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Earthquake proof build

15.09.2017 – How to build houses to withstand earthquakes? logo! explains it to you!

How to earthquake proof Houses built?

01.09.2017 – Earthquakes shake the earth’s surface violently. Like now in central Italy, many buildings collapse during earthquakes.

Protecting old houses against earthquakes costs a lot of money

08.05.2015 – In the country of Nepal, many houses were destroyed in an earthquake. They were not properly protected against earthquakes. "Many buildings in Nepal are very old," explains a construction expert. Older buildings are often not earthquake proof built. "Securing them after the fact would have cost a lot of money." Nepal is a poor country.

Disaster management

Disasters happen again and again – avalanches, floods and inundations, earthquakes or drought catastrophes. Civil protection should help reduce the possible impact of such events. To that end, avalanche barriers are made in the mountains, building bans are enacted in potential floodplains, and buildings are – as best they can be – earthquake proof erected.

Earthquake-proof Houses in Germany

08.05.2015 – Earthquakes can also occur in Germany. But these are then not as violent as in Nepal. However, there are areas where they occur more frequently than in other parts of Germany. This is the case, for example, in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. Or in the Lower Rhine Bay around Aachen and Cologne.

Program content: Japan: Attention earthquake! – Japan – earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster

20.02.2008 – In no other country does the earth shake as often as in Japan. Hundreds of thousands of people have died or been made homeless in earthquakes over the past hundred years. Why does the earth shake in Japan? How do the Japanese deal with the constant danger? How the early warning system works? Which means earthquake proof Building?

Severe earthquake in Italy

07.04.2009 – In the night of Monday there were severe earthquakes in central Italy. Over 200 people lost their lives and some are still considered missing. Although rescue workers were on the scene within 15 minutes of the quake, if researchers’ warnings had been taken seriously, more people probably could have been saved.

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California earthquake zone

03.09.2010 – The Californian lifestyle is characterized by sun, sea and a surfboard under the arm. And yet, in the back of every Californian’s mind, there is one great fear: the fear of the next big earthquake. Because this much is certain: This will come quite definitely, perhaps soon. The culprit is the San Andreas Fault, which almost constantly shakes the earth somewhere in California during the year.

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Photo of the month August

31.08.2018 – Millions of animals are transported through Europe every year. They are often trapped for days on trucks or ships. This time the photo of the month deals with this topic.

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Earthquake in Indonesia

12.08.2018 – Last Sunday a violent earthquake shook the Indonesian island of Lombok. Many people died and hundreds of thousands are now without a roof over their heads. And the earth continues to shake.

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