Unemployment benefit 1: determine entitlement, amount and duration

Claiming unemployment benefits is certainly not a pleasant situation. Basically, you have acquired the right by paying unemployment insurance for years. In most cases Form of financial security only bridges the time between two jobs. There are two different forms of unemployment insurance: unemployment benefit 1 and unemployment benefit 2, commonly known as "Hartz 4". In this text, we will focus solely on unemployment benefit 1.

  1. When are you entitled to unemployment benefit 1?
  2. Blocking period with notices and termination agreements
  3. Is there an advance on unemployment benefit 1?

When are you entitled to unemployment benefit 1??

The entitlement to unemployment benefit 1 is made up of three different factors.

  • You must have worked in the past two years at least twelve months of compulsory insurance employed have been. Not only your time as an employee is taken into account, but also time spent in military service, sick pay, youth volunteer service or federal volunteer service, as well as maternity and child rearing.
  • You must really unemployed its. However, in this context, it is possible that you work less than 15 hours. However, the earnings that exceed a certain allowance will be counted towards your unemployment benefits.
  • You have to pay personally at the employment agency registered as unemployed have.

Register as unemployed in good time

In order to avoid a blocking period, it is important to register for unemployment in good time. If it is already foreseeable that you will lose your job in the future, you should at least three months before the end of employment report as looking for work.

If you have received a notice of termination, you must within three days register with the employment agency as a jobseeker. This can now all be done online. At the latest on the first day of your unemployment it is your Duty, appear in person at the office.

How much unemployment benefit 1?

Although you have paid regularly into the unemployment insurance in the past years, you have to expect losses when receiving unemployment benefit 1.

The legal regulation stipulates that you are entitled to 60 percent of the flat-rate net salary you are entitled to unemployment benefits for.

With children in your household, the entitlement increases to 67 percent. It must also be taken into account that your tax class has an influence on the final result. With the unemployment benefit calculator of the employment agency you can determine the exact amount in advance.

How long do you get unemployment benefit 1?

How long unemployment benefit 1 can be drawn, Depends on how long the claimant was employed subject to social insurance contributions before becoming unemployed. The entitlement period is usually half of the considered payment period. If you have worked for about 16 months with compulsory social insurance, you will receive unemployment benefit 1 for 8 months.

As a rule, unemployment benefit 1 is paid for maximum 12 months paid. A longer period of entitlement is only possible if the recipient has exceeded certain age limits. After 24 months, however, it is over in any case.

Basic requirement for receiving unemployment benefit 1, however, is that the potential beneficiary has worked for at least 12 months in the last two years before becoming unemployed, subject to social security contributions. Only under special circumstances 6 months within the last year before unemployment is sufficient. If you do not meet these minimum requirements, you are not entitled to unemployment benefit 1.

Duration of unemployment benefit 1

Accordingly, the following results for the Period of entitlement to unemployment benefit 1 the following distribution:

Duration of employment subject to social insurance Entitlement to unemployment benefit 1
12 months 6 months
16 months 8 months
20 months 10 months
24 months 12 months
30 months
(only after reaching the age of 50). age)
15 months
36 months
(only after reaching the age of 55. age)
18 months
48 months
(only after the age of 58. year of age)
24 months

Blocking period in the case of dismissals and termination agreements

According to the employment agency you have to expect a blocking period if you have caused your unemployment yourself. This is usually the case if you are Cancellations by you and if you sign a termination agreement the case. In the first twelve weeks of unemployment, you are not entitled to financial support. However, there are also Exceptions, where the blocking period can be reduced or even avoided.

  • The blocking period can be reduced, for example, if you have not received any wage payments or have received them with considerable delay.
  • It can be suspended if you want to move in with your spouse and you decide to move to a new city.
  • The blocking period can also be avoided if you can prove that you can improve your career and that there is a prospect of new employment.

Particularly tricky and by no means easy to prove are exceptions to the blocking period if a strong Overload you were obviously bullied or even sexually harassed at the workplace. Discretionary the blocking period, the Agentur fur Arbeit also gives you a blocking period if you can prove that you want to improve the care of your children for.

These exceptions do not have to be recognized. It is therefore advisable to seek legal advice before terminating your own employment in order to have the exact facts clarified.

Unemployment benefit 1 can be reduced

You must expect a reduction in your support if ..

  • you do not want to participate in a measure for professional integration.
  • you have been offered a job and do not take it up for no apparent reason.
  • you do not make demonstrable efforts to find a new job.
  • you do not register as a jobseeker in time.

Important is to check the offers of the employment agency carefully and to write applications.

Applications should be accompanied by a cover letter and a curriculum vitae. Information about the number, response and addressees of the applications must be documented. This way you secure your claim and you can claim the costs partially.

Am I entitled to unemployment benefit 1 if I was employed abroad??

Important for an application for unemployment benefits is the Place of employment. If you were employed within the EU or Switzerland, this time can be taken into account in the duration and amount of unemployment benefits. The condition is, however, that you have already been employed in Germany on a compulsory insurance basis.

receive unemployment benefit 1 abroad

It is also possible to receive unemployment benefits abroad, if you have be looking for a job there are. For this the following apply Requirements:

  • You must be registered as unemployed in Germany.
  • You must be in possession of German citizenship or, alternatively, citizenship of an EU country.
  • There is a waiting period of four weeks before traveling abroad

So you can go abroad to look for a job. The application modalities are quite different from country to country. You can find out more about this in advance at information events organized by the employment agency. In some countries only the curriculum vitae is important, in other nations personal contact is preferred.

Is there an advance on the unemployment benefit 1?

Especially in complicated cases the decision about the amount and duration of the unemployment benefit can take some time. All documents must first be provided and checked by you. In this case, there may well be an advance payment or, alternatively, a provisional decision. However, if it turns out that you are not entitled to the benefits, you must refund them in full to the Employment Agency.

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