“The bachelor” 2022 spoiler: this candidate wins – according to the fans

Who will get the last rose from Dominik Stuckmann?? Fans are sure: SHE is the winner of "The Bachelor" 2022!

by Angela Kolbe 27. January 2022, 14:44

Since the 26. In January, the TV Wednesday is once again dominated by one question: Who will get the last rose?? In the twelfth season of "The Bachelor" Dominik Stuckmann is looking for the great love – and if it goes according to the fans, there can be ONLY ONE for him in the end.

  • Dominik Stuckmann is looking for the big love in season twelve of "The Bachelor".
  • After episode two, only 15 of the 22 candidates are still in the running for the final rose.
  • If it goes according to the viewers and female viewers, there is already a clear favorite.

Who will get the last rose – and is she the right one for Bachelor? Dominik Stuckmann (30)? The balance of the RTL-Kuppelshow is so far unfortunately not so "rosy": None of the previous Bachelors is still with his TV-chosen together. Whether it goes better with TV darling Dominik? So far, only two episodes are available in the stream on RTL+ – but fans of the format already have a very clear favorite! Caution: From now on follow Spoiler for episode two.

Readers have voted: SHE is guaranteed to get the last rose from the Bachelor!

The Promiboom-Readers and -readers have diligently voted: Which candidates of "The Bachelor" have the best chance of winning the final rose? The undisputed number one: Jana-Maria (29) from Marbella. Even when the entrepreneur got out of the limo in episode one, Dominik couldn’t hide his excitement. In the following week, the self-confident Spanish choice not only got the first single date, but also the very first rose of the episode after a parachute jump and hours together in the pool – and that even before the official awarding of the roses.

Jana-Maria; The Bachelor 2022

Jana herself seemed no less taken with Dominik: After the date, she raved about the "sexy boy" in the highest terms – and even the first feelings and butterflies in the stomach were already talked about. 79% of the readers who have voted, Jana-Maria chances of the last rose calculate.

However, there is one thing that could throw a wrench into the budding love affair: The preview of episode three reveals that next week (at least already on RTL+) there will be smooching, which obviously stinks Jana-Maria mightily.

If it goes after the fans, also THESE candidates have chances on the heart of the Bachelors

The competition for Jana-Maria just does not sleep! The candidate who gets Dominik’s first kiss in episode three is currently still a bit behind in third place in the Promiboom readers’ ranking: 52% of readers who voted see influencer Nele (28) as a contender for the final rose. But that should change after episode three at the latest! In the preview, the Hamburg-based actress appropriately announces: "Licked is mine!"

Nele; The Bachelor 2022

Currently still in 2nd place: student Yasmin (23) from Furth. After all, 69% percent of voters think that she is also eligible as the winner of the last rose. As the budding business economist revealed before her participation, she wants to wrap Bachelor Dominik around her finger primarily with her beautiful eyes:

In the beginning, of course, I will draw attention to myself by first seeking eye contact and then conversation. With so many girls you need to be present!

So far, she seems to have done quite well with this tactic – not only the Bachelor, but also the viewers and viewers see it that way.

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