If you’ve never built a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot before, we recommend building this robot as a first step! The TRACK3R is an all-terrain tracked robot with four interchangeable tools. Start by building the fuselage and landing gear of the robot, and then discover the possibilities of the four different tools for the TRACK3R: blade rotor, firing device, gripping claw and massive hammer.

Control the TRACK3R using the free app "Robot Commander" via smartphone or tablet.

This six-legged creature not only looks like a scorpion, but also behaves accordingly. Sie andert rasant die Richtung, schnappt mit ihrer Greifklaue zu und ihr blitzschneller Stachel ist jederzeit bereit, alles und jeden unter Beschuss zu nehmen.

Control the SPIK3R using the free app "Robot Commander" on your smartphone or tablet.

The R3PTAR is among the most popular robots. Aufgerichtet ist er 35 cm hoch und er schlangelt sich uber den Boden wie eine echte Kobra, um dann blitzschnell mit seinen roten Fangen zuzuschlagen.

Control the R3PTAR using the free app "Robot Commander" on your smartphone or tablet.

The GRIPP3R robot is designed to lift even heavy objects. With his strong gripping arms he can even lift a beverage can and then put it down again.

The GRIPP3R is controlled using the free "Robot Commander" app on your smartphone or tablet.

EV3RSTORM is the most advanced LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot. Equipped with a firing device and a triple-blade gyroscope, EV3RSTORM has superior intelligence and combat strength.

EV3RSTORM can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet using the free "Robot Commander" app from the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® app store.


Designed by Kenneth Ravnshøj Madsen

The control buttons on the infrared remote control not only steer this remote-controlled Bobcat®, you can even make it pick up objects.

Designed by Ralph Hempel

A robot that can draw? Very accurate! This printer uses an ordinary felt-tip pen to draw lines on a standard paper roll for calculators or cash registers. Use the provided program to have the printer draw the "EV3" lettering, or customize the program to draw whatever comes to mind.

Designed by Laurens Valk.

Fancy a remote control truck? Here we go! This vehicle makes a lot of fun! The truck can be easily modified to make it go faster – and this can be done by installing additional gears. You can also design your very own trailer to use the truck as a transport vehicle.

Designed by Lasse Stenbæk Lauesen

This cool robot dinosaur – a triceratops, to be exact – moves around on all fours.

Designed by Marc Andre Bazergui

KRAZ3 is a fun companion that likes to play a little crazy and respond to its little friend – the IR transmitter beetle. KRAZ3 can either be controlled using the custom program with the IR transmitter or set to follow its little friend, the bug, around the room. Designed by Marc Andre Bazergui.

Designed by Vassilis Chryssanthakopoulos

This robot was inspired by R2-D2 from Star Wars. The EV3D4 is a robot that you can interact with, that goes everywhere with you, and that can be navigated around the room at will, all with the help of IR remote control. The EV3D4 offers a wide range of behaviors and can be easily reprogrammed or expanded using EV3 software.

Designed by Daniele Benedettelli

Ready to rock ‘n’ roll? This LEGO guitar can be played almost like a real guitar. Slide your fingers across the fretless neck and take fantastic guitar solos using the tremolo lever.

Designed by Martyn Boogaarts

Most of all, this friendly and extra helpful robot uses its light sensor to follow lines of different colors and detect and react to objects blocking its path. He can move on his own or be steered with the IR remote control.

Designed by Ricardo Oliveira

From this robot children can learn some more tricks. Hide the red ball under a cup, use the infrared remote control to adjust the difficulty, and watch the robot mix the cups. Now where is the red ball? Challenge your friends to see who can find the red ball the fastest!

Designed by Kenneth Ravnshøj Madsen

This fun robot sorts your beams from LEGO® Technic. Just put a bar in the device and it will recognize MR. B3AM its color and size.

Designed by Mark Crosbie.

This robotic bulldozer can be controlled with the IR remote control or drive by itself and avoid obstacles or move you out of the way with its dozer blade.

Designed by Martyn Boogaarts

This arcade game tests reaction speed. The robot lets disks shoot upward, which must be hammered down again as fast as possible with the tire hammer. Challenge your friends and see who responds the fastest!

Remix Task

Use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® DOODLEBOT to create your very own artistic drawings – or put it into self-portrait mode and let it draw itself. Place a sheet of paper under the robot, insert a pen into its drawing arms and use the EV3 remote control to create your very own creative artwork. The robot has three pre-programmed drawing modes.

DOODLEBOT is the winner of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Remix Task of the Year 2017. Built using elements from the popular LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 set (31313) and the LEGO Technic extreme terrain vehicle (42069).

The Cuckoo Clock by LEGO MINDSTORMS is a real working cuckoo clock with an alarm clock function. It tells the time. The cuckoo jumps out every 15 minutes and calls "cuckoo!". And the alarm feature wakes you and your child up in the morning with a vehicle that moves and shoots. LEGO MINDSTORMS’ Cuckoo Clock is a remix of LEGO Technic’s EV3 (31313) and LEGO Heavy Duty Helicopter (42052) sets.

See the LEGO MINDSTORMS Cuckoo Clock in action for an insider’s look at all the fascinating details!

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