The top 6 apps for photo frame and image editing

Since we are asked again and again what our personal favorite apps are that we would not want to miss on our smartphone, we would like to give you an insight into the top photo frames and image editing apps of our employees. Besides the very well-known apps like Instagram or Afterlight, these are our top apps in terms of image editing, collage creation, photo filters and frame editing.

Image editing app #1
PicsArt – Photo& Collage Maker

PicsArt Photo& Collage Maker is available for free in both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. In the app’s own photo stream you can, similar to Facebook, like and comment on other pictures and get inspiration for your own image editing. So the pictures are divided into groups and tagged z.B. Photos of the Week or #blackandwhite. PicsArt is like an all-in-one collection of multiple editing editors. Not only can photos be cropped and masked, but there are also gradation curve and stretch functions available for editing.

The PicsArt Drawing Tool offers a wide range of drawing tools such as.B. various text boxes or brush tools. In addition to the typical colored photo filters, there are also lens flare effects and various frames to choose from. The PicsArt Artists Network allows you to share your photos or send them via SMS and email. PicsArt is especially interesting for those who like to share their photos in a community. By creating personal art galleries, you can connect with other artists and photographers and optionally participate in drawing and photo contests.

Source: PicsArt App (2021)

Image Editing App #2

The Tadaa app has been on the market since June 2011 and has developed a lot in the last 9 years. Initially as an Instagram competitor on the market, Tadaa has now focused on being available as a pure photo app in HD quality. And the development was worth it: Tadaa is definitely one of the best photo editing apps in the Apple Store.

With more than 100 filters and over a dozen tools, Tadaa offers a wide editing palette. These are filters and tools that you don’t find in every app, or for which you usually have to download 2 to 3 different apps to pick up this spectrum. The tools that stand out the most are the tools for editing the perspective, as well as the repair tools.

Another very useful feature is the "masking" feature. With this you can edit only individual areas of the images. And apart from the countless filters, the intuitive and simple operation is another plus point. This is because the user has the ability to independently customize their work palette, disable and add tools and filters.

All in all, the Tadaa app is a very sophisticated photo app that you can customize as much as your own desktop.

Source: Tadaa App (2021)

Photo editing app #3

Another favorite is VSCO Cam. Here you get probably the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing filters. Often filters can look too artificial, too colorful and unnatural. With the multiple options of this app you can give your photos a whole new look!

You often wonder how Instagrammers and bloggers get their shots so professional and stylish? Sure, besides some photographic tricks with the smartphone, there are other tricks, like setting the right light – but there is also the use of the right filters! And this is where the VSCO Cam often comes into play.

The free photo app allows you to use filters and make many adjustments to your photos. In addition to classic brightness and contrast adjustments, you can also adjust the skin color or add grain to your favorite image – this will give your shot a retro look. Very cool!

The app’s mega-easy controls let you quickly straighten your image or adjust perspective. Also check out the paid filters – maybe you’ll find YOUR look here, which will run through your whole social media profile&

Photo editing app #4

Which photo editing app should never be missing is Airbrush. You might know it: You take a nice selfie or take a picture of someone, because maybe the light is just super nice or the situation is so relaxed. But there’s one detail that bothers you about the end result. Is it the dark shadow under the eyes or the redness on the cheek? You might also notice afterwards that you forgot to put on lipstick.

But this does not have to be a problem! Airbrush is your friend and helper in these situations. There are several features to make your portrait perfect: In addition to redness , you can also improve dark areas, apply concealer digitally, make the complexion appear more radiant and even the figure in the right directions "shapen" (Here it must be said, however, that this tool is usually not even necessary and serves exclusively as a gimmick hehe).

And if you try the automatic mode, you can have a whole makeup applied. Try various styles and save a lot of time in the morning in the bathroom&

Image editing app #5

The Brushstroke app from Code Organa turns your photos into a beautiful painting in an instant. The app offers a wide range of styles and color variations. An app for all creatives who love painting but are only averagely talented.

The English-language app first distinguishes the supercategories Canvas, Papers, Color and Paint. So you can z.B. Choose between natural, washed out or glossy colors. Furthermore, the paper structure and the canvas texture can be specified. Especially with the color, the app offers numerous color filters and editing options such as z.B. Contrast, brightness, saturation, color temperature or sharpness.

The edited photos can be saved to the phone without watermarks or. Share via social media channels.

The app now costs €4.99 (2021).

Origin: Brushstroke in the App Store (2021)

Our additional tip:
Photo editing app #6
Huji Cam

Don’t feel like editing pictures after the fact? No problem: already during the use of the HUJI Cam a filter is put over the photo, which you can not determine in advance. So you have to be surprised by the result!

Vintage style on a new level – the filters make your shots appear in more vibrant colors. In addition, color and film errors can occur, which you know so only from analog times.

An additional must-have for your retro pictures: the date on the side of the photos. Here you decide via the settings whether you want to stay in 1998 or whether you want to show the current date. Then download your favorites from the "lab" to your smartphone.

A wonderfully simple photo app that delivers a convincing result even without post-processing!

What is your favorite photo app?

With these 6 photo app favorites you are perfectly prepared for any occasion: whether vacation, event or selfie. Make your perfect shots even fancier with cool filters and stylish lettering.

And if you’ve already created the perfect snapshot, send it as a real postcard to family and friends.

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