Writing danish letters – key combination for danish letters

On my desktop is a small piece of paper, on it are key combinations for the Danish letters. Very handy, otherwise I would have to think about how to write the Danish ø or å on my PC. ;)

The Danish alphabet consists of 29 letters. It has 26 letters like the German alphabet and 3 more (Æ, Ø and Å). Exactly these three letters are the subject of this article. If you want to learn more about the Danish language, check out the Kapidaenin’s blog.

Danish letters on the PC via keyboard

This is the simplest variant. You take the numbers in the number pad or the superscript numbers on the letter keys.

Hold down the Alt key while pressing the numbers.

Alt 155 -> ø

Alt 145 -> æ

Alt 134 -> å

Alt 157 -> Ø

Alt 146 -> Æ

Alt 143 -> Å

On the Macbook

Longer press on the a, o, a key, then a selection of other letters is displayed at the top. Alternatively just press CTRL + CMD + Space for the Mac character table.

On the notebook

If you don’t have a numeric keypad, search for the Fn key. This function key is normally located to the left of the space bar. Search on your keyboard small digits, which are located below the individual letters. These replace the numbers on the numeric keypad.

Presses at the same time Fn + ALT and enter the Number sequence while typing. The special character appears after you release the ALT key.

If you can’t find the lowercase digits on your keyboard, then the special characters will not work with the key combination. :( Then use the Windows character table.

Windows character table:

Enter the term "characters" in the search field of the start menu, then select the entry "character table". A small window with the special characters will open and you will also find the Danish letters in it. You select a character, click on the button "Select" and then click on "Copy". A bit awkward, but works.

Danish letters on your tablet or smartphone:

There are the Danish letters deposited. Simply enter the letters ‘A’ or ‘O tap and drag upwards, then appear the o.g. select them, then just tap on them.

On the Apple keyboard:

Alt o -> ø

Alt a -> æ

Alt a -> å

Danish letters in WordPress

In the menu bar of the visual editor of WordPress there is a button "Insert special characters".

When you click on the symbol, a window opens, from which you can simply select the desired special character.

I hope my post helped you.

Have a nice week.

I love Denmark ♥ My husband and I travel quite often to our northern neighbor country. Explore known and new regions, show you the most beautiful places and landscapes. Here on the blog you will find a lot of photos, helpful tips and suggestions about Denmark.

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