The very best easter lamb recipe

As long as I can remember, I have baked a sweet Easter lamb at Easter.
And so over the years I have really baked many Easter lambs. Tried traditional recipes for an Easter lamb, recipe with eggnog, gluten free Easter lambs.

This recipe was an experiment and the result is the most delicious Easter lamb recipe I have baked in all these years.
The dough contains ground almonds, oatmeal flour, canola oil and cottage cheese, which make it so extra moist and delicious.
Absolute Easter recommendation!

An Easter lamb: tradition at Easter.

I don’t even know how old my Easter lamb baking pan is, or rather, when I baked the first Easter lamb.
But it must be quite a few years ago, judging by the packaging.
Included in the package was a recipe, a very simple one, that we used for our Easter lamb for the first few years.

Then at some point we probably tried a new recipe from a magazine or cookbook. We are talking about the times before the internet. Yes, there was such a thing. Just for your information, I am in my early 30s. This sounds just as if I were at least twice as old.

With my curiosity for baking and cooking and of course the internet, the creative phase of the Easter lamb experiments began.
For years the Recipe for an Easter lamb with eggnog my favorite. It is also really delicious, moist, sweet and always succeeds.
But my way of baking and cooking changes constantly with me. And this year I finally wanted a new recipe for my Easter lamb, one with healthier ingredients.

Bake an Easter lamb using healthy ingredients

So sometime in the evening I just got into the kitchen, under quite a bit of time pressure, and threw something together pretty quickly.
Something made with ground almonds, cottage cheese, ground oatmeal, coconut blossom sugar, lemon and vanilla. Covered with honey and coconut flakes.
I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be anything. Evening baking experiments go wrong 90 percent of the time.

But this Easter lamb was just perfect.
Incredibly juicy, even after three days, but not a bit mushy. But most of all: so aromatic and delicious.
For the next 10 to 15 years, this is my Easter lamb recipe.
I’m definitely baking it for our Easter brunch on Easter Sunday and would be very happy if my little lamb also finds its way onto your Easter table.

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Recipe for healthy Easter lamb

Recipe for healthy Easter lamb

  • 75 g ground oat flakes
  • 20 g ground almonds
  • 30 g cornstarch
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 4 tablespoons coconut blossom sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 g rapeseed oil
  • 3 tablespoons low-fat curd cheese
  • 120 ml almond milk
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • Coconut flakes

Tip: Be sure to let the lamb cool before removing from the mold, as the dough is very soft and fluffy. So that it can be easily removed from the mold, it is important to grease and flour the mold really carefully.

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26.03.2018 at 09:03

good idea, i also have the lamb mold in the cellar. the recipe almost sounds like something my almost vegan daughter would try too.
happy easter sibylle

26.03.2018 at 09:06

well, curd and egg are not vegan after all.
But you could use a soy based curd and instead of egg use an egg substitute, z.B. from chia seeds.

Have fun baking :)

26.03.2018 at 16:28

sounds super delicious! With something "non-nut" and gluten-free you could replace the ground almonds?

9.04.2018 at 15:15

you can just use a little more flour.

30.03.2020 at 00:23

You could also use cashews.

26.03.2018 at 17:40

Oh this sounds so delicious and again so sad that I can’t bake this like this :(( stupid milk protein allergy! Do you think I can use applesauce instead of cottage cheese? Or a thick yogurt, coconut yogurt for example? I definitely want to bake a lamb like this too, I imagine it’s just too delicious with the honey! :P LG, Claudia

29.03.2018 at 11:10

Sounds great and will bake at Easter after.
What is the curd important for? Can I use yogurt instead (I have that in the house)?

9.04.2018 at 3:13 pm

the curd provides moisture in the dough. Yogurt should work too ;)

1.04.2018 at 10:16

Hi Denise!
Thanks for the recipe, I made it for my family and everyone loved the taste. But unfortunately it "collapsed" on me after baking and didn’t look as nice as in your pictures. Exactly how much curd did you use? Or would you have another tip?
Wish you a happy Easter!

9.04.2018 at 15:13

If cake sinks down after baking, it can often be because it wasn’t quite done yet.
I always test with a wooden stick to make sure no dough sticks anymore.

2.04.2018 at 20:30

I made up the easter lamb and was very pleased, unfortunately I may have used too little honey my family would have liked it a little sweeter. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. Kind regards Sabine

3.04.2018 at 14:42

it is often the case that those who are not yet used to low sugar diets find my recipes not sweet enough.
It’s really just a matter of getting used to it ;)

Glad you managed to do it anyway :)

Love greetings,

17.04.2019 at 15:51

How many servings do you need to calculate the dough for, for a regular sized lamb pan?

17.04.2019 at 15:55

that’s hard to say, since I don’t know what normal large means to you.
I have a regular lamb dish like you would z.B. Can buy from Kaiser. It holds 0,7 l, maybe this will help you.

9.04.2020 at 06:53

Hi Denise, I would like to bake your lamb on Saturday! I wonder if coconut oil instead of canola oil would work and taste good too. What do you recommend? Thank you and happy easter! Hannah

9.04.2020 at 11:57

hmm canola oil can have a strong flavor of its own. I would recommend there almost soft butter, because of the consistency…

Love greetings

9.04.2020 at 2:19 pm

Hello Denise!
I would also like to test the delicious recipe on the weekend!
As for the oil, I’m a little confused because at the very top of the article you write something about coconut oil, but in the recipe under the ingredients it says to use 50g of canola oil. In your reply to Hannah, you also write that canola oil may well have too strong a flavor of its own. What is right now and what would you recommend? Coconut oil or regular butter and how many grams of it?
Many thanks!!
Love greetings

10.04.2020 at 09:25

Now I am also confused :D
Sometimes I write the text before I have finalized the recipe and then something like this can happen.

So, the recipe remains as it is!

Dear greetings

7.04.2020 at 23:39

Hello, I would like to bake the lamb for Easter this year. But how do I get ground oatmeal if I don’t have a grain mill? Can I just take tender oatmeal without grinding it? Thanks! LG Miriam

8.04.2020 at 16:48

I simply grind the oatmeal in a blender!

Dear greetings

11.04.2020 at 06:24

I don’t like coconut at all now- is there a healthy alternative?

11.04.2020 at 12:55

You can use birch powdered sugar (now you can find it in the supermarket on the shelf where powdered sugar is).
But then leave out the honey and sprinkle it on like regular powdered sugar.

12.04.2020 at 14:15

So, dear Denise, today the Easter lamb was on our table and you know I’m one of those who gives feedback because this is in line with my understanding and use of food blogs. Indeed, one reason I much prefer to cook from blogs rather than cookbooks is that I feel I can find recipes here that have been re-cooked (at best) umpteen times, and if there are umpteen feedbacks as well, I find that reliable and tried-and-true – which many cookbooks (even by celebrity chefs) can’t claim to be. Now about your lamb: 1) I strongly advise against baking it with canola oil – the taste (with a high quality canola oil) is really very special. Next time I would definitely go for softer butter or coconut oil. 2) also to me the lamb pretty much collapsed, which is also due to the really very soft, juicy consistency. I think these are good in themselves and think that with butter you get that little bit more of a firmness without sacrificing juiciness. 3) the indicated quantity is definitely too much for a "normal" Kaiser Lammbackfprm with 0.8l capacity. ICh baked a 15 cm wreath cake to go with it.
Dear Denise, you know I’m not commenting this to gripe, but ultimately to give your blog what makes a good blog. And I would ask you: Bake your lamb again sometime and correct your recipe. Happy Easter wishes Hannah

12.04.2020 at 14:58

thank you for your feedback.
I already baked the lamb yesterday to give it to my parents as a gift.
The dough was delicious and it worked out. I have already adjusted a few small points.

1. Rapeseed oil is very very different depending on the brand. I made it with tasteless canola oil from the supermarket – flawless. I will add the phrase "tasteless" to it.
2. The dough is very soft, that’s true. But then, that’s what makes it fluffy. You should therefore let it cool completely in the mold first, I added.
3. Yes the dough is a little too much. I made small muffins out of the rest, depending on how full they are you could maybe make two lambs out of them.

I gave the lamb to my parents, it stands perfectly and was just tasted.
It is certainly not a "beginner recipe", but it works.

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