The top 5 highest-paying apprenticeships in austria

Although the decision "teaching, yes or no?" and "What teaching profession suits me?" not always easy at the age of 15, one thing is clear: a completed apprenticeship pays off! Especially in certain industries, where the so-called shortage of skilled workers prevails, top starting salaries are paid after successful completion of apprenticeship exams. Although the apprenticeship period is sometimes not so well paid, once learned, the Borserl fills quickly.

Particularly well-paid apprenticeships and jobs are classically found in the IT/EDP sector, in the electrical engineering/electronics sector and in the construction industry. In addition, the "apprenticeship with Matura" is offered more and more often in Austria, a good opportunity to acquire an additional degree, which subsequently also has a positive influence on your salary. With the vocational baccalaureate you also have the chance to go to university at some point.

But what are the best paid apprenticeships after completing your apprenticeship?? The hokify top 5 teachings with high starting salaries for 2021 are:

Well and foundation builder

Paving Contractor

As a paving technician, you can expect a starting salary of up to € 2.500,-. Your daily work is all about laying all types of pavers. So this is not a job for couch potatoes. You like to be out in the fresh air and work in close coordination with site management? Perfect, then Pflasterer/In is just the job for you.

Mechatronics engineer

As a mechatronics technician, you work in the areas of "mechanics" and "electronics" and thus mostly with machines that are controlled electronically. You are technically gifted and interested in creating technical documents, such as sketches, as well as working directly on the machine? Then you can start with a mechatronics apprenticeship with a starting salary of up to €2.490,- calculate.

electrical engineer

As an electrical engineer, an exciting profession awaits you. Depending on the module, you can train to become a building technician, energy technician or plant and operating technician. If you like tinkering with electrical equipment and want an entry-level salary of up to €2.490,-, you should look for electrical engineering apprenticeships!

Well and foundation builder

With a minimum starting salary of € 2.390,- is your salary as a well and foundation engineer at the top. In this versatile profession you will construct wells, spring catchments and shafts. You will carry out exploratory drilling and prepare expert reports on soil properties and water quality. A well-paid profession with a future!

Information technologist

As an information technologist specializing in systems engineering, you can expect an initial salary of up to €2.220,- you can expect. Often you are in the context of your job in other companies on the road and build computer networks there. Customer contact is one of your daily tasks, so in addition to technical skills, customer contact must also be a must. In addition, there is the very young apprenticeship of information technologist with a focus on operating technology, where you will be responsible for computer hardware. AttentionHere you have an apprenticeship of four years.


In Austria, there are about 200 different apprenticeship occupations, and in Vienna alone, there were 17.224 people in an apprenticeship relationship. Given the current economic situation and the current conditions on the labor market, apprenticeships: Professions with a future and attractive salaries. The starting salary is regulated in the respective collective agreement, so you also know exactly how much salary you are entitled to at the beginning of your career. In sought-after professions, this often results in market overpayment of up to 20 percent. So: what are you waiting for? Find your apprenticeship or new job now with hokify.

If you are wondering what the perfect apprenticeship application looks like, we have the right article for you here.

Here we’ve listed five more exciting apprenticeships (with starting salaries) for you:

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