Tutorial: create animated gifs from pictures on mac

PicGIF Lite makes it a breeze to craft animated GIFs from images.

You want to create animated GIFs from images? Let me tell a little story about this: Animated GIF files were a part of Internet 1.0, and it’s a terrible one. However, probably no one who made his first web design attempts at that time, wanted to do without it. I don’t want to apologize for anything: We were young, the medium was new, and we actually thought it was great back in the 90s. Then the websites got redesigns, the animated GIF disappeared – and that was a good thing too. Until some hipster scumbag came up with the idea to revive them a few years ago.

Suddenly the GIF plague was back

And suddenly it was there again, the GIF plague. First on journalism simulators like Buzzfeed, then a little later in However in a new form: Larger they were, and instead of animated clipart, pictures or movie clips were animated. That looked much better right away, but worked in the form of Buzzfeed’s and Co. Listical bullshit articles celebrated in excess like a Web 1.0 retrospective. And a very bad one at that. Now: The websites have noticed it, thank god, fidget articles are only from Mirco and at BILD.de, Apple invented a feature called "Live Photo" and finally the animated GIF is rehabilitated. As an entertaining element, it can even be fun on Facebook or Twitter. But how to create such GIFs yourself?

Buzzfeed probably started the nonsense. Although animated GIFs in Listicals are particularly annoying.

Create animated GIFs from images on Mac

The easiest way is to create animated GIFs from single images that you have taken with the continuous shooting function of your iPhone or your camera. This is where the free PicGIF Lite app, available for free from the Mac AppStore, can help you: After installing it, you can get started right away and drag your photos into the app. You can arrange the images here and enter a delay between the photos, you can also set the export format in pixels along with image quality. There are also three simple retro filters. A click on "Create GIF" exports your animated GIF in the desired format.

With PicGIF Lite it’s a piece of cake to create animated GIFs from single images.

Meme GIFs or GIF sayings? No problem!

What PicGIF Lite can’t do is edit the images or add text – only the 4.99 euro full version can do that, which also handles stickers and video editing. But you don’t need them: Your Mac already has the necessary tool on board with the "Preview" tool. So before you use the images in PicGIF, you should open them in Preview and open the text editing function here by clicking on the toolbox. Insert the text in the single pictures, as you are funny. Afterwards you can open the saved images in PicGIF Lite and merge your animated GIF.

The Mac preview helps when editing the raw images. In the end it looks like this.

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