Win back ex: with 6 dos& 6 don’ts to success

Win back ex: With 6 Dos& 6 don'ts to success

If you want to win your ex back, you shouldn’t rush into anything. Be patient and develop a strategy on how you could get a second chance. Also, there are many possible mistakes you should avoid. We have everything you need to know and the reasons for a love comeback. Win your ex back with our dos and don’ts.

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If you want to win back your ex or exes after a breakup, you need a Strategy. With this strategy you should definitely make some Tips follow the guidelines that you will find in our Dos and that will help you to get back together mistake In our don’ts to avoid, which could quickly become your undoing.

But before that, you should be sure that you really want to win back your ex-partner. Also be aware that if there are unbeatable reasons for the breakup, you have to accept them. However, if there’s still hope for both of you, with our help you’ll have the best chance of getting back together.

Win Ex Back: Here’s what you should know

To win back the ex or the ex is not always easy. You can very quickly make mistakes that will ruin your chances. So, before you develop a strategy on how to win your ex-partner back, you should take a look at our dos and don’ts.

The basis is actually always, Not too impulsive To act and prove to your counterpart that your relationship still deserves a chance. Below you will find the subtle differences that can possibly exist between men and women and how you should handle a contact breakup.

Win back ex-girlfriend

If you want to win your ex girlfriend back, you should find her Mindset towards you exactly watch. If she is angry, you should give her space. If you have misbehaved or given her too little time, you should show her that you are fighting for her. Make an effort and let Special surprises come up with for her in order to gain her attention.

Avoid at all costs accusing her of things or trying to make her feel sorry for you. Better behave adult and thus show her that it might be worth giving you another chance. For tips that apply to both sexes, check out our Dos and Don’ts.

Win back ex-boyfriend

Men more often have problems talking about their feelings. For fear of disappointing the girlfriend, they often accept certain behaviors for a very long time. The only problem is that Suppression of feelings will probably lead to a big emotional outburst at some point.

Especially after a breakup, you as an ex-girlfriend must therefore particularly sensitive What to do if you want to win back your ex-boyfriend. Give him distance, if he reacts annoyed, invite some nice new photos from you and show him that you can also be happy without it. This looks much more attractive than if you look sad and dependent.

The subject of breaking off contact

Win back ex: With 6 Dos& 6 don'ts to success

The topic of breaking off contact

After a breakup, it is sometimes best for both parties to cut off contact for a while. However, if you want to get your ex back, this break should not last too long. It is best if the contact is limited, but does not stop completely. Finally, you want to remain present in your ex’s life.

However, this presence must be adapted to the level that your ex can cope with. Even if it is hard for you not to contact him, it is absolutely necessary. If he or she feels pressured, you will only drive him or her further away from you.

Remember how much you used to write and how much you were reduce contact about a third or a quarter. So if you wrote every day in the morning, at noon and in the evening, from now on write only once a day. Sometimes you may also take a break for a day or two lie between the conversations.

reasons for a love comeback

Breaking up with someone can have different reasons. One could lie in the lack of compatibility of characters, which often leads to quarrels. Another possibility could be that one of you misbehaved or was too selfish in the relationship. Another reason could be jealousy, that one has cheated or that you have different ideas about the future.

reasons for wanting to win back the ex can be just as different. From emotional dependency to making up for a mistake or fear of being alone, it can be anything from this. Above all, you probably believe Great love that you don’t want to say goodbye to.

In the case of a breakup based on a rational decision, the Feelings still in the foreground, since both of you still love each other and didn’t really want to leave each other. With an impulsive breakup, however, caution is advised, as love can also quickly turn into hate and cause counterproductive jealousy actions or other mistakes.

The best reason to want to win back your ex is if you really believe in your relationship and You cannot accept the reason for the breakup. Maybe he is too banal for you or you see a chance that you can still be happy by making a few changes in the relationship. Here you can find tips for a happy relationship.

6 Dos to win back your ex

Win back ex: With 6 Dos& 6 don'ts to success

With these 6 dos you will get your ex back

In the following chapters you will find answers to the question: How to get him/her back? The most important thing is to approach it with a plan. Think in detail about what disturbed the other person in your relationship and how you can convince him that you have changed.

Also show yourself confidently, change visual, work on yourself and above all be respectful. A breakup often evokes very negative feelings towards the other person. Keep it to yourself and reach out to a friend instead of blaming your ex. This is the only way you can get him back.

Consider strategy

If you want to win your ex back, it’s important not to let your feelings guide you. Try with a strategy Avoid impulsive actions and further fights. This way you give your ex a chance to think back to the good things in your relationship.

A strategy could be, for example, to try not to contact each other for three days. If your ex writes to you, you should of course reply, but not immediately. In no way try to appear needy.

Think carefully about what you write in your infrequent messages. It’s best to casually mention that you’re doing something and he’ll see that your life is going on without him. You could also show that you have changed a quality about yourself that previously bothered your ex.

Maybe even show Insight and thank your ex-partner for opening your eyes to what you have been doing wrong in the relationship so far. The most important thing is not to be transparent and make the other person curious about you.

Show self-confidence and strength

You will get your ex back if you appear self-confident. Getting sympathy may seem like a good emergency solution to win your ex back, but it will have the opposite effect. Neediness and weakness do not mark you as a good partner and make your ex doubt that he has a stable future with you.

Instead, even if in reality it seems otherwise, you should, show that you are strong and are coping well with the breakup. Your ex will probably wonder and doubt whether leaving you was the right thing to do.

Work on problems

Win back ex: With 6 Dos& 6 don'ts to success

Work on problems

It also plays an important role whether you work on yourself or not. If you pretend the breakup didn’t happen, your chances are slim. In this case, your ex will think that you don’t see the problems and may even feel that you are in the right or not taking the breakup seriously.

The Take the breakup seriously is especially important. If you take the other person’s concerns lightly, sooner or later you will feel that they are distancing themselves.

If you instead work on your problems and the other person’s criticisms, you have a good chance that your relationship will recover. Also, be sure to work on the specific reason for the breakup.

If you have not spent enough time with your partner, you should make an extra effort now. If you have lied, you have to rebuild trust. Show Appreciation and Be reliable, so that the other can put aside his doubts.

Prove your will to change

This point is especially important if you want your ex back. Work on you and your problems, but also show that this work has made a difference. Act in such a way that your ex sees how you have changed.

Evidence is worth much more than if you just make promises. It’s also best to avoid analyzing your problems or assigning blame. This just stirs up old arguments and you have a conversation that you’ve probably had many times before.

Be respectful

Even if you have a lot of anger inside and are disappointed, you should always remain respectful. Do not insult your counterpart, hold back your frustration and do not start manipulative or spiteful actions. Maybe respect was something that was sometimes missing in your relationship and you can prove your ex wrong this way.

Visual change

Win back ex: With 6 Dos& 6 don'ts to success

Change yourself visually: make a makeover or upload new photos

To make your ex regret leaving you, you should be a Makeover Consider. Make yourself look extra fancy the next time you meet, dare to try a new hairstyle or just dress differently than usual.

Sometimes it helps Sport also helps to cope better with a breakup. Here you will find tips and exercises for an effective home workout.

If you don’t see each other in person, you might as well be nice Posting new photos on social media upload or as WhatsApp profile picture Hire so that you catch your ex’s eye. Most of the time his reaction comes all by itself.

6 Don’ts to win back your ex

You want your ex back? Then be sure to avoid these six don’ts. If you make any of these mistakes, you may be done with giving each other a second chance. Because things like stalking, accusations or manipulative actions stay in your ex’s mind for a long time. You only confirm him in his decision.

Chasing after him is just as unhelpful as trying to make him jealous. Keeping contact in moderation is okay, but being friends directly is not a good idea. Below you will learn everything you need to avoid if you want to get your ex back.

Chasing after the ex

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to chase after the other person. Constant messages, phone calls, or begging for a second chance make you weak and dependent work. By doing so, you only reinforce your ex’s decision to break up with you.

Rather keep a low profile and try to stay strong. Contact your friends or family. You might even give them your cell phone sometimes, so you won’t be tempted.


Win back ex: With 6 Dos& 6 don'ts to success

Stalking is a clear don’t if you want to get your ex back

You should also avoid stalking. Don’t like everything from your ex on social media and don’t look at his new photos all the time. First of all, it will only bring you down and secondly, it will make you look like you are clingy and needy.

If you see your ex with others and read things into it, you’re only hurting yourself in the end. Also, you’ll scare your ex away if you bring it up to them if they might already have someone new. Jealousy is also a No-Go, like trying to make your ex jealous. Here you can learn how to deal with jealousy better.


Don’t blame your ex for your bad feelings. Even if you are disappointed that he broke up with you, you should work it out with yourself and not take your anger out on him. Reproaches to his mistakes are also out of place.

Maybe you think by accusations you can prove that both of you are equally Blame you are still involved in the unhappy relationship. However, the opposite is true. Instead of you coming across understanding and insight, the other person will now know full well that he left you for a good reason.

Make your ex jealous

In our Dos you will find advice on how to be confident and strong, how to show yourself happy even without the other person. This does not include making him jealous. Revenge actions or manipulative behavior usually lead to Arguments and discussions.

You only hurt the other person unnecessarily and create a wrong impression. The other person has to do a little bit Feel that you are still interested in him. If you act like you’ve already met someone new, your ex might think that he didn’t mean anything to you or that there’s no chance for a love comeback now, anyway.

Stay friends

Do not try to win your ex back by staying friends with him. Maybe you think you can prove to him that you have changed and that you will magically find each other again. Most of the time, however, the person who broke up with you will be Friendzone Push. Whereas you keep hoping that something will come of you two.

Win back ex: With 6 Dos& 6 don'ts to success

If you stay friends, you will probably be disappointed

Your ex becomes your Intention Probably see through and do not take the friendship from you. Another possibility is that he has no problem being ‘just’ friends with you and that this hurts you.

If you don’t have any contact after the breakup and then meet up on friendly terms at some point, it’s possible that things will start to spark again. In this time your ex has enough Distance gained, to miss the good sides of the relationship. Staying friends right after a breakup usually goes wrong, though. Here you will find tips to overcome the pain of separation.

Manipulative actions

It gets especially complicated when you have the same Circle of friends have. In this case, you should not try to rebuild your relationship Manipulating friends or to pull them to your side. Also, do not ask them out or talk shit about your ex. It is always possible that he finds out about it and your chance to get him back decreases.

In addition, you should not suddenly appear where he is with your friends. Such behavior appears passive aggressive and jealous. Try to be reasonable instead and just meet up with your friends separately for the first while.

By showing consideration for your ex, you show him that you are a good person. He might then think about whether it was wrong to let you go.

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