: application folder

In addition to a cover letter and a resume, an application folder should contain other documents. Which these are and which it is to be considered with the structure of such a folder in addition, read here.

Information on whether a photo should be obligatory in an application folder can be found here.

It is advisable to send the portfolio by registered mail. Finally, you can see if your application was delivered on time.

The guidebook takes a closer look at the Application file: What it looks like on the outside and inside, how to arrange the documents, and what to consider when buying and sending them.

What is an application portfolio?

The application portfolio is still demanded by employees

The application portfolio is still required by employees

This is first of all self-explanatory: The Application portfolio is an File, which contains the application documents of a person and is sent to the employer. The employee thus offers itself to the employer and present themselves with a proof of their previous skills before. Since an application portfolio is a whole personal data their correct handling is made possible by the Privacy determined.

Is the Application process completed and certain candidates were not selected, then the employer must ensure that application documents that are no longer usable are disposed of delete. In addition to deleting digital information, this then also includes the professional disposal of analog application folders. Either these shredded or to the sender returned – this must be presented within a prescribed time window of three months pass after the end of the application process. If the employer would like to keep the relevant documents, for example to use them for a later application procedure If the employer asks for advice, then he may only do so in Consult with the applicants do.

What kind of portfolio is suitable for the application?

application in the application folder itself is one thing. The file itself, however, is the first, what personnel officers see – and since it is well known that first impressions are hard to make up, the right "Packing" be chosen for one’s own application documents.

Search in each case one firm, stable folder. Handing in application documents in transparent film in a binder strip or even just stapled together, makes a conceivable bad impression. The relevant documents should also be kept in the folder fastened, but also Easy to remove its. application documents are in fact often checked individually by the inspecting authority taken out, at Notes The application documents should be made in such a way that they can be discussed in an interview. If the printed letters are simply lying around in the application folder, this will give the impression that sloppy.

Choose a good quality portfolio for your application

Choose a good quality folder for your application

When attaching application documents should Not perforated Therefore, choose one in which the sheets of paper can be clamped or pushed in sideways. Quick binder are to be avoided in principle. Also of gaudy and/or. several colors, patterns or even pictures should be kept away from at all costs. For the application portfolio, the following can be stated in principle: with a straightness you are on the safe side.

What does a good application folder look like?? Ideally this is made of solid cardboard or. plastic, the documents can be attached and removed without much effort, without damaging them, and it is sober in design. As a rule, the following applies to the choice of color: monochrome and muted colors, black, white, shades of gray. Also a dark or. washed out blue, red or green is conceivable.

There are special folders to buy, which are specially designed for job applications – you can find such copies in stationery stores, at the post office and also otherwise at a variety of outlets. Often you will find the following:

  • Clip folders with transparent cover
  • Clip folder with only a small viewing window for the application photo
  • Three-part, fold-out application folder

Which application folder is the right one for me??

Which is the perfect application portfolio for your own application depends on size of the company, of the Branch, in which this is located, and last but not least from the own taste from. The first question to ask is: In which profession is the employer represented and how can this be reflected in the design of the application folder?? The size of the company can also provide information about the respective climate. In a rather medium-sized craft company, no such design sophistication will be demanded of an application portfolio as is the case with a graphic designer.

In principle applies: The larger and demanding the employer, the more should also be corresponding application portfolio are invested. A copy made of solid cardboard generally looks more upscale than a plastic folder, since this material is often still associated with cheap and mass-produced goods.

Which is the correct application folder, depends substantially on the kind of the enterprise

Which is the correct application folder, depends substantially on the kind of the enterprise

In order to be able to assess what is seen with pleasure, the next thing should be the presence of the employer itself should be examined more closely: How is the website and the job application designed? Is presented rather reservedly or rather extrovertedly? How is with writing, layout etc. worked? At this point, the advice is often given to coordinate the color design with the company logo, as this subconsciously conveys a sense of belonging – but this is not a must. Last but not least, the individual application portfolio should also be applicant himself likes.

The standard application folder: structure and content

So much for the folder itself. But how does such a folder look now inside correctly? The Contents of an application folder always consists of the following documents:

  1. Cover sheet
  2. Tabular resume
  3. Attachment (mostly certificates, proof of work, references)

What a complete application portfolio The amount of paperwork required depends, of course, on the job in question. Since such printed applications are often required for positions in the public service, there may be quite a number of other documents: personal questionnaire, work samples, copy of the driver’s license and other. More and more often, applicants are also required to submit a Letter of motivation to write. Normally, this is inserted after the resume, which is why it is also used "the third page" mentioned.

Read the job advertisement carefully. You should not secure be exactly what documents are required from you, then better ask for, before you miss something or even send too much.

Depending on the design Clamping strips and Holders of the application folder should be designed differently. Accordingly, the documents themselves can also be arranged differently: In the case of the fold-out copies, for example. it is always advisable to leave the cover letter loose in the application folder on top of the other documents. With clip files, on the other hand, the documents are simply arranged one after the other. It is important to make sure that the documents are still well readable are and not for example by fastening in the folder concealed will be.

The documents must be able to be fastened correctly in the application folder

The documents must be able to be properly attached in the application folder

What else should be considered for the documents for an application portfolio?

In addition to these tips, there are a few other things around the Application portfolio, which employees should pay attention to. These include:

Coordinate your documents and your application folder stylistically!

Not only the individual printouts and the portfolio itself should be cleanly and neatly formatted be. Font, font size, the headings, any color accents, and similar design elements should be same be chosen and stylistically on the chosen folder coordinated its. Do the individual parts of the application portfolio fit together to a coherent overall picture together, then the applicant leaves a competent impression.

Many writing programs already offer prefabricated samples for application folders on, from cover letter to cover sheet. While these are nice to look at, in many cases for a professional application they are rather unsuitable. Too much and too gaudy colors, unquiet background patterns and the like only discourage. When designing the application, the golden rule is: Less is more.

In general, all application documents should be different in terms of content and aesthetics from one cast its. In some application procedures, an application portfolio, for example, is in addition to the online application required. Make sure, by copying your online answers or similar, that you give the same information everywhere resp. information does not overlap.

A cover sheet is not obligatory, but it makes a good impression on an application portfolio

When putting together your application portfolio, it is important to remember that in addition to the documents already mentioned, there is an Cover sheet is customary. This is a simple letter, which gives the other documents preceded and does not form part of the official application documents.

For the cover sheet for the application portfolio, it is usually quite sufficient if you center "Application for/to XY" and your First and last names list. Finally, this is prefixed less for informal than for aesthetic reasons. Depending on the type of portfolio, a cover sheet may not be necessary at all. If you choose a cover sheet, then remember: this is the first, What editors see from your application.

Application folder, cover letter and Co. want to be well thought out

Application portfolio, cover letter and co. want to be well thought out

Never send your original certificates in an application folder!

This is self-evident, but should be mentioned again, because it happens from time to time. Even if you are sure of an acceptance, you should always keep only copies of the attached degrees and work references are sent. These should then of course centered copied and well readable be.

Consider this: For some documents it is sufficient simply copied or. scanned and then printed out. However, if you send an application portfolio, certificates from school, university, work etc. must be. usually considered to be certified copies otherwise it may not be recognized by the employer; however, there is still a secret consensus that. However, even such details are usually noted in the job application or can be requested.

A certified copy is a Copy of a document, which from a test center copied and on which it is guaranteed with stamp and signature that it corresponds with the matches the original documents. This is to ensure that references and grades have not been changed during duplication. Such certifications can be obtained from Notaries, on the citizen’s office and in similar authorities be made against a surcharge.

If you are sending an application portfolio by mail, then choose registered mail!

As a rule, application folders by mail clever, because not always the employer is located in the vicinity. You will need a large envelope for this. The following also applies here, of course: The appropriate envelope must be clean and crease-free his, the application folder should fit in well and not stick out, for example, and the writing on the envelope should be legible and neat. If you know who is responsible for the applications in the respective company, you can mention the corresponding name with "z. Hd." (= "for your hands") be noted by the addressee.

However, the most important thing in the mail: Send the corresponding letter by registered mail to! For a small additional charge, you can then track whether your application was delivered on time to. When sending one of these important file should be the standard. Not only will you be able to see when your application folder was delivered, but in the event of loss, you will also have proof that you posted an.

Photo in the application portfolio – yes or no?

A complete application portfolio does not necessarily need a picture

A complete application portfolio does not necessarily need a picture

For some time now Discussions to the question whether within Germany an application folder is still a application photo must contain. Preventing discrimination in the workplace has been a major issue not only since the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) came into force. In other countries anonymized application folders without a photo has been common for a long time.

Basically, it can be said about this: Very few employers still require explicitly a photo for an application folder and a photo should also not against the will of the applicant are demanded; however, secretly there is still consensus that it is gladly seen. For example, phrases such as "complete application documents" or "the usual documents" appear in many advertisements.

If you decide to take a photo, then this should be added to your application portfolio correctly placed are. Usually it is printed on the tabular resume in a Passport photo size added. Some application folders that can be purchased already contain recesses or holding devices for corresponding pictures, which can also look very fancy.

Important for the picture itself is: It must professional look. Choose appropriate clothing and put on a friendly face. Pretty much every photographer offers passport photos extra for application folders at, there you can also be advised. Biometric pictures look too strict and stiff, selfies too immature. Tip: It looks particularly elegant if you use the Matching the color of your application portfolio to your picture.

Conclusion: A successful application folder contributes significantly to the Impression that a person leaves behind. Therefore it should be clearly, orderly and for the employer appealing be designed. This not only conveys that the applicant has made an effort and is ambitious is. It also shows a certain Know-How and underlines the own Competences.

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