The difference between permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing

Permanent makeup and tattooing, between these services rarely anyone notices the difference because they are very similar.

These treatments are designed to maintain the makeup for a long period of time. But which is the best service and which is the best procedure for eyebrow pigmentation? You can find the answer to this question in our article.

The tattoo is often called colored tattoo. Permanent makeup is permanent makeup that is created through a micropigmentation process. Both sessions serve the same purpose, which is why many people confuse them with each other. But there are differences, they are in:

  • Type instruments for the input of pigment;
  • Depth of pigment input into the skin layers;
  • Duration of socks make-up;
  • Type of pigment.

On the basis of the above indicators, the scope of services varies, and so does the final result.

Equipment used

In the service tattooing tattoo devices, the number of which depends on their functions and purpose.

The accessories attached to the machines may or may not be removable. The accessories must always be sterilized.

The following equipment is used for tattooing:

    The contouring machine.
    With it, the craftsman creates thin, clean lines that are not meant to fill large areas. The clarity of the line is ensured by the needle, which enters and leaves the skin layers with a sharp movement. No streaks or stains are left behind. Permanente is applied in smooth, clean lines. With this device, you can create a beautiful eyebrow shape, which is rarely used for tattooing eyebrows at the hairline.

Permanent makeup is done with a different device. Micropigmentation is performed with a special device that allows the technician to adjust the depth and frequency of the needles. The needle of the device is at a special angle, the needle penetrates the skin layers in a balanced way that allows to regulate the penetration of the permanent and cause less trauma to the skin. The machine is characterized by its light weight and accuracy in drawing. The nozzles used are disposable

Depth of pigment application

The depth of the permanent input is one of the main differences between permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing.

In tattooing, the depth of dye is much deeper than in any other procedure. On this basis, the duration of the pigment in the layers of the skin differs.

In the second method, the permanent substance is injected into the skin layers to a depth of about 5 millimeters, which makes the skin less traumatized and the procedure less painful. Because of this depth of penetration, the pigment can be easily removed with a laser device.

Types of pigments

Different pigments are used in tattoos and permanent makeup.

The first service uses alcohol-based dyes, while the second uses dyes with glycerin as the main ingredient.

The difference between permanent make-up and eyebrow tattooing

Painfulness of the procedures

Above in the text it was already said that in tattooing the needle penetrates much deeper into the skin than in micropigmentation.

Accordingly, the tattooing service will be more painful, therefore the obligatory nuance is the preliminary application of anesthesia.

Permanent makeup does not go so deep, so the pain is less severe.

The difference between permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing lies in the main factors of the procedure, the equipment used, and the pigment. In addition, there are some other differences. Which of the services you choose is up to you. In the final result and with proper skin care, you can expect a good result both in tattooing and micropigmentation.

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