The compliments a man appreciates the most

The compliments a man appreciates the most

Most of the time we are too reserved or too absorbed in the small and big worries of everyday life when it comes to making our loved ones feel comfortable. but now Paying a compliment They are such a beautiful thing to be capable of change someone’s day. especially when they come like this, for no particular reason. Therefore, we should do it more often, as we should say it more often how much we love the person next to them so that she understands everything we feel for her.

In general, compliments make us felici and proud. the same goes for a man, even if this is often taken for granted. If you want someone to feel appreciated, don’t try it fall into banality and here it is What makes men like most compliments.

Not all compliments are good for men

Of course it is important to find le parole giuste. "Are you cute?" or "men before you were not as good as you" are phrases that will not only win a boy over, but will also be they can be annoying. So we thought about what they are the best compliments to pay to men and which ones are right delete!

There is only one golden rule that applies to all compliments: they must be honest, personal and coming from the heart. Any sentence said just to please the other person is quite counterproductive.

1. Spontaneous expressions of love

we usually talk too little about our feelings. Especially when the first euphoric phase of the relationship is over, Often you save compliments and so on expression of love. It is so easy to make our partner happy with just a few words. It doesn’t always have to be the classic "I love you" his. Men also like to listen carefully What makes them so special.

In all circumstances it is better Avoid "trivial Statements like the classics "you are cute or "I like you, but dive a little into what we like about him and praise it his charm, intelligence or sensitivity. Also the classic "You are my favorite person" or "You are everything for me" are always nice because they make him feel important.

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2. Compliments on his skills and talents

A little appreciation now and then is good for all of us, especially men. In fact, no matter how confident or even cool they may pose to others, a little bit of satisfaction, or even better, a sign of admirationIt’s like a balm for their tender soul! So when the time comes, if you tell your loved one that you admire them a certain ability or actionYou will see for sure a happy man in front of you.

Each of us has a certain talent do something or one thing certain passion This leads to the fact that we have extensive knowledge on the subject. Why not emphasize during the conversation in a natural and casual way? There’s nothing better than a an unexpected compliment.

However, one must be careful: The compliment must be natural honestly and it does not have to seem benevolent maternal. Nothing worse than making him feel like a child! Finally, we do not want to belittle it, but to emphasize its merits and qualities as adult man.

3. Congratulations on your appearance

Yes, men are also vain and prepare to meet the woman of their heart. You can – and should do it more often – praise a man when he has a beautiful appearancehis smile, his body, his look . Let him feel that the woman by his side still thinks so he is the one.

The compliments a man appreciates the most

Rather avoid generic compliments on the clothes she wears, but sentences of appreciation addressed to him. This shows that the other person is attentive, looks closely and all this gives a good feeling. men are not so different from women.

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4. Appreciation for plans and goals

Each of us sets goals and if we manage to achieve them, it is a source of great satisfaction. All the more so when the people we care about make us gods Congratulations on the success of our intention. Indeed, it is always important to show interest in others. If you want to exercise more, quit smoking, or save up for a new car, you should do the same explicitly praise small, even partial successes. This encourages him to go on and do his best.

5. Compliments on your sexual qualities

Warning: this topic is a minefield. Before you speak, you need to think about what to say calmly. The basic rule is Never compare your current partner with previous ones, establish a kind ofCompetition". In addition, no one wants to imagine his partner or partner in an intimate situation with other people.

So if you want to praise their sexual skills, it is better to say that What we particularly liked, what he has done to us feel appreciated during sexual intercourse or what he did Turn on our libido.

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6. Admit that he is right

No real compliment, but you know that chiedere scusa and to realize that you made a mistake are actions that do not always come"spontaneously". Instead, a man appreciates when his partner is willing to admit his mistakes and show show him that he is right.

7. Congratulations by message

Who said a compliment sent via text doesn’t have the same effect? Perhaps receiving an expression of appreciation during the workday and in a completely unexpected way is always a good way to do it Grab a smile from those we love.

The compliments by WhatsApp o SMS They are gratifying because they can be used in surprising ways. Just send your partner a nice text message in the morning wishing them a good day. As always, it is recommended to use a little ingenuity and not resort to standard phrases.

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8. appreciation at the right time

Compliments are especially nice when someone is praised in front of other people. Obviously in this case the compliment it should not be too intimate.

In any case, try to include him in the more "mundane" Moments you spend together to surprise with a compliment. Whether you’re standing on the subway, in the checkout line at the supermarket, or redecorating your home. It’s the moment of surprise that counts!

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