The beginner’s guide to makeup: 7 products you need to get started

It’s not so rare that I meet women who shy away from makeup or claim to have no idea about it at all. „Some face cream and a mascara." use them and that’s it. Some ask me for advice and after a bit of beauty talk even want to go shopping with me for a basic set. So I thought it might be quite helpful to do a little beginners guide for a change.

Above all, my long journey has now made me realize once again how few products you really need to make up a simple and natural daytime look. In principle, it only needs to be 7-8 products and then you can build on that- depending on how important the whole subject becomes to you.

So these are my suggestions for a basic makeup kit:

1. A foundation that forgives everything

There are countless great and not so great foundations, BB, CC, DD creams (and what they are all called) and tinted moisturizers out there. (Soon I will present my favorites as well!) However, I always advise newbies to use a product that can be easily applied and blended with the fingers, blends with the skin and the risk of unsightly edges or spots is minimal. Spontaneously, these three come to mind that I keep going back to:

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, which really only has quite light coverage, but overall gives a beautiful complexion and is really not recognizable on the skin as makeup. Light Wonder" is very similar by Charlotte Tilbury, which adds a little glow to the face with shimmering particles. The new Cushion Foundations, for example from L’Oreal or Lancôme, are also easy to apply. They have a light coverage, but can be built up in coverage as desired and according to the skin’s condition.

2. Concealer that is universal and easy to blend

Actually, I have a concealer for eye shadows and one for pimples- but I would like to choose only one for the Beginner Kit. The most practical ones to start with are the classic creamy concealers with a sponge applicator, which you apply with your fingers or a brush. I have had good experiences with the Double Wear Stay in Place Concealer from Estee Lauder, it covers reliably and lasts the whole day.

If you are still wondering how to apply it correctly, I recommend my Concealer Guide from last year.

3. A matte, not too dark bronzer

I love bronzer it belongs since my teenie time to my firm make-up routine. Accordingly, I have tried out a few. An absolute classic is the matte Bobbi Brown bronzer, which is not too orangey and is perfect for contouring the face. If you’re new to the subject of bronzing, you’ll want to try I recommend the "Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder" in a lighter shade, for example #30 or #40. Then it is great to emphasize the sun terraces in the face and to cheat a complexion like after a week Malle.

The only small disadvantage with a powder product: you need a brush! But again, I recommend one that’s versatile or at least handy for on-the-go use. There are small high quality kabukis that you can retract into a metal case or just a mini powder brush that is also great for bronzer, powder and blush.

4. A highlighter that won’t make you look like a disco ball

Highlighter does not necessarily have to be "Pro Stuff if you use the right one. Try the creamy RMS "Living Luminizer" without shimmer particles and apply a tiny amount in the inner corners of the eyes, above the cheekbones, on the heart of the lips and along the bridge of the nose with the ring finger. The natural but fresh result will inspire you!

5. a blush that flatters the complexion and makes you look like after a walk in the fresh air

I love Cremerouge, because it can be easily blended with the fingers, it lasts a working day and can also be used for the lips. My absolute favorite rouge is "Desired Glow" by Kjaer Weis, but I also like the practical blush colors in stick form or the Cheek& Lip Balms from RMS Beauty or Tata Harper and they are working.

6. A brow gel that can be quickly brushed on and adds volume and color

Brows have been the undisputed beauty trend for a few years now. There are constantly new treatments or products that promise full, bushy browsà la Cara or Brooke promise. I usually use a pencil and gel to set, but I often hear from women that they don’t do so well with pencil or powder or it takes them too long. An absolute brow gel favorite is "Boy Brow" from Glossier- unfortunately not yet available here, although I met with the Glossier girls at an event in L.A. and they are working hard on a shipping solution for Germany. We just have to be patient a little longer. But as an alternative I like "Brow Drama" by Maybelline or the "Gimme Brow" Mini brushes from Benefit.

7. Last but not least, the question is: mascara and/or lipstick??

As a makeup beginner, you might not necessarily wear both at once. Most of the women I know who wear really discreet to no makeup at all do wear mascara after all. I, on the other hand, often wear no mascara at all or if only so that you can only guess at it. I would rather have a nice red lipstick in my bag to wear on special occasions or just as a pick me up, when you have a bad day. So what you prefer, you decide.

When it comes to mascara, I generally prefer brown to black and don’t like to spend a lot of money on it. So just ask what your best friend wears or try it out in the drugstore. Two favorites of mine are Catrice "Doll Lashes" and By Terry "Terrybly, which is supposed to promote the growth of the eyelashes after several weeks of application. I also think that women who don’t naturally have long, curved lashes should definitely use a good eyelash curler. The before and after effect is insane- at least for me. I look directly three hours more rested.

A lipstick that doesn’t cost much and that I’ve been asked about a few times is the Fabulous Lipstick by Astor in the shade "Fabulous Style" – a very classic red.

Üby the way, have you seen the contents of our latest make-up bags?? Here’s the one from Marie, Lexi, Marlene and myself.

And here is the shopping list:

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Even if it sounds corny, I wanted to work in the fashion or beauty industry even in my younger years. I remember devouring every issue of Instyle or Elle from my then best friend’s mother, because I couldn’t afford them at the time and my room was plastered with favorite editorials that had been cut out. Then when I first heard about Pat McGrath and Kevyn Aucoin, I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. The road to this point was not easy, because I first had to abandon the studies I had started in my home town of Erfurt and later had to convince my parents to allow me to do an apprenticeship in Copenhagen. Moving to a foreign country when I was 18 and not speaking the language had a huge impact on me and showed me that you can make things happen if you just really want to. Many Danish lessons and job interviews later, in which I was tested again and again by the director on my language skills, I had the contract from the Make up School in my pocket.

The adventure could begin and I think back so gladly to this exciting time. There I learned from my talented teacher not only the proper use of brushes and color, but also that less is often more! Since then, I have abandoned the hard kohl pencil on the waterline and the eyebrow plucking.

On my blog Primer& Lacquer I share my love for beauty& Fashion since 2011 and write there about all the things that drive and inspire me in my life. This summer, I’m also looking forward to the biggest challenge of my life so far – the birth of my second daughter. I’m excited to see what life is like as a family of four and if I can keep some of my old habits along with being a mom.

Besides traveling, I love burrito bowls and guacamole for my life and have a weakness for eyebrow products, bronzer and highlighter of all kinds. When I need to distract myself from a stupid day, my favorite videos to watch are Lisa Eldridge (because of her pleasant voice), Masterchef or Hank Moody in Californication. And should I ever be able to go out again properly, then I will dance to old school hip hop with my girls like in the good old days.

I hope I can show you here on Journelles one or the other trick in the matter of make-up and make the less beauty-affine girls a little bit desire on the colorful jars and pencils, respectively. Putting aside a prejudice or two about makeup girls.

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