The perfect dinner to seduce her

With your personal tiger chef cooking class you will seduce any woman. Here you will find tricks and tips for your perfect dinner. Inform now!

Your single existence has finally come to an end!

For centuries, men have searched in vain for the secret to getting their desirables into bed. From bad movie nights with movies watched way too many times, to restaurants that cost you your whole month’s salary. Several attempts have been made with no result.

But that’s the end of it. The search for the secret has finally come to an end. Yes really! And I can even assure you that you can get not only your lover, but really any woman into bed with it. Yes, really!

The secret is quite simple good food. Rightly heard. The emphasis here is on "good" and that’s where most men fail. Then why not just go to the restaurant? First of all, women like men who can cook. This shows independence and maturity. Besides, what is even more important, you save a lot of money. And finally, on a date at your home, the shorter the walk to the bedroom.

Since you are probably fully motivated now, we show for you below the best tricks and tips so that your evening also ends with a highlight.

The perfect foreplay..

The foreplay starts already before she comes. Right, because the perfect meal takes some preparation. You should be sure that you have all the necessary ingredients and utensils in the house. Nothing turns you off more than an unprepared man. If necessary, you should have already cooked the dish once to memorize the procedure. Ask yourself which dishes you should possibly prepare already or which one you want to prepare freshly. If you can answer these things, you are already on the right track. The evening rises and falls on the preparation.

Let them do the work..

What we mean by this is that you shouldn’t just spoil her with good food. Involve them in the cooking and let them do some work. This not only loosens the mood, it gives you the chance to get a little closer to her. How made for it are Vietnamese spring rolls. These are not only super easy to prepare, you can hardly do anything wrong and they taste simply outstanding.

Make her hot..

Spicy food has always been known as an aphrodisiac food that can have arousing effects on the body. Because spicy has a blood circulation stimulating, warming and stimulates sexual desire. However, you should ask your partner beforehand how well she tolerates spicy food, otherwise the evening can quickly end earlier for you than expected.

Pho with .. would be perfect for this. It may look very elaborate, but it is relatively quick and easy to prepare and provides the spiciness needed to make her sweat. Other foods that are also stimulating are ginger, nutmeg, oysters, cinnamon, vanilla, and of course chocolate.

Not too fast..

Take your time between courses. Because we don’t want her to get bloated or tired from the meal. Use this time to strike up a conversation with her and, well, bottle her up. Because as we all know, people are more open when they’ve had alcohol. This way you might also lose some tension. Be creative and serve her a Vietnamese beer or rice wine, for example.

Sweet conclusion..

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve done the hardest part of the evening. But what is missing now is the perfect finish. As already mentioned, chocolate triggers feelings of happiness and strengthens our infatuation. Here you can let your imagination run wild and surprise them with your creativity. A good dessert is the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. Optionally, you can save the whipped cream for later and serve her a cold Ca Phe (coffee). This one is not only a real eye-catcher during preparation, it also has a very refreshing effect and definitely shakes her up once again.

Our Tiger Chef cooking class will help you

Now that you have plenty of motivation and are ready for an unforgettable evening, but don’t quite know where and how to start?

The Tigerchef team helps you and makes you and your friends absolute top chefs (for one evening at least). Just choose one of the dates below and we will cook together a Vietnamese 3 course meal, perfectly tailored to you and your needs. Optionally we come to your home and cook together with your friend and you. Don’t worry, after dinner we’ll be gone quickly too.

Book an appointment now or call the following number for more information: 069 40586504 or just write us a short message and we will get back to you.

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