The ultimate savings guide: the 143 best tips for saving money

We show you how easy it is to save money. With 143 tips from different categories, you too will find enough ideas to implement in your everyday life. If you alone only every 10. Tip use, you can soon afford another vacation!

❽ Tips to save money for your household budget

1. Keep a budget book
If you keep a budget book, it will help you to save money. You meticulously enter all your income and, above all, your expenses, from visits to the hairdresser to tips for the waiter. If you compare debit and credit, you will notice the first savings opportunities after only 4 weeks.

2. Set aside amounts for
If you have a few euros left over at the end of the month, set them aside for a specific purpose. Save up a "nest egg" that you can use for sudden expenses (e.g., repairs, repairs to your home, etc.).B. Put aside money for repairs or new purchases.

3. Divide your money
You can also save money by setting yourself some kind of budget per week. Your expenses may not then rise above this upper limit. This will help you manage your finances more efficiently.

4. Pay attention to the small change
A "right this way" here, a little copper money there: learn to appreciate tinker money, even if it can be a pain in the wallet. Set up a tin where you simply hoard small coins for the next few weeks and months. You will be amazed at how much money can be saved up this way.

5. Do the income tax return
Take this step to ease the strain on your household budget by saving money indirectly. In most cases, you will get money back from the tax office that you can easily save or that will benefit your household budget.

6. Seek advice on tax issues
In addition to the point above: if you don’t feel confident doing your income tax return, get help from an income tax assistance association. Or you can search the web for tips and assistance to help you optimize your tax return.

7. Consider craftsman costs
Don’t call a repairman for every little thing, but consider the cost of the trip alone. For simple tasks such as wallpapering or painting, you can ask around among friends or relatives for inexpensive assistance.

8. Make crafts instead of buying gifts
Craft something useful that comes from the heart or bake a cake instead of bringing a gift. You can make young parents happy with a voucher for an evening of babysitting. This is how to save money creatively instead of worrying about gifts that may not be needed in the end.

❾ Tips to save money around your car

9. Do not buy a new car
If you need a new car, take a look at young used cars. An annual car is up to 30% cheaper than a new car and even still has factory or mobility warranty. New cars generally lose a lot of value in the first few years.
You can still save money when buying a new car if you look for vehicles that are due for a model change and are therefore offered at discounted rates. If it must be a new car, inquire also about possible discounts by cash payment, possible master agreements of the manufacturer with your employer or house prices for demonstration vehicles.

10. Pay attention to consumption values
The more power a car has, the thirstier its engine is likely to be. Include this in your purchase decision, as well as possible cost differences that a more powerful engine makes in your car insurance.

11. Turn off gas guzzlers
Almost every extra feature of your car affects fuel consumption. Air conditioning, for example, adds about one liter to your fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. Unused roof racks and winter tires in summer also increase your fuel costs unnecessarily. Read this article to find out which other fuel guzzlers you have on board.

12. Drive with foresight
Use the engine brake in city traffic and avoid unnecessary acceleration to save money. Keep sufficient distance and speed limits and you will have less wear and tear and lower fuel consumption.

13. Compare fuel prices
Whether you’re in the city or in the country, fuel prices are constantly changing. On the same day, price differences of 10 cents per liter can easily occur at a gas station. Compare and avoid refueling at peak times such as rush hour or vacation starts. Apps like Clever-tanken or ADAC Spritpreise help you save money by showing the cheapest gas stations in your area.

14. Have your car serviced
Get your car serviced regularly. This will preserve your warranty rights (on newer models) and problems are usually discovered before they cause larger and more costly damage. Compare workshop prices and remember that independent providers are usually much cheaper than contract workshops.

15. Do small things yourself
A wheel or oil change, the replacement of the defective turn signal or your air filter you can do yourself with a little skill. If you don’t go to a repair shop for such minor problems, you will always save a little money. But really only if you are sure that you can do it!

16. Offer carpooling
Ask in your company if not several colleagues have the same way as you do. So you can take turns and save some gas money. The business idea of Blablacar is based on the latter.en. There you can find passengers for medium and long distances, who will pay you a little extra for your fuel costs in return.

17. Share your vehicle with others
You can avoid having cars sitting around unused most of the time. If you don’t need your car at certain times, offer it via car-sharing portals like or Other an. With such income you can save up the money for the next inspection.

❺ Mobility tips that can save you money

18. Do without a car
Ditch the car altogether for short trips, and you’ll save money quickly. Consider also once whether you really need your passenger car. For city dwellers, there are now extensive car-sharing services available as a more cost-effective alternative.

19. Use public transport
Even a monthly or annual ticket for train and bus should be worth the consideration to replace your vehicle perhaps completely. If it’s convenient for your commute and other usage patterns, you can save a lot of money by eliminating repair, maintenance, and fuel costs.

20. Get on a bike
Switching to a bicycle for short distances is cheaper and less damaging to the environment. In addition to these two aspects, you will also get regular exercise.

21. Discover rail travel
The train is not exactly cheap in this country, but can save your nerves in most cases. With the Sparpreisfinder you can find with a little luck trips at real bargain prices. If you search up to 6 months in advance and avoid Mondays, Fridays and Sundays, your chances of getting a cheap ticket are not bad. You can save yourself traffic jams, flashing lights, speed cameras, tailgaters and other stress factors as well as the money for your fuel.

22. Ride with others
You don’t need your car for longer journeys either if you get into someone else’s car. For this you use or, as a further offer, the long-distance buses from Flixbus.en. Unfortunately, owning your own vehicle is an expensive expense that can save you money in many ways.

❺ Tips to save money on communications

23. Compare cell phone rates
Cell phone rates are subject to a price war that has made calling cheaper and cheaper over the years. Take advantage of this by registering with, or other comparison portals to see current rates. Can your current contract still keep up – and how long will it last?? If not, switch at the next opportunity to save more money.

24. Check your Internet costs
The same applies to your current Internet or mobile phone provider. Landline contract. Outdated contracts don’t benefit consumers, but create unnecessary costs. Comparing and switching providers is therefore worthwhile for you in most cases.

25. Use your cell phone for a long time
With a new cell phone contract, you will also be gladly offered a new device. If your old one still works, rather take a cell phone contract without a device or consider whether the prepaid option is sufficient for your habits. Your provider will let you refinance a new cell phone through the monthly costs anyway, and you may be able to save this money.

26. Do not follow trends
If you always have to have the latest cell phone, they’ll be happy to see you as a customer. Rather than the trend of always having to own the latest technology, save yourself the money. This applies not only to technology, but also to other areas such as fashion and electronics.

27. Upgrade your computer
Before you hastily replace your laptop or PC with a new one, try an update first. Sometimes simple software tools that are freely available online are enough to make "your old box" run more smoothly again. How you can keep a Windows computer up to date, for example, you can find out here.

❾ Tips on how to save money on electrical appliances

28. Avoid space in the refrigerator
By making the best possible use of the space in your refrigerator, this appliance consumes less energy. This will save you money because additional electricity must be used to cool the free space. So adjust the size of your fridge to your circumstances and avoid empty storage space inside.

29. Fill up your washing machine and dishwasher
Similarly to the refrigerator, you are wasting electricity by not making the best use of other appliances. When it comes to washing machines and dishwashers, you can save money through efficiency. You can achieve this by filling the machines completely. Speaking of efficiency, you can usually save electricity and water on newer models if you use the eco program.

30. Use the residual heat
As for the stove and oven, you can curb your electricity costs by using them ahead of time. Leave the pizza in the oven for a moment, but turn it off ahead of time to take advantage of the residual heat. Do the same with hot plates; even they aren’t immediately cold as soon as you turn them off.

31. Get yourself timers
Switch a timer between the power strip and the power outlet to save more electricity. This ensures that, for example, at night or while you are out of the house, no energy is used unnecessarily. The timer will help you save money by simply turning off the power at the desired times.

32. No stand-by
Charging cables, printers and TV sets can cost a household an extra 115 euros a year in electricity costs. If you get into the habit of unplugging an appliance as soon as you stop using it, you can afford an extra spa weekend with the amount you save each year.

33. Compare tariffs
As with other tariffs (gas, telephone, Internet), it is worthwhile for you to optimize your current electricity payments. If you are still with your basic provider, you can switch at any time. Otherwise, inquire about the remaining term of your current contract and look around for a new electricity supplier in good time. With your new customer bonus alone, you will most likely be able to save a considerable amount of money.

34. Be loyal to your devices
This doesn’t apply to really outdated appliances, but a 10- to 15-year-old refrigerator or washing machine often doesn’t pay off to be replaced just because newer models promise more efficiency. If old devices still work, use them better until the end. However, an electricity meter will give you a clear picture of the actual power consumption of your household appliances.

35. Do not use the dryer
A classic clothes horse or the line in the garden make more sense than an electric dryer when it comes to saving money. In addition, with this conservative way of drying your clothes as well as the environment is preserved.

36. Negotiate before buying
If it becomes necessary to buy a new kitchen or household appliance, compare prices and energy efficiency classes on the web in advance. In electronics stores, the salespeople will often be willing to talk to you if you confront them with your lower price offer for the same model. You can also ask there for demonstration units and discontinued models or look for "price hammer actions" (they can be called differently). It should be important to you that there is no damage and that the warranty claims are fully present.

❼ Tips to save money on the go

37. Plan ahead
Every trip becomes more expensive if you have to book at short notice or if you are not flexible. Whether it’s a train, bus, plane or boat – try different times of day when looking for it. When planning, also calculate prices for one or more days before or. By your preferred date to find out if this will save you money.

38. Book cheaply
By obtaining comparative offers on several sites, you can see whether your bargain is really a bargain in the end or whether it is still a little cheaper elsewhere. In most cases, additional offers such as travel insurance, rental cars or accommodations are offered at the same time, which can make a low price unnecessarily expensive.

39. Avoid on-board restaurants
Resist the temptation to treat yourself to a snack or a drink on the ICE, on board an airplane or on the deck of a ship. These prices are overpriced. Of course, this also applies to rest stops and gas stations if you are traveling by car.

40. Pack provisions
Instead of accepting on-board service, prepare a snack for the road and carry it with you in your hand luggage. A bag of nuts or an apple will also serve the purpose of a small snack, which will help you save money in this case.

41. No coffee-to-go
Have a quick coffee to go every morning on your way to the office. Makes with 220 working days not only a considerable garbage mountain, but costs you easily 400 euros a year extra. We have assumed a "humane" price of 1.80 euros per cup.

42. Avoid the cab
Maybe sometimes there is no other way than to call a cab. But that costs money again, which can be saved under certain circumstances. Especially in the city, where you can often reach your destination more quickly and safely during the day with a rental bike or subway. For night excursions, you can check beforehand on the net when the last trains are running and plan accordingly. Or you can take the safer cab, but then share it with friends.

43. Refrain from fast food
Fast food is popular and goes on the money (in the long run). You can avoid this cost trap in a sustainable way by planning your meals. If you succeed in doing this, you will noticeably reduce your expenses.

❶❺ Tips on how to eat out& Can save on drinking

44. Eat breakfast like a king
Eat a hearty breakfast so you don’t get hungry on the way to work. How to avoid a trip to the bakery and save money there. A proper breakfast also boosts your performance and strengthens you for the day.

45. Eat less meat
Good meat has a high price, which you should not avoid by buying cheap goods. So you do yourself and your health and the environment in the end no favor. Try to simply avoid meat on some days and reach for fruits and vegetables or dairy instead, which is usually cheaper too.

46. Cook yourself
On sites like or can be found countless cheap and easy recipes. Become a gourmet and try them out to your taste. Maybe cook ahead for the next day and take a food ration to work with you. You can save money during your lunch break by not going to the snack bar around the corner on a regular basis. This offers discounted lunch, but also earns quite well from you.

47. Become a self-supporter
You have a small garden? Grow something edible in it. Only one balcony? Use flower pots and grow tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. Not even a balcony? Then find a place by the window to put herb plants that you can use in cooking and save money again.

48. Do not believe in the best before date (MHD)
Even dairy products usually last far longer than the best-before date (BBD) indicates. After all, as the name suggests, it’s not a matter of expiration dates. Do not automatically throw food in the trash as soon as the best-before date has passed, but rather check it out. In an article on this topic on you can read how long various foods are still edible after reaching the best before date.

49. Go shopping according to the best before date
In many supermarkets, food is offered at lower prices because it is close to its best before date (BBD). Be on the lookout for these specifically and you will save money on your next purchase. With a stable cold chain, even a yogurt in your refrigerator can be enjoyed weeks after the best-before date without hesitation.

50. Consume tap water
Even compared to the cheapest water from the supermarket, tap water is unbeatably cheap. In this country, water quality is so good that tap water is safe even for baby food. Fresh drinking water flows from our pipes for almost nothing. Throw a slice of lemon or a few leaves of mint into your glass and get in the habit of drinking this as an alternative to mineral water or juices.

51. Use cleverly
Shop in a way that avoids the embarrassment of having to throw food away. Leftover vegetables can easily be made into soup, and fruits can be made into smoothies. With leftover gourmet.Here you can find recipes of all kinds to make tasty use of food instead of throwing it away.

52. Empty tubes and bottles
Apart from a well-known chocolate spread, other manufacturers use packaging that is difficult to empty. To get to the last remnants, depending on the product, try a warm water bath, squeeze the tube thoroughly or turn the container upside down for a while. In this way, you can make the best use of leftovers, waste less and save money in the end.

53. Better tea than juices
Want flavored drinks, simply replace juices with tea. This does not always have to be hot. Find variations that can be enjoyed chilled even in summer. For the price of a liter of juice, you get at least 50 tea bags that you can pour and drink instead.

54. Make your own dressings
Forget about ready-made salad dressings, because in your kitchen you already have all the necessary ingredients. Mix yourself some mustard, yogurt, vinegar, salt, oil, etc. Your own salad topping and save cash for your household budget at this point as well.

55. Avoid ready meals
Quick meals for your microwave don’t cost much effort, but unnecessary money in the long run. To be able to save this, nothing beats home cooking. Instead of popping a frozen pizza or ready-made lasagna in the oven every few days, cook your own meals.

56. Freeze / cook yourself
With preserves, you’ll always have something on hand that you can serve effortlessly. The same applies to frozen products, which still have to defrost, but hardly lose their freshness. This applies for example to fish, meat, bread, fruit or vegetables. In order to preserve food, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind. If you follow them, nothing can go wrong.

57. Do not have anything delivered
The most convenient way to cook is to call the pizza service. However, this is comparatively expensive compared to the cost of cooking or baking yourself. If you do without them, you can certainly save money. Just 100 euros a month is enough to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Calculate for yourself how long this amount will last to order your food from the delivery service.

58. Explore meadows and forests
The local forests are not only suitable for picking mushrooms, but also numerous herbs can be found there. With this you create your own wild herb mix and can do without the ones from the supermarket. How to recognize edible plants and how to use them in your kitchen, you can learn here.

❾ Tips that save money on shopping

59. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach
If you shop with a growling stomach, you are more easily seduced. Therefore, go shopping when you are full and can pass temptations more easily. This way, you’ll be sure to buy only what you really need.

60. Make yourself a list
Before you go shopping, look in your refrigerator and at your stock. What do you need from the (super) market? Write down point by point the products you need and avoid wandering between the shelves. These are filled with all sorts of things that you want to buy. Have a shopping list to work off, be selective and resist such temptations.

61. Buy at the discount store
That you can buy at the discounters Lidl, Aldi and Co. not buy inferior quality than from more reputable supermarket chains, proves not only a report on You can usually get away cheaper at the discount market, even if you only buy brand-name goods there.

62. Rely on private labels
You can find private brands at the discounter as well as at large supermarket chains. Behind it there are always well-known manufacturers and the articles are by no means inferior. But since they are cheaper, you will be able to save a lot of money at this point. In the end, a cheap beer may come from the same manufacturer as the much more expensive one with the familiar advertising, without you knowing it. See a small selection of which well-known manufacturers are behind some "no-name" products here.

63. Go with the season
Buying local produce in season is likely to make you healthier and save you from having to travel long distances to get it to you. Of course, these also increase the price of the product itself. Support regional farmers at the weekly market, focus on freshness, and you have another factor that can save you money. So generally avoid strawberries in November.

64. Take the "10-minute rule" to heart
It is not uncommon to find really practical everyday things in supermarkets. If you see such an item, which is actually quite practical for the car, the garden or your kitchen, you better think about buying it for 10 minutes. Even if the price seems attractive: Ask yourself in the time whether you really need this product and which use it brings to you.

65. Beware of impulse buying
For example, you only wanted to buy milk quickly, but you ended up picking up the two lawn chairs on sale. By fall at the latest, you may realize that this impulse buy is still sitting in the garage in its original packaging. Even if this is easy to say: always determine the need, instead of being carried away to the spontaneous purchase.

66. Read brochures
It may not be as exciting as a detective story, but it helps you save money. When making a shopping list, study where which products are currently being offered at particularly low prices and act accordingly. After a short time you will have routine in such comparisons and thus also save some money.

67. Go for special offers
Non-perishable goods such as washing powder, washing-up liquid or toilet paper (so-called "non-food" items) should only ever be bought when they are on special offer. Numerous bargains can be found weekly. Look thereby particularly also for bulk purchases and put depending upon need or possibility with itself at home a small supply on.

❶❶ Tips to save money on shopping

68. Reduce online shopping
Internet shopping is fast and uncomplicated, especially if you already have an account set up with stored (credit card) data. Then a purchase is conveniently done with a few clicks. Even there, set a goal of resisting an allure or two and taking better care of your money. Measures could be to delete your account and to do without online purchases for a month at first.

69. Look for bargains online
If you really need a particular item, go in search of the cheapest supplier. You save money by visiting sites like or in your search and compare different prices.

70. Look for "deals"
At, for example, you can get discounts or small extra gifts when you sign up for or buy something. You can find another concept at, where there are special savings offers on everything from short trips to bathrobes. Such deals come about because suppliers and retailers want to get their products to the man / woman specifically. Because of this, you can get something for free or the price will be greatly reduced, saving you money.

71. Avoid "lust purchases
You should continue to reward yourself. However, so-called "pleasure buys" are only useful if the purchase is really worthwhile. So always consider whether the purchase will give you a benefit. Rewarding yourself with an article that ultimately just sits in some corner gathering dust is quite pointless.

72. Don’t go shopping frustrated
Some go to the fridge out of frustration, others go to clothing stores. Your purchases should be based on reason and not solely to lift your spirits. Against frustration, for example, sport is the better and cheaper option than rash purchases.

73. Learn about the "30-day rule"
For more expensive purchases, you should give yourself a whole month to buy. Do not act according to the motto "This cell phone and nothing else!", but question in the 30 days, whether it really has to be this one product. In the meantime, you may find a cheaper offer or realize that it doesn’t have to be the expensive one at all.

74. Store at flea markets
You can always find well-kept clothing or electronics items for cheap at rummage sales. You also avoid buying off the shelf and can usually bargain with the seller a little more on the price.

75. Sell old clothes
Rent a booth at a flea market with friends or neighbors and turn old junk or clothes into cash. This brings fun, creates space in the cupboard and you can additionally save the money taken in. Prefer the whole thing online, is for clothing the site certainly something for you.
A tip on clothes: Hang your occupied hangers all around so that the hook points to you. Use something, just turn the hanger over afterwards. If pants, jackets, shirts still hang the same after a year as they did at the beginning, you may be able to sort them out.

76. Buy children’s clothing used
Brand new shoes or jackets for children or babies often cost a lot of money and the offspring is quite soon outgrown again. Go to, or on the search and you will easily find something suitable at a fair price. Especially rarely used winter clothing, rubber boots or rain jackets are often still as good as new.

77. Mending and sewing saves having to buy new clothes
A small hole is created quickly and can be annoying. However, there’s no reason to discard expensive pants or jackets and replace them with something new right away. Save money by learning to repair such things yourself. Sewing supplies are cheap to get and with simple video tips, you too can become a pro at sewing and mending.

78. Leave your debit and credit cards at home
By taking only cash with you on shopping trips from the outset, you will always be aware of just how much budget you have left. The cashless option, on the other hand, can make it easy for you to lose track or succumb to the urge to shop. With this simple trick, you’re sure to save money and stay within your self-imposed financial limits.

❺ Tips for your free time that save money

79. Save on sports
No, here is not meant that you should give up sports. Keep moving and remember that for walking or jogging, for example, you need nothing but the appropriate clothing. You can effectively save money by canceling expensive memberships if you hardly use them anyway. Tutorials can help you learn martial arts or yoga at home, for example, without having to take expensive courses.

80. Forgo the gym
Go regularly to weight training and use all course offers as well as the sauna, there is nothing against it. If that’s not the case, the gym is an expense where money can be saved. Consider whether it’s worth spending the monthly fee in your case, or whether fitness tutorials on YouTube won’t do it instead. From simple workouts to weight training without equipment, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for there and can save even more money.

81. Discover the surroundings
In your free time, why not take it upon yourself to discover your surroundings?. Forests, meadows or lakes can be easily explored by hiking or cycling. This is offered to you for free and is healthy, because you get into the fresh air.

82. No after-work beer in the pub
Man is a creature of habit, as the saying goes. The harder it is to do without what you are used to. Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile to keep track of how much money you spend each month (see "Budget Book" at the top) in the restaurant business and see if you can’t save some of that money. Go nevertheless to the regulars’ table, decide for a big beer instead of two small ones and save so still some money.

83. Invite friends
If possible, move restaurant visits or pub evenings with friends to your home occasionally. Cook together or make yourself comfortable in your living room, you only have to pay for ingredients and drinks at the normal price. This can be more fun than it might sound at first and, of course, can also save you money.

❾ Culture tips that help you save money

84. Go to free events
There are guaranteed to be lots of parties in your area. At least in summer, you can discover festivities with live music almost every weekend, from wine festivals to firefighters’ festivals to neighborhood festivals. There you pay for your food, but save the money that has to be paid in entrance fees elsewhere.

85. Take advantage of movie days
Almost every cinema has a cinema day program once or several times a week. If you act accordingly, you can always save a few euros on the cinema experience. For true cineastes a possible membership or the purchase of a ten-ticket is worth it.

86. Cancel your pay TV
Ask yourself if it makes financial sense to subscribe to streaming services or pay TV. Do you always have to watch the latest blockbusters or maybe you don’t even get to watch the top Bundesliga match at the weekend due to time constraints? Even if it’s only "a few euros," this money can easily be saved in certain circumstances.

87. Read a book
A book may be the alternative to television or the Internet for you. Then discover for yourself the pleasure of reading in your favorite armchair. Used books cost online usually only half or can be purchased at flea markets for a few euros.

88. Look for discounts
State museums sometimes offer free days or discounted admission prices. Take advantage of these offers to save more money. Some swimming pools or amusement parks also entice guests with family discounts and concessions on certain days.

89. Sit down to the back
If you choose lower-priced seat categories at concerts, the cinema or the theater, you won’t miss anything and can save money. Try it out and decide for yourself whether a corresponding discount was not worth foregoing row 2 or the loge.

90. Negotiate for tickets
If you’re a stadium or concert goer, you’ll have experienced it yourself: before the event, tickets are often still on sale from private sellers. In most cases, such providers will let you talk to them about the price, since they need to get rid of your card. Look around on Ebay a few days before a game or concert or go to the hall or stadium in good time with a fixed price in mind. Not always, but often you can get a cheap ticket this way.

91. Rent instead of buying
If you want to watch a movie online, you will always be able to rent it for one or more days as well. This is much cheaper than buying. Another example: If you are going on a skiing vacation for the weekend, you can get away cheaper if you borrow the equipment instead of buying it. In such cases, always consider what is more worthwhile in the end due to your usage behavior and which variant can save you more money.

92. Go to the library
Libraries usually also offer video games, audio books and CDs. For little financial outlay, borrow your media for a month and return it or renew it. Membership and lending fees cost a few euros and pay off compared to comparable purchases even with little use.

❽ Tips you can use to save money on contracts

93. Compare existing contracts
What applies to cell phone providers or gyms is also the decisive question for insurances: does it (still) pay off for you?? Put your current contracts to the test. From international health insurance to supplementary dental insurance – do you really need it all?? If you land on a "yes", take the next step and compare the market. If other providers offer more favorable contracts or more services for the same money, you should change.

94. Cancel what you don’t need
Have you discovered a contract that costs you more than it benefits you? Then cancel it, if possible, in due time before it is automatically renewed. Since you certainly have more important things to remember, Aboalarm, for example, will give be a support. There you enter current contracts and are reminded in time of the cancellation.

95. Do not insure yourself twice
Certain insurance policies make sense, such as international health cover when traveling. Before you take out a policy, however, find out whether you already have such coverage through your health insurance or automobile club membership. Being insured twice does not mean that you will be reimbursed twice for your costs afterwards.

96. Take advantage of trial offers
Many offers can be used free of charge for a few weeks at first – for example, a premium membership of your e-mail box or a trial subscription to a magazine. Take advantage of them if you’re interested, but in all cases be sure to study the fine print and especially the cancellation terms in advance. Don’t forget to give notice before the end of the probationary period.

97. Don’t fall into subscription traps
If you come across an incredibly favorable contract offer, this can bring hidden costs at second glance. The money saved in the first year is usually recouped by the price increase in the following year. By reading the terms and conditions carefully and not signing up hastily, you protect yourself from subscription traps.

98. Pool insurance policies
If you share your household with a partner, you can, for example, combine both liability insurances into one. You can also save money by bundling several insurances with one and the same provider. This means, for example, that you go with your liability and car insurance to the insurer with whom you already have accident insurance. If you conclude several contracts with the same insurer, the insurer should reward you with a discount. However, be sure to compare which option is best for your household budget beforehand.

99. Recruit friends
Virtually all providers offer bonuses for new customers. If you are really convinced by an insurance, electricity or cell phone provider, tell your friends and relatives about it. Through successful advertising you can then count on a premium. Important: Before signing a contract, the new customer referred by you must inform the company that he or she was recruited through you.

100. Take advantage of loyalty bonuses
If you have been a customer of a provider for a long time, you may have less favorable conditions than new customers. Approach the company with this in an offensive (but friendly) manner and ask for a bonus for your loyalty at the next contact. Since no service provider likes to lose its customers, you may find an opportunity to discount your contract a bit and save money.

❹ Tips on how to save money on your vices

101. Reduce alcohol
Alcoholic beverages generally cost more than soft drinks or spritzers. This is always true for plain mineral or tap water and is even regulated by law in the catering industry. Whether supermarket or pub: with every beer, wine or liquor less you will therefore be able to save some money.

102. Save on smoking
With cigarette consumption, regular smokers incur annual expenses that can easily reach four figures. For one (b)smoked pack per week alone, the expenses add up to more than 300 euros over the course of a year. If you can’t give up this vice at all, it’s worth switching to homebrew. However, both variants are detrimental to health.

103. Don’t snack too sweetly
If you reach for an apple instead of a sweet bar or chocolate bar, you’ll live healthier and can save real money. On supermarket shelves, many prices are set at 100 or 1.000 grams calculated excellent. Pay attention to the price differences yourself and you will notice how expensive snacking (or even potato chips) is compared to fruit.

104. Coffee can be expensive
As a lover of capsule coffee, you will spend a lot if you calculate your consumption once per cup. Coffee from a capsule costs up to six times more than conventional filter coffee. In the future, make your own coffee instead of using other options such as capsules and pods (or the much more expensive coffee-to-go) in order to save money.

❶❷ Tips to save money on housing

105. Do not use a broker
Finding a suitable apartment is sometimes anything but easy. The more convenient option via a broker will usually be expensive. A realtor will charge you up to 2 months’ cold rent for his services if he is successful. You can save the money. As a tip: in addition to the usual way via real estate portals, also go on Ebay or Facebook to look for apartments. The latter offers relevant groups for many cities (z.B. "commission-free apartments in Berlin"), where the search or your own ad can also be worthwhile.

106. Choose a reasonable apartment
Include the right factors in your apartment search, and it can save you money. Good transport links, for example, also make properties further out of the city center attractive and cost a little less. You should also use the rented living space properly and not choose an apartment that is too large. If possible, avoid houses with an elevator, as it will eat up extra money in maintenance.

107. Rent out a room
If you are often on the road or have rooms that you do not need, offer them on on. For shorter periods of time, you can also rent living space via AirBnB.Put the tenancy agreement online in order to receive income along the way. In such cases, however, observe valid agreements from the rental contract.

108. Think about the heating
Never turn the heating up to the highest setting, it is better to use the heat moderately and spread it out over the day. The less you heat in general, the less you will have to pay for it. It gets really expensive when you go out of the house, leave the windows open and the heating running.

109. lights off!
Do rooms need to be lit when you or others are not currently using them? Another way to save electricity and money in everyday life.

110. Is the insulation right??
Unnecessary heating costs are also incurred due to inadequate insulation on windows and doors, as heat can quickly escape outside. Talk to your landlord about this or take action yourself. There are inexpensive adhesive strips available at hardware stores that can be used to insulate window and door frames easily and effectively.

111. Ventilate properly
Even in winter it is necessary to ventilate the apartment. 5 minutes of airing are more effective than leaving the window open for hours. This applies to the bathroom just as much as to the rest of the apartment. One thing is always important: heating off!

112. Check the service charge statement
It is not uncommon to find items in the utility bill that are overpriced or have nothing to do with you. If your housing behavior was the same the year before, but this time you are facing a much more expensive service charge bill, seek advice from the Mieterschutzbund (tenant protection association). Membership fees there are manageable, but you’ll get expert advice on all matters vis-à-vis your landlord.

113. Take care of small things yourself
According to the lease agreement, you usually have to pay for minor household repairs. It helps to take the initiative and, for example, replace the faucet yourself instead of having a plumber come at your expense.
Take a look at your living situation together with your neighbors and consider whether, for example, costs for cleaning the stairwell or shoveling snow could not be saved. Talk to your landlord and offer to take care of such work yourself in the future.

114. Become a furniture designer
With old pallets or wooden boxes, you can assemble simple furniture or shelves yourself, without the result having to look worse than modern pieces of furniture. Suggestions, tips and ideas for decorating your four walls by "upcycling" can be found here.

115. Use energy saving light bulbs
In the household, you should also think of small things where you can save energy and thus money. On a small scale, this already starts with the use of energy-saving lamps, which effectively produce a lot of light and hardly any heat. In addition, such lamps need to be replaced less frequently, as they promise a long service life.

116. Discover "grandma’s home remedies"
You will hardly believe what can be achieved with the simplest household remedies such as baking soda or vinegar. Forget about special and expensive toilet or window cleaners by replacing them with things you own anyway. Here you will find numerous tips from a time when there was not yet an extra "power cleaner" with chemicals for everything.

❹ Tips to help you save money on debt

117. Avoid debts
Any bank that lends you money will earn something from it. Save money by keeping your finances under control. Avoid loans that go toward a car, vacation, or TV set. In the end, this has a positive effect on your Schufa score and you can save money by not having to pay loans and interest payments due.

118. Avoid the overdraft
Avoid particularly high interest rates by always keeping your checking account in the black. In most cases, banks charge you more than 10% for the convenient overdraft facility. Tip: agree with your bank on a limited overdraft facility or have it cancelled altogether.

119. Pay reliably
By paying bills punctually and reliably, you avoid overdue fines or processing costs. The prerequisite for this is that you know your financial possibilities and manage them appropriately.

120. The risks of credit cards
Cashless payment has a lot of advantages. However, there is always the danger of spending more than you have available. Even more so if the card is only billed at the end of the month. Keep this in mind every time you pull out that little card, or maybe you’d rather switch back to cash. Then you always know about your current budget.

❿ Tips to help you with personal hygiene& Save money on health

121. Ask the doctor for alternatives
If you are prescribed medication, it can help to ask the doctor for a preparation without co-payment. However, this depends on the illness, and for minor things like a cold, it is not uncommon to be prescribed something quite quickly, without which it would also go.

122. Opt for a generic drug
At the pharmacy, you should ask for a generic drug if you’re using over-the-counter medications. In some cases, a generic drug contains comparable active ingredients, but costs less. Since it is not possible to earn as much as with Aspirin and Co., Hardly get such generic drugs offered by the pharmacist. Ask for it nevertheless, in order to be able to save in such a way some money.

123. Cut your own hair
What can cost a lot at the hairdresser, can be done by yourself or a friend free of charge. However, a pair of scissors is mandatory for cutting hair, as well as some talent and a sense of proportion. Now, not to leave you alone with this advice: of course, Youtube is full of "do-it-yourself" video clips like this one, which should make haircutting a success even for beginners.

124. Reach for "no-name" items
If you use private labels from discounters, you will not buy poorer quality items such as creams, shower gels or wet wipes. You can read here that a "no-name" shampoo can be better than the expensive one from Manuel Neuer.

125. Do without bathing
Showering about three times uses as much water as taking a full bath. This isn’t a big money eater at first, but it adds up to a decent cost over time. So consider saving a bath or two in the tub and replacing it with a shower.

126. Shower only every other day
Of course, you should not sacrifice hygiene, because you need to feel comfortable. In fact, however, it can harm your skin if you shower or wash every day. Whether with daily body wash or not: with every drop of water saved, you can easily save money.

127. Produce care products yourself
You can also produce care and hygiene products yourself with little effort. On the one hand, this has the advantage that you really know about the ingredients and on the other hand, it can save you money. Read here how easy it is to make your own shampoo and soap.

128. Use the water saving button on the toilet
Not every toilet use will require the full amount of water for flushing. By using a metering or economy button on your toilet, you can easily save up to 20 liters a day, which in a household of four is still almost 30.000 liters (!) per year.

129. Turn off the tap in between
How simply much water can be saved, you see in the example over it. You can also avoid wasting water by turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your hair instead of letting it run continuously.

130. Sharpen razor blades yourself after
Even brand-name wet razors are comparatively inexpensive. However, the blades, which according to the manufacturer should be replaced after just a few shaves or days, will cost you money. However, this does not have to be. You will save a lot of money by simply using your forearm or a pair of jeans to extend the life of such blades by several months. Just rub the blade against the shaving direction a few times after use,

❶❸ Tips to save money when traveling

131. Compare thoroughly
As in numerous other sample tips, comparing offers will protect you from high costs on your next trip. Compare on sites like and, in order to get a first overview. By being a little flexible on your outbound and return flights, or by being open to different destinations, you can easily save more money.

132. Book in time
Do not wait too long to book. Flights and hotels or even rail travel rarely become cheaper over time. You can save money by checking prices a few months in advance and booking your trip early.

133. Discover cities for free
Under you can find cities worldwide where free city tours are waiting for you. The tour guide is happy to receive a tip, otherwise you will be guided to the sights for free and also receive information about them.

134. Buy used travel guides
Either way, you should buy a guidebook for your next vacation trip. Buy this on Ebay in used condition and make sure it is not already too outdated. Locally, this will save you the price of a guided tour and allow you to make plans for what you want to see and visit at your vacation destination when you get there.

135. Organize excursions yourself
Use public transportation in your destination to discover the country and its people. Inquiries or advice can be obtained free of charge from tourist information offices. You can save money by foregoing the extra cost of excursions offered by tour operators or hotels.

136. Do not stay in a hotel
A real alternative to the classic hotel are vacation apartments or hostels. About you can also find accommodation with private people from houseboats to shared apartments to loft apartments. Compared to the prices of a hotel you will be able to live more individually and save extra money.

137. Take care of yourself
If you have not chosen an "all-inclusive" offer, it is advisable to take care of yourself. Rent accommodation (preferably not on the expensive beach boulevard) and buy your food at the local supermarket. As a tip, if you still want to go to a restaurant, look for places that locals frequent as well. These are usually cheaper than tourist restaurants and offer typical local dishes at fair prices.

138. Borrow instead of buying
Are you at the sea and want to go snorkeling, you better borrow the necessary equipment. Don’t buy anything that might lead to excess baggage on the return trip and that you may never need again after the few days of vacation activity.

139. Never book rental cars on the spot
Booking a rental car for your vacation is cheaper from Germany in any case. Look around for offers in good time and don’t forget that as an ADAC member, for example, you receive discounts.

140. Look for discounts
Certain vacation savings can come from your credit card or even car club membership. At some museums or cultural events, you can save money this way with discounted admission prices.

141. Learn to haggle
Many cultures know how to haggle over prices. If you are traveling in southern climes, it is almost expected that you negotiate the price down a bit with the cab driver or merchant. However, make sure you know beforehand what is typical custom and where it might be considered impertinent to do so.

142. Give yourself the gift of souvenirs
Even with vacation souvenirs, think twice about what you do and do not bring home to your loved ones. A personal postcard (or WhatsApp message) may cause more joy than a gift that ends up just sitting in the corner gathering dust. Think likewise of resulting fees for thereby possible excess baggage and whether you cannot save better the money.

143. Fees for withdrawing money
In the run-up you must briefly make the effort and explore how you can get free money in the vacation country. Certain rules may apply to the use of your debit or credit card in some countries. Asking your bank is a small effort, which will certainly pay off and save you money.


The examples listed here illustrate where and, above all, how much savings potential there is in everyday life. If you heed even a few of them, it will soon have a positive effect on your household budget. Basically, common sense and a short thought about the sense of spending will help in all cases and you can surely save money. You realize that this does not always have to be synonymous with doing without or being overly stingy. Make a start by simply keeping a budget book now or saving on electricity or water more frequently.

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