Write your own book

Everyone is able to form words and sentences from letters.

After all, we all learned that in elementary school.

A writing your own book – But this does not have much to do with writing in the sense of writing books.

You need more than these basic skills, you should know more than the twenty-six letters and the dots above them.

Writing your own book: Following a guide

Not everyone can write, and certainly not by nature, but everyone can learn to do it.

Or follow a simple guide.

After all, it is not at all about the fact that at the end on the paper – or on the screen – letters and sentences stand. It’s more about making sure that what they say can be understood by any reader.

Writing your own book: Order in your thoughts, order in your presentation

And it’s all about presenting your thoughts in a way that others can follow you.

This requires order in the thoughts, and order in the presentation of the thoughts.

This is actually the key qualification in writing.

This is true for technical texts, and for non-fiction books.

For stories, novels and narratives, there is much more to it than that.

On the suspense, on the right way to tell stories, on the right portrayal of characters, and on the right way to weave many different plots into an organic, coherent whole.

It ends up being a lot more complicated than simply organizing your thoughts and writing a factual text.

This does not mean that you cannot do it.

It just means that they should know and be clear about what you’re doing.

Only that is required.

Write your own book – Always put yourself in the shoes of your reader

That’s the only perspective you can ever have as an author or as a writer. You do not write for yourself, but for other people.

Writing is not an end in itself. It fulfills a function.

So when you start planning, you should do it from the perspective of your readers. What do your readers expect, what kind of presentation do they expect, and what do they want to read at all?

Until you have answers to these questions, and clear and coherent answers, you shouldn’t start writing at all.

By the way, this applies to any kind of texts – not only non-fiction and novels. But unfortunately it is often forgotten.

Write your own book: Your own book – a valuable investment

Writing books is – unfortunately – often equated exclusively with earning money.

It’s not quite that trivial, but it’s still an important aspect.

Keep in mind that a book is indeed a very valuable investment.

You write a piece of information or a story only once, but you receive money for it each time the book is sold.

For this you have to consider some other things, but basically it works like this. And if they do everything right, you may well make a respectable amount of money from your book, or books.

But this requires that you put yourself one hundred percent in your reader’s shoes, and deliver exactly what they want and expect to have.

It is not always that easy.

Especially with novels or screenplays, it’s impossible to predict from the outset what will appeal to people in the first place.

Hardly anyone can reliably predict how many people will end up buying the book or watching the movie.

Many different factors play a role, some of which you cannot influence at all.

For example, if you call on 20. If you had published a novel about an Islamic terrorist attack on the U.S. on September 9, 2001, it is quite likely that your novel would have been a bestseller.

But you couldn’t have known that at the time of writing.

However, despite all the unpredictability, you can always consider your book a valuable investment.

If you have something to say or exciting to share, it will always sell within a certain framework.

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