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Looking for tips on how to write an Writing an application, that has a good chance of success? Here we answer the question: "How to write a job application??", provide assistance for writing a cover letter and resume, and explain the correct form of an application portfolio.

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Tips for Application letter – how to get your dream job

If you invest some time in writing the cover letter and compiling the documents, you increase your chances of being invited to a personal interview at the company. In response to the question Write an application?" there is a basic answer: carefully and individually.

If you stand out from the crowd and make a good first impression, you have the best chance of being invited to an interview, of convincing the interviewer with your personality, and of soon working in your dream job.

Choosing the right form of cover letter

While it used to be a matter of course to write an application on paper using a typewriter and send it to the potential employer or hand it over to him, e-mail has now replaced the application letter in many cases. In most industries, it is common to be able to write and send an application by email.

This has clear advantages for both sides: HR no longer has to store piles of paper or return documents to applicants. You as a job seeker save money on developing an application photo, the application folder and postage.

It is often common that you first make a Application by e-mail write and send them. Should the employer show interest in your manpower and invite you for an interview, in some cases it is necessary to carry the printed application documents as a folder. You will then be handed over to the personnel department.

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The correct structure of the Application letter

Whether you send your application documents by mail, by post or personally to the company, it does not matter for the correct structure. To the question: How to write application? Find the answer here in the form of the classic structure. It is identical and clearly regulated in each case.

The documents are inserted in the following order:

  • Cover letter
  • Cover sheet
  • Resume
  • testimonials
  • References, certificates and work samples

The cover letter at the Writing an application

In an application cover letter belong, in the order mentioned, the following information and facts. Together they should not exceed the size of one DIN A4 page. Make sure that you write application documents like application and use a consistent style.

These are the correct contents in the cover letter:

  • Sender’s address, place and date
  • Address of the recipient
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • Introductory sentence
  • Summary of soft skills
  • reference to the company
  • short reference to knowledge and references
  • if required: period of notice and salary expectation
  • concluding sentence
  • Greeting with signature
  • Note of the attachments

The application letter consists of these four content parts:

  • Introduction: Start with a concise statement and describe, for example, your motivation for the job.
  • Main body: highlight your soft skills and competencies in this section.
  • Relation to the company: Here is space for your professional suitability and references.
  • Concluding part: say goodbye with a meaningful concluding sentence.

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Writing the application with a sample

The Internet offers you a large number of sample letters for job applications. In addition to general samples, there are specific sample letters for some industries that you can use for your own application cover letter. However, it is important to individualize the sample thoroughly. This does not mean that you insert your personal data.

Rather, it is important to adapt the general phrases and formulations to your own writing style. Do not stick rigidly to the guidelines, but add facts or phrases that you think are important if necessary. Before you Application by e-mail write, Check the similarity with the application sample used. It should be impossible to tell at first glance that a sample has been used as a template.

How to Writing a job application or have an application written?

If you can’t sell yourself well, or have difficulty formulating a cover letter and resume, get help from a professional. It is not mandatory to prepare the documents yourself. Instead, it is sometimes helpful that you can have an application written. In such cases, experts ask the applicant for personal data and relevant information and then take over the application writing.

While there is nothing to stop applicants from writing the Writing your application let, however, it carries a certain risk. Finally, the cover letter is the first impression a potential employer has of an applicant. If the professional writer chooses a completely different style of writing, it can lead to disillusionment at the interview.

In addition, it is important to check all facts and contents of the cover letter and resume for accuracy. After all, a professional writer can only use the facts at hand to formulate and cannot check them for accuracy.

In case of doubt, a professional can help you write your application, but perhaps a good friend is a better advisor? (#4)

Application portfolio: consistent style when write your application:

Ideally, all self-written documents of a complete application portfolio are written in the same style. The choice of words, the sentence structure and special formulations make up the style of a cover letter. They should therefore appear as uniformly as possible in all correspondence. What applies to the language style is also important for the design. A uniform line in the structural composition is equally important. It is already noticeable when you first browse through the documents and is therefore particularly important when writing a job application.

Finally, the first impression decides whether a recruiter will take a closer look at the documents presented to him or put them aside. Therefore, invest some time in the structure and design of the various letters and documents when you write your Write application. Pay attention to a uniform line in formulations and design.

Do not forget the most important facts when writing an application

If you are applying to a company by mail or by post, the most important facts should stand out from your application letter. A personnel manager must recognize this directly at first glance. This is important because these facts often determine whether or not you are suitable for an advertised position.

If a personnel manager has to laboriously gather the relevant facts in the text, your application file usually has little chance of being read thoroughly. Instead of being invited to an interview, you will then usually receive a rejection letter. Therefore, make sure that the concise information is clearly visible in the text.

Among the most important facts in an Cover letter belong to:

  • Your contact details
  • the earliest possible starting date
  • Your salary expectations

At Write your application Choose classic formulations

Although some old rules are still valid Application letter have changed in the meantime, many formulations are still valid. This applies to the job search by mail and by post. For example, a classic and still appropriate greeting is: Yours sincerely.

The same applies to the salutation in an e-mail as to a postal application: it should be addressed to one person if possible. Find out which employee in the company is responsible for applications and address the cover letter specifically to that person. This signals to hiring managers that you have thoroughly researched the company and the job posting.

Careful with attachments

Depending on the position advertised and the qualifications available, the attachments in an application portfolio can vary. As a rule, final certificates from school, university or training are among the necessary attachments. For some professions, certificates of competence, a certificate of good conduct or certificates of further training must also be enclosed.

Since there is no general rule for required attachments, you should check carefully in each individual case which attachments make sense and are required. Certificates of an internship, for example, are only useful if there is no completed practical training and the internship took place in a relevant area.

When writing an application, always make sure to use the correct form of address and a customary greeting. (#5)

What on the other hand almost every Cover letter is added as an attachment, is the last employer’s reference. This also applies if the job was performed in a different industry. The employer’s reference provides information not only about the work performed and the assigned tasks in a company. Rather, it also notes the method of work, reliability and length of service.

The following documents can be a useful attachment for the application portfolio:

  • Final certificates from school, training and studies
  • Job references
  • Certificates for participation in training courses
  • Internship certificate
  • Police clearance certificate for professions with special security regulations

In addition to the completeness of the attachments, their impeccable condition is of great importance for the appearance of an application portfolio. Testimonials and certificates are always enclosed as copies. When copying, make sure to copy the document completely. The brightness should be set so that all contents are easy to read. In addition, certificates and other documents must always be copied completely from the first to the last page.

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All tips for Application letter at a glance

Our tips on how to successfully submit a Writing your application, are summarized here in brief:

  • Take your time for your application portfolio and create individually tailored texts for the job advertisement.
  • Use samples and templates as a source of ideas to help you with your own application portfolio. Instead of adopting the content, however, you should personalize and individualize it.
  • In most industries, it is customary to write the application by e-mail.
  • Make sure that you write the application documents like job application. A uniform style is well received.
  • If you are stuck on your own, you can use a Write your application leave. However, it should then be thoroughly checked for accuracy.
  • Highlight important facts such as your earliest possible starting date visually in the text.
  • Use classic wording for the salutation and greeting formula.
  • Do not address the application letter in general to the personnel department, but personally to the responsible employee.
  • Check the attachments for completeness and good quality.

If you take all the tips to heart, nothing will stand in the way of an invitation to the interview. (#6)

With the above tips, you can avoid the classic mistakes when writing your application form. They help with the correct content and appearance of the application letter and curriculum vitae. Here are more tips for successful applications. If, despite all your care, you receive a rejection from the company and are not invited for an interview, do not give up!

Most likely it was not due to your application portfolio, but for example the timing, your qualifications or experience. With every application you write you get more routine and confidence and this in turn increases your chances of getting a new job when you write your next application.

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