Your own gif animation for instagram, facebook, whatsapp& co. Prepare it yourself

A GIF stands for "Graphics Interchange Format" and is a special graphic format. While a JPG file is a classic, rigid image, GIF files are moving, animated images. GIFs are often used in social networks, as well as in messengers, for example, to tell a joke or to reflect a certain feeling. Most people know GIFs as funny stickers in their own Insta-Stories or in Messenger – they bring a striking entertainment value and are simply fun to use.

GIPHY – the search engine

The platform GIPHY bundles all these GIFs and is therefore the search engine for all animated images, stickers and words. In times of modern communication, GIPHYs services are indispensable. GIFs from GIPHY can be found almost everywhere: iMessages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and, of course, in the popular Insta-Stories. According to GIPHY founder Alex Chung, around 500 million users now use GIFs! Are you ready to get started with your own GIPHY GIFs?? LET’S GIF!

Create GIFs yourself

We will now show you how you can first create an animated GIF yourself from a simple, short video.

Step 1: Record a video

If no video footage is already available, the first step is to record your own video. All you need for this is a smartphone or any other type of video camera. The video can be recorded in portrait or landscape format. Since the GIF animation is to be created on a transparent background, it is advantageous to record the video in front of a "calm", monochrome and at best white or green background. The right light is especially important when taking pictures and therefore also moving pictures. Often the daylight outside or at the window can be used for this purpose. Otherwise photo lamps are suitable, in the form of "softboxes" or also sog. Ring lights, very good for creating the necessary light in closed rooms.

Step 2: Import the video

First you have to import the video and convert it into single layers. To do this select "File>Import>Video Frame to Layers. With "OK" you confirm the conversion of the video frames.

Important: Longer videos can not be imported in full length into Photoshop. Using the options in the import dialog you can limit the number of imported frames. Specify if you want to import the whole video or just a selected area. Frames can also be skipped.

Step 3: Select a crop and cut it to size

In this step the video material is converted into the desired format, for example into a square.

Step 4: Open timeline

Select "Window> Timeline" to open the control panel of the timeline. Click on the button with the arrow in the middle of the panel and switch to the "Create Frame Animation" option. Then click on the button.

Step 5: Convert layers to animation frames

The next step is to select the menu icon at the top of the timeline. Click "Create frames from layers" to convert each layer in the panel into a frame.

Step 6: Remove background (optional)

Press the spacebar or "play" to preview the animation. To remove the background, you need to select each layer individually and then select "Remove background".

Step 7: Set infinite loop for the animated image

Select "Repeats" in the timeline and the "Unlimited" option, so the animation will be repeated infinitely. Pressing the space bar will play a preview.

Step 8: Export file as GIF

To export the animation as a GIF, first select the command "File>Export>Save for Web.

  1. Set the "GIF 128 Dithering" option as default
  2. Change the "Colors" value to 256.

Click on "Preview" in the lower left corner of the export dialog to display a preview of the GIF file in the browser.

Finally click on "Save. Choose a location for the animated GIF file.

Click on the button below to view the content from to load.

Step 9: Upload animated GIFs to GIPHY

After the GIF has been created, it will be uploaded to the GIPHY platform, so that the moving image can be found on any platform.

The right keywords

For the keywords or. the sog. "tags" it is important to use keywords that are often searched in the corresponding context. This ensures that the GIF is displayed, seen, clicked and used more often in the searches of the respective services.


There is something for everyone at GIPHY!

Everyone who has a business and/ or a blog should join the GIF game. For the GIPHY search engine is used by many different providers and millions of users. No wonder, because with the help of these colorful and fancy GIFs, any shot, no matter how spontaneous, can be perfectly accentuated: The ideal tool to make digital stories more lively! But before you can get started with your own GIFs, you need a GIPHY Channel. How to do that is described in a few steps in the following post.

In conclusion, anyone who wants to can create their own GIFs and upload them to GIPHY in a few easy steps.

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