The fear of the inner light and how you can still go your way

In recent years, we have encountered many people who wanted to go their own way. But some are afraid to do this, afraid of their own size and truthfulness. And then you wonder why the big change in life does not happen. Sometimes you blame the external circumstances, but it starts deep inside you.

I am ready for the change! It cannot go on like this! I have to change the circumstances in my life! We all know them, the good resolutions and plans. But why do we sometimes have such a high motivation and then there is nothing at all??

The inner light shines differently for everyone. Sometimes it ignites like a great beacon that no one is able to stop. This is the starting signal for a completely new life, because you can’t help but follow the call from the top of your head to your little toe. And because it is the inner light, all the heart’s desires manifest, doors open and a boundless trust in oneself and in life is simply there.

Until the inner beacon begins to shine in this strength, the person has usually gone a long way. Normally there are many small sparks that let the inner light become a big whole. It is the game of light and shadow, where the inner resistances, fears and limiting beliefs cover the light again and again.

Light the inner light and the outside will react

It is said so beautifully: in the inside like in the outside. When the inner light begins to shine, many things in life start to move. Your soul wants to unfold and go new ways. But your subconscious mind often disagrees – it would rather hold on to the old life.

It does not want to let go of the inherent fears, to remove the blockages and to be right in any case. It wants to prove to you that positive change is not possible. All of a sudden you feel resistance and the inner light gets forgotten. You find lots of excuses why you shouldn’t or can’t go your way. Popular excuses sound like very good reasons and are completely logical from your point of view. Here are three classics that we encounter again and again.

It is geographically too far away

Be it the right job, the ideal apartment, a good therapist, an interesting event, the right man: everything is too far away. Your subconscious finds to every point at least 23 reasons why it is too far away. Spiritually, the solution is there, but the resistance to really change life for the better is too great. A part of you doesn’t want the inner light to shine – so it keeps you at a distance.

I can’t because of my children

Mothers sometimes believe that without them their children will only do stupid things or will not be able to cope. So it must always be there. You overlook the fact that the child is given too little space of its own. The child rebels. This gives a negative feedback loop: the child has too little space, therefore bad mood, which in turn the mother perceives and thinks she has to be there for the child even more. This prevents not only one’s own light from shining, but also the light of the child.

It is about understanding, not about technique

In today’s world there are so many books about self-help and spirituality that often a false reality is formed in which we think we already know everything. This is a phenomenon we often experience in coaching sessions and in seminars.

Theoretically, after the first Matrix weekend, everyone knows how Releasing works (Releasing is the process of letting go of obstructive emotions and the pressure of desires so that desires can be fulfilled). Although it has a fantastic effect, it is not done regularly. Possible excuses are, depending on the personality type: too easy, too difficult, too complicated, too direct, too cumbersome, too free or we are too busy to apply Releasing. In other words: there are no 2 minutes per day for application. Ideally you would like to deepen your knowledge of Releasing, but it is more exciting to learn something new. The new is of course also only superficially touched and filed in the drawer "I now also know". What use are 324 techniques if you have not understood how to implement them in everyday life??

Light or frustration?

We believe that frustration and dissatisfaction creep into many people’s lives because they give up too quickly, thinking that "later" will be good someday. But when is later?

The soul now wants to express itself, to unfold and to contribute something positive to creation. The inner light wants to shine in everyone and it wants each person to be able to go his own way. Frustration always arises when we allow ourselves to be thwarted by our subconscious mind and we have neither the discipline nor the strength to do something about it.

An exercise in self-reflection

Nobody knows you as well as you know yourself. Sometimes it is difficult to meet honestly because our inner commentator makes everything seem better or worse than it is. Don’t let your thoughts get the best of you. Just because you think it, you don’t have to believe it. Check what you really think is true.

Take time to examine your expectations carefully. Do you expect that if you open your heart you are guaranteed to be hurt?? You can change that. Do you expect that when your light begins to shine, people will take it away from you?? You can change that. Do you expect to fail if you go your own way? You can change that too.

Alone it is difficult to get out of this swamp. Look for allies for your inner light, so that you don’t have to raise all the energy alone. Together it is easier to overcome fears or doubts and it is a pleasure to let the inner light shine together.

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