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With bangs or without? Long or short? Straight or curly? The choice of hairstyles is huge. No wonder we often do not know what to do with our hair. "Which hairstyle suits me?"is the question of all questions. When choosing the perfect haircut, face shape and hair texture play a major role. Whether round or oval face? The perfect hairstyle must be able to highlight assets and conceal small flaws. How easy to care for a hairstyle should be, is also important. Hours of fiddling with straightening irons and co. is not everyone’s cup of tea in the long run.

" Which hairstyle suits me?" – this question can be answered by our trained stylists in a consultation with you. Through trend analyses and training, nindl’s FRISEUR is always up to date.

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Hairstyles for round faces

Full cheeks and soft contours: both are characteristics of a round face. Ideal hairstyles for round faces are those that create height and volume on the top of the head and thus visually stretch the face – e.g.B. Updos. Long, straight or wavy hair, which frames the face and slightly hugs it, are also ideal hairstyles for round faces.
Hairstyles that go sideways into the width (z.B. (with the hair blow-dried outwards) should be avoided. Even a straight cut fringe is not compatible with a round face, as it emphasizes the curves.

Hairstyles for angular faces

An angular face is characterized by a pronounced chin area. While many women consider a square face a flaw, we think that an angular chin is quite attractive. It makes women look strong and confident. So why conceal? For hairstyles for angular faces you should choose curls or bangs. We do not recommend a middle parting. A side parting is the better choice to slightly hug an angular chin. Graphic and strict looks are not suitable for angular faces!

Hairstyles for oval faces

You have an oval face? Congratulations! Choosing hairstyles for oval faces is about as difficult as finding a dress for a woman with model measurements. Almost all hairstyles suit an oval face shape!

Particularly harmonious are fringe hairstyles or soft waves. Stepped cuts also hug the face and add a soft touch to your look. Short hairstyles, such as z.B. Pixie cuts or bob hairstyles, are also ideal for oval faces.

Hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

You have a wide forehead and a narrow chin area? Then you have a heart-shaped face. Ideal for heart-shaped faces are hairstyles with bangs to conceal the wide forehead. To give the pointed chin area more volume and contour, medium length hairstyles are perfect. You like curls? Then reach for the curling iron more often, because wavy hairstyles make heart-shaped faces look softer and narrow parts look rounder. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling in the morning, try high bun hairstyles. They visually stretch the face, making them the ideal everyday hairstyle for heart-shaped faces.

Hairstyles for long faces

You have a long face and keep asking yourself: "Which hairstyle suits me??" Then we have the right tips. Characteristics of a long face are a narrow shape with a high forehead and flat cheeks. Long faces need hairstyles that add fullness and contour to the narrow face. The hairstyle should make the face look visually fuller. Our tip: Create more volume in your hair at the sides. Tiered hairstyles are particularly flattering for long faces. You should definitely avoid hairstyles with volume on the top of the head, like z.B. Chignon hairstyles. They stretch the face, making it appear narrower.

But it’s not just the shape of your face that plays a role in the question, "Which hairstyle suits me?" the hair texture itself is also important in choosing a haircut.

Hairstyles for thin hair

A hair problem for many women: thin hair. Hairstyles with compact cuts, such as short and medium length hairstyles, are ideal for thin hair. They make the hair look thicker and fuller. Avoid long hairstyles, however, because they quickly make thin hair look weak.

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