The best christmas gift ideas: little things& diy gifts

On average, we spend about 500 euros each year on Christmas gifts. At first glance, this seems quite a lot. But if you have a lot of people to give a gift (brother, sister, father, mother, grandparents, friends, children, …), then relatively quickly ends up with this gift amount. Our Christmas gift ideas don’t cost quite that much. In this Mobel Staude magazine article we focus more on the little things and give away Christmas trifles and DIY gifts. So pay attention: Here come the best (small) gift ideas for Christmas!

Small hint: Who nevertheless rather expensive gifts for Christmas procures, becomes in our gift idea lists for men and gift ideas for women then (certainly) nevertheless still fundig&

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Gift ideas for Christmas 2021

When it comes to gifts for Christmas, there are many ideas for implementation. First of all, you should decide what kind of gift it should be: Original and unusual? Then, designer pieces or iconic objects, like z.B. Products from the Fatboy brand. Should the gift be personal and individual? Then you should give something homemade as a gift. Should the Christmas gift be practical? Then there are classic gifts, such as towels or socks. Should the gift for Christmas be special and exciting? Then an action gift certificate comes into question, like z.B. for a mystery dinner or bungee jumping.

But the most popular Christmas gifts are still perfume, jewelry, socks, books and gift certificates.

Little things for Christmas

But now we put aside all these ideas of the perfect and popular Christmas gift. For now, let’s get back to the basics: The giving. Small things for Christmas do not cost a lot of money, but nevertheless conjure a smile on the face. Unlike many expensive gifts, they are always selected with much love and thoughtfulness. This isn’t just about consumption, it’s about the "real" meaning of gift giving. Here come ten suitable examples:

Little things in the Christmas box

Give small gifts in a festive gift box for Christmas. Like for example in the tin "Felice" from Leonardo with cute moose motif. You can fill the Christmas box with homemade cookies, bath balls, vouchers or banknotes.

Price: ca. 10 €

Guardian Angel Clause

Give away a guardian angel for your loved ones. For example, with the Christmas ball in angel design from Leonardo. Guardian angel "Clause" is a pretty Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree, but can also protect and guard the recipient throughout the year.

Price: ca. 10 €

Christmas tableware

Especially popular for the festive season is also Christmas tableware, such as Christmas bowls, cups and Christmas plates. Porcelain manufacturer Seltmann Weiden presents us for example with this Fetstagsporzellan from the collection "Life" an atmospheric table decoration for Christmas.

Price: approx. 11 €

Christmas lights

For the most popular Fatboy lamp ever, there is a special Christmas robe. Table lamp Edison the Petit gets a festive look for Christmas with the Xmas Cooper Cappies. The attachment for the Christmas lights is available in different motifs: moose, fir trees, Santa Claus and many more.

Price: ca. 15 €

Table runner with Christmas motif

The table set for Christmas also needs matching textiles in addition to Christmas tableware. Tablecloths, Christmas napkins or the table runner with Christmas motif by Kela from the Christmas series "Henrik.

Price: ca. 16 €

Towels with Christmas motif

Christmas in the bathroom with this X-Mas collection from Cawo. The towels with moose and star motif are available in different colors, z.B. in turquoise-gray or red.

Price: from ca. 17 €

Romantic snow globe

Snow globes have something fairy tale, dreamy and romantic. So perfect for a small gift for Christmas. As an example we have chosen this 10 cm snow globe with Christmas gnomes from the decoration brand Boltze.

Price: ca. 19 €

Christmas in a bottle

Just as romantic is this Christmas gift idea from Boltze. Christmas in a bottle give away with the blue-green LED light "Sheila" from the collection Merry little Christmas.

Price: ca. 22 €

Christmas spices

We stay at the table while we introduce the next little thing for Christmas: A Christmas gift box with Ankerkraut spices. The spice mix "Christmas" consists of three cork jars with Christmas spices: mulled wine, baked apple and raw cane sugar provide the typical taste in the Christmas kitchen.

Price: approx. 30 €

Christmas plates to collect

Also for collectors the brand Seltmann Weiden offers a Christmas collection: Christmas plates for collecting. Every year the blue decorative plate presents itself with a different motif. This little thing is a bit more expensive, but in time it can also become very precious.

Price: ca. 70 €

Christmas gifts for men

Special Christmas gifts for men we list you in a separate magazine article. Here you can find original and classic gift ideas for dad, brother, uncle and friend.

Christmas gifts for women

Special Christmas gifts for women we list you in a separate magazine article. Find original and classic gift ideas for mom, sister, girlfriend or grandma.

DIY gifts for Christmas

Bought little things as a gift are nice and sweet. Better – and more personal is to make gifts yourself. DIY gifts for Christmas are cheap, but made with very, very much love. We have picked out a few nice examples for you.

Homemade cookies

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s why we give home-baked cookies and cookies as a Christmas gift. Presented here in a Christmas bowl from Seltmann Weiden.

Homemade bouquet

Classic gift – not only at Christmas time – are flowers. You can buy them in the flower store. It is much nicer, however, if you can pick flowers yourself and arrange them individually. A homemade bouquet of flowers at Christmas will make grandma, mom or auntie happy.

Homemade jam

If you don’t want to bake or pick, you can cook. And indeed jam. Homemade jam is made relatively quickly and easily and pleases many. A perfect DIY gift so for everyone.

knitting& Handmade

Grandma always liked to give them away: Self-knitted scarves, sweaters and socks. Knitwear and handmade items do not always have to be old-fashioned. Modern knitted scarves, homemade macrame wall decoration or even the warm knitted poncho are a few cuddly and stylish ideas to give away something homemade from knitted and wool at Christmas.

Own vouchers

Vouchers belong to the most popular Christmas gifts. After all, they are easy and without much effort and the recipient can choose what he or she likes. A good alternative to the classic gift voucher are self-made vouchers. A voucher for a massage, movie night or childcare, for example.

Gifts at Staude

You can find even more gift ideas for Christmas directly at our furniture store. Visit Mobel Staude in Hannover and get inspired in our showroom – or store comfortably online in our online store Mylivings.

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