Why should we hire you

Why should we hire you and not one of the other applicants??

Why you?

Why should we take you?

Also, always tell the benefit what the new employer will get from it.
You can only a Give me one reason, but it has to be strong, or you can give me two or three reasons in a row.

I will give you a reason: I will bring you more money than I cost on the bottom line.

In this article you will find only the reduced tips.

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I am simply a good programmer. I know that. And this will make your projects faster.
(most people do not dare to say that they are good.)

I am simply good – that is why!

I don’t know the others, I only know myself: I am just good! And this will help you to make more profit.

I am very easy to get along with. People like me. I take every person as he is and do not want to change him, that is my advantage. I have found in the old company that conflicts between employees paralyze projects more than technical problems. With me you have a sunny boy who creates harmony.
(Also being personally pleasant, getting along well with people is a strong argument for future bosses)

Why do you want me?? You invited me after all.

More answers to: "Why should we hire you??"

I’m going to review all of your regular expenses and see where money can be saved for your company: where are insurance policies that are unnecessary, where are credit card fees due but no one uses the credit card, what account maintenance fees are unnecessary, how can you save up to half on phone charges with a new phone provider u.s.w .

In my diploma thesis I dealt intensively with the market area in which you are active. It’s for the benefit of the company, with the know-how I can help to open new markets and projects are completed faster.
(Always try to give as many reasons as possible) specifically to become what the benefit is)

I am someone who is almost never sick. At our old company, each employee averages 7.8 days sick per year. I have been sick one day in three and a half years.

Why should we hire you

In this article you will find only the reduced tips.

Do you want the complete tips for your next job interview??
Do you want the best answers, to all questions?

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Possible interview questions:

Tell me the reason why I should hire you?

Tell me 3 reasons why we should hire you

Desperately need someone who can get the job done. And that someone is me!

I like their industry, I like their company, and I love exactly the job you’re looking for someone for. You can be glad I didn’t read over your ad, because I don’t think you’ll find anyone better for this job than me.

Give me one reason why I should work for you?

First, tell me 3 reasons why I should work for you before I give my reasons

Where have you had success in your previous jobs?

There was a customer who wanted to change to the competition after 8 years of business relationship. This would have been a loss of revenue of 230,000 euros annually. I heard about it and thought of something.

(And now tell about yourself: for example, the story of how you led them to success. Such a question is a steep pass, but many applicants are not able to take advantage of it.

There is a method, the so-called slow-motion method, with which you can sell a service once provided so great that the counterpart is deeply impressed and just "WOW" thinks. This method is excellent for job interviews to really impress the future boss with his skills).

This method is in my book "Are you still presenting, or are you already fascinating" described

If only I knew that myself?

(A quick-witted answer that can be given to a relaxed personnel manager with a wink of the eye, depending on the situation, to ease the tension. But afterwards with "Joking aside. " then seriously argue further)

My greatest success was my good contact with customers. I am a network guy. I keep in regular contact with all kinds of people, it always pays off. I call even if I do not want to sell anything, I play golf with them or invite them to interesting football games. This has a noticeable effect on incoming orders. Such a network type is valuable for you. With such a personal relationship the customers do not jump off so easily.

You could also ask "Why did you choose our company??" for this question we also have some tips.

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