Use the internet to make money – these are the possibilities

Using the Internet to earn money – these possibilities exist

More and more people long for the option to earn money from home. Whether this is simply about your preferred lifestyle, family commitments, or still other reasons – there is a lot of demand. Again and again, however, one encounters dubious offers on this topic, which want to promise great earnings within the shortest time possible. Often these are dubious offers, which only work for the fewest participants of this system.
Today we would like to introduce some serious options to make money online.

For creative people – YouTube videos

Especially for digital natives this method to earn money online can be interesting: an own YouTube channel. Even if there are already numerous channels on the popular video platform – there are still many niches where there is hardly any competition.

All you need is a suitable idea, a camera and some courage.

Thematically you are completely flexible in this area. Do you perhaps have a creative hobby for which you would like to show DIY projects on a regular basis? Visit exciting locations in the area or like to travel and want to take viewers there with you? Or do you have very special tips about cooking and baking? Topics related to mental health and stress reduction (ways to regulate stress well) are also currently in demand.
Already the idea for your own YouTube channel can be created.

Especially for digital natives an own YouTube channel can be interesting

For visible – Affiliate Marketing

Those who already have a high-reach account on Instagram or other social networks can also make money with affiliate marketing. This involves promoting products from other companies. For each sale that has taken place via your own referral link, you will receive a commission. Numerous influencers make their money online using this method.

Of course it is also possible to build up this reach first and start with affiliate marketing over time. To do this, the first question is how you want to gain this visibility. About social media or for example about your own blog? Similar to finding a topic for your YouTube channel, you can also go about finding a topic for your blog. In what niche are you an expert and can you use your knowledge to stand out and teach readers or solve their problems?
Then of course it’s on to setting up the blog. Do your research to find a suitable hoster, domain and provider through which you can create the blog. Some providers like Jimdo or Strato offer all three points in one package. Next, create your blog in the design you like best and fill it with initial content. At this point you need to pay attention to an important issue: search engine optimization. In order to be found well with the blog and have options on affiliate partnerships over time, it needs to be optimized for search engines like Google. In concrete terms, this means that both the blog itself and especially the content you publish should be adapted.

If you already have a high-reach account on Instagram or other social networks, you can also make money with affiliate marketing

Important factors for good rankings on Google are for example the quality of the content, linking, technical optimizations and structures.

The most important point is the optimization of the content. It should be relevant to the reader and solve the problem that his search query has shown. This is possible through the creation of SEO optimized texts. Using certain methods, main keyword and related terms can be integrated into the text in such a way that it is classified as particularly relevant. At the same time, it is also useful to take care of building a backlink profile.
In addition to the content, the backlinks also have a great influence on the rankings in Google. In the disciplines of online marketing, it can therefore be helpful to seek out specialized agencies that can help with their experience and network. There is now a wide range of providers here, some with different focuses.

For investors – crypto and ETF

Money can also be made on the Internet. If you invest your money in the right places, you get a little closer to the dream of financial freedom and can build a passive income. If you are more interested in investing money for the long term, ETFs are a good place to start.

This is a type of equity fund that includes shares of a certain number of the best rated companies. ETFs are thus supposed to provide more security than individual stocks and are considered to be more secure in value. If you want more return and have no problems with a risk, you can also invest in cryptocurrencies. Here, there are always spontaneous, very strong increases in value, as they are not linked to a specific currency.
Alternatively, it is also possible to produce cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum yourself through the computing power of your own computer and thus earn money.

Those who have no problems with risks can also invest in cryptocurrencies

For full-time professionals: Become a freelancer

If you are looking for a full-time job that you can do from your home office, freelancing is a great option. Freelancers are self-employed people who are booked by companies on a project basis. Especially in the IT industry, but also in several areas of online marketing or web design, freelancers are popular – sometimes even more popular than permanent employees.
The reason is that projects where freelancers work are usually limited in time or not so extensive that they could fill a full post. Accordingly, it is interesting for companies to cooperate with an external expert.

If you offer your customers digital services such as the creation of websites or texts or advice on IT or software projects, the financial outlay at the start of self-employment is also very low.

Another advantage: Many classic activities that freelancers perform can even be reported to the tax office as freelance work. So the topic of taxes is not too complex.

In this day and age, there are numerous ways to earn money on the Internet. Digitization has ensured that some services can be performed digitally and some possible work areas could even emerge from it. Whether your interests lie more in shooting videos, building a reach for blog or social media, investing or freelancing: Those who actively deal with the topic can earn money on the Internet.

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