These are your playstation plus games for february

These are your PlayStation Plus games in February Play video

UFC 4, Tiny Tina’s Storming the Dragon Fortress: A Unique Wonderlands Adventure, and Plan and Planet Coaster: Console Edition are available from 1. February available.

In the PlayStation Plus-Play for February to influence your destiny through quick reflexes, dice results, or skillful management. Face off in the Octagon in EA Sports UFC 4, storm castles in Tiny Tina’s Storm the Dragon Fortress: A Unique Wonderlands Adventure, or build theme parks in Planet Coaster: Console Edition. All three games are available from 1. February available on PlayStation Plus.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the games.

EA Sports UFC 4 | PS4

These are your PlayStation Plus games for February

No matter how or where you play EA Sports UFC 4 play, you’ll be at the center of every battle. Develop and customize your character through a consistent progression system across all modes. Rise from unknown amateur to UFC superstar with the new career mode, or battle players from around the world to become the undisputed champion in the new blitz fights or online world championships*. Fluid clinch-to-strike combos offer more responsive and authentic stand-up gameplay, while revamped takedown and ground mechanics give more control at crucial stages of combat.

Tiny Tina’s Storm the Dragon Fortress: A Unique Wonderlands Adventure | PS4**

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Smash skeletons, defeat dragons and battle giant golems in this first of Borderlands inspired Wonderlands adventure. In this standalone campaign, relive the beloved 2013 adventure that started it all – packed with imagination, fun, and tons of magical loot! Choose from six unique exterminators, each with their own abilities and powerful equipment, and engage in chaotic fantasy battles alone or in co-op mode*. Use super-powered firearms to make your way through treacherous forests, haunted crypts, and fearsome fortresses. But beware: Tina’s cheerfully chaotic moods can change the course of your journey in the blink of an eye.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition | PS5***

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Surprise and delight entire crowds as you build the roller coaster park of your dreams and manage a vibrant world with unparalleled detail. No matter what skills you already bring to the table, you can bring all your ideas to life. Use blueprints to quickly place over 700 pre-built objects, including roller coasters, service buildings and scenery; design everything yourself using the detailed piece-by-piece building method; or change the landscape yourself with terrain design tools. And it’s just as easy to run your own park. Guests react in real time to the prizes you set, scenery you place, and newly-installed exciting attractions. Keep reigniting the excitement to keep attendance – and profits – high. In search of ideas? Take a look at the Frontier Workshop and use the world’s best creations in your ever-expanding empire. Download coasters, scenery, buildings, or entire parks, or build your own community by uploading your own creations. From impressive fireworks to sprawling cruise ships, there’s no limit to your creativity.

Last chance to download PlayStation Plus games from January

Remember: You have until Monday, the 31st of the month, to download and play the game. January, time to add Persona 5 Strikers, Dirt 5 and Deep Rock Galactic to your gaming library.

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