10 Reasons why we love christmas

Christmas is celebrated only once a year. In the media and shopping malls, however, the Christmas season starts at the beginning of November, right after Halloween and lasts until Christmas Eve. But we wait with relish until the Christmas miracle on the 24th. December begins. And what are we waiting for all year round?? Why is this time so special and what do we actually love about Christmas?

Christmas is a magical time. Even the biggest opponents are able to name at least one plus of the celebration.

Christmas – who doesn’t like it!

Before we get down to business, maybe we should ask ourselves if we really like Christmas? Most of us will hardly be able to wait for it, but there are also people who don’t like the Christmas season very much. After a short research, we got many answers why most of us love Christmas time so much. Contradictorily, even Christmas opponents named at least one good reason why they wait a little for Christmas after all.

You sit down to the Christmas table, which is loaded with Christmas treats. Besides people who are close to your heart and always bring a smile to you. Only then you fill the Christmas feeling. First now the three-day feast beginst and if all goes well, you’ll be free of professional duties until the new year! Now we can finally start the discussion of why everyone, without exception, just loves Christmas.

I holidays for free

The end of the year is approaching in leaps and bounds, and the number of unused vacation days is catching your boss’ eye. In the summer, the pandemic effectively discouraged longer trips, so there is still quite a bit of free time available. So Christmas time is definitely the best moment to take advantage of the vacations.

And if you plan your vacation well, you can celebrate Christmas vacations from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve.
Think of how much you can do in the meantime. At least a thousand ideas come to mind immediately. Walking in the woods, reading a stack of books, visiting your childhood best friend or organizing a family trip to the movies. Everything you never had time for this year, you can make up for now!

Take a few days off for Christmas. This will give you new energy for the next year.

Or maybe it is better to use the days off before Christmas, to go shopping, cook thousands of Christmas dishes, or decorate the Christmas tree so that everyone makes big eyes. That’s why Christmas is loved so much, because it’s clear that you finally have time just for you. The time that was always missing. The house is ready cleaned, everything is cooked and prepared in peace. The kids are on vacation and at home, all the extra classes and events are on Christmas break and you don’t have to rush anywhere, you don’t have to rush anywhere.

In short, all tasks are checked off and it’s time for a little relaxation and blissful laziness. Take advantage of the Christmas break and recharge batteries, because already on 2. January starts again and you fall into the daily life with full force.

II There’s nothing like warm and fragrant Christmas markets

Christmas Markets are eagerly awaited by almost everyone every year. Since we have more and more rare white winters, you have to build the Christmas spirit in a different way. With sounds of familiar Christmas carols, the beautiful smell of gingerbread and pleasantly warm mulled wine already does the job quite well. And sometimes you can buy a real jewel among the handicrafts or a perfect Christmas gift for our nearest and dearest Spending the Christmas season in a Christmas idyll is something everyone dreams of, isn’t it?.

In search of the magic of Christmas visit a Christmas market

This year, the dream is consistently spoiled by the pandemic. To reduce the risk of contagion, Christmas market organizers are forced to limit the number of exhibitors, attractions and – even worse – attendees themselves. a visit to a market will be much more difficult. However, if you are not exactly convinced of the safety of such events, it is much better to stay at home and have an unforgettable Christmas culinary adventure in your own home. You can find a solution in our blog post "Christmas time during the pandemic – Super recipes for home".

Christmas markets – this is exactly why many of us love Christmas. Long leisurely walks through the beautifully lit alleys of a Christmas market. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees and fairy lights everywhere. Delicious mulled wine and everywhere the smell of cinnamon and cloves. Also this year it will be possible. But it’s up to you whether you visit the Christmas market or fill your apartment with the scents that always remind you of this magical event. One way or another, You will surely find the upcoming Christmas spirit again.

III Kitschy in any case desired

Have you noticed that Christmas time is one of the few situations where kitsch is generally tolerated? Even more, it is often also very desirable. Nobody complains about red powder with lighted reindeer noses. No one is bothered by an inflatable Santa Claus in front of the house or the sparkling LED lights on the facade. Just once a year, no one minds. Probably right after your summer vacation you started thinking how to finally win the decoration battle you have with your neighbors every year this time.

At Christmas, even the most kitschy decorations are completely allowed.

Dainty, light dots connected with a thin flexible wire, are perfect for our Christmas tree in the house as well as for decorating a reindeer figure outside. A brightly decorated figure is sure to become a hit of this year’s Christmas garden decorations. The LED fairy lights is almost invisible, but with one click you can get to the online store, where you can easily order your copy.

The third reason most of us like Christmas – It’s the one time of year when you don’t have to worry about looking funny with glowing reindeer horns on your head or becoming a laughing stock. Kitschy decorations are popping up everywhere, just look at any shop window. Everything is colorful, flashy colorful and therefore somehow beautiful. This is one of the reasons why you can enjoy this special and specific Christmas atmosphere.

IV The Christmas scent of citrus fruits

Nowadays, the store shelves are packed with various delicacies, delights and exotic products before Christmas. In the past, such goods were much more difficult to obtain, and the appearance of juicy citrus fruits at Christmas seemed like a Christmas present. Although a kilo of oranges or tangerines can be bought in any store for literally a few euros, and the sight of citrus fruits does not cause such enthusiasm in children than in the past, they still remain a part of Christmas.

tangerines at christmas

The scent of tangerines brings a magical Christmas mood

How does Christmas smell? For many, Christmas simply smells like oranges and tangerines. These fruits like no other are associated with pleasant warmth of the fireplace. All family members get together in the evening and start to eat the sweet fruits with nice conversations. The citrus scent that stays on your hands gives the whole house an unforgettable aroma.

Full of cloves, oranges can be not only delicious snacks, but also a beautiful and natural Christmas decoration. Especially if you pay more attention to natural decorations these days. Natural Christmas decorations are a welcome guest. The spicy smell of cloves with the sweet scent of citrus is undoubtedly associated with Christmas.

Christmas is also loved because you finally find time to have some light-hearted conversations with your family. Conversations with your neighbors at a table or by the fireplace and with a bowl of fragrant and juicy citrus fruits on the side.

V The Christmas tree

We can imagine Christmas without snow, without Christmas dishes and also without presents, but without the Christmas tree – the undisputed symbol of Christmas, it will be difficult. In fact, it does not matter at all whether it is small, large, dense or lush, artificial or real. The Christmas tree is a ‘must-have’ of every house during the Christmas season. Only then it becomes Christmassy, cozy and symbolic. A decoration that will make any living room look much cozier and family friendly.


Without a decorated Christmas tree, Christmas would completely lose its unique atmosphere. That is why it is worth to order the dream model earlier.

It’s not so easy to find the best Christmas tree, whether it’s a real one or an artificial one. Many are already preparing in the fall to order the best model. Long hesitation has a big disadvantage: the most beautiful specimens are often already out of stock. That’s why every year, lovers of real Christmas trees are forced to, to go hunting and wait patiently for their prey.

On the other hand, the owners of an artificial tree are completely different. Without stress they sit down in a comfortable armchair and wait in a relaxed way. And when the right moment comes, they go to the basement or attic to pull out a box with their favorite model. This is the look of people who have been the happy owners of an artificial Christmas tree for many years already.

And if also your, If you have decided to buy an artificial Christmas tree, it’s best to buy it online. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider a Christmas tree with a real tree trunk. Lower tree top and narrow design allows you to place a Christmas tree even in the smallest rooms. Christmas trees in the so-called SLIM version also save an enormous amount of space. If you are a lover of a traditional, large Christmas tree, choose a tall and lush tree that is sure to catch all the eyes of your guests.

There’s just one thing, you’ll have to hurry, because as with real Christmas trees, the most beautiful models disappear before the beginning of December.
No matter which group you belong to or will soon become, the Christmas tree makes Christmas a unique experience.

VI Seasonal delicacies

Christmas is a special time of year when all diets, eating plans and calorie calculators are temporarily suspended. The bathroom scale is stowed away in the deepest corner. The season for the carefree meal is open.
The goodies literally fall out of the fridge when you open the door, the table almost collapses under the weight of Christmas cookies, and you keep thinking about what else you might be in the mood for. The Christmas cookies or the Christmas goose we eat only once a year, that’s why it’s so hard to say no.

christmas table

The table is set with Christmas delicacies – everyone likes it.

Christmas is also loved because all the gatherings of friends and family usually take place around a richly set Christmas table. Everyone has his favorite dish, for which he waits eagerly. HERE A few inspirations from different Christmas dinners to read on.

VII And again and again – Kevin alone at home

Christmas is a time when it is much easier to spend some free time together. But the rainy December weather somehow doesn’t really encourage people to leave the house. Therefore remains a warm apartment also for this Christmas the undisputed favorite place.

For sure you also have a list of your favorite Christmas movies. seen 100 times, but never regretted. Christmas you can watch the same movies around the clock. It is a perfect Time to run the old classics again or even catch up on missed novelties.

We all agree that Christmas evenings in front of the TV are a perfect way to spend time with your close ones. You don’t even have to worry about nice clothes, because during a TV evening a comfortable ‘dress-code’ is enough. Preferably jogging suit and of course warm socks (yes, the red ones with the Christmas tree motif will fit perfectly).


A warm blanket, a good movie and especially your loved ones are definitely the perfect recipe for Christmas.

Add a few Christmas treats to this idyllic picture and you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time together.

VIII Christmas gifts

Probably the most important reason that causes a lot of interest and excitement at Christmas and is not only impatiently awaited by the youngest family members. Even if in the end it turns out that our present under the Christmas tree is not exactly what you dreamed of all year long. Who among us will refuse a gift?

Receiving gifts is one thing, but there’s another equally enjoyable one, gift giving. The whole picking, hiding and in the end The gift giving many of us love. There are those who write down who gets what in a notebook two months before Christmas and those who buy a gift only two hours before Christmas Eve.


Gifts under a Christmas tree always look beautiful.

No matter if you end up being completely wrong with the gifts, the beautifully wrapped presents under a Christmas tree always look fantastic. It is certainly a moment we have been waiting for all year long. And the later unwrapping always arouses a lot of emotions.

IX Family friends and acquaintances

10 reasons why we love Christmas

Christmas we associate with a big solid table, where you can chat about everything together with our close ones, play board games or cards or draw something with the kids. And no matter who comes, there’s always room for everyone.

Christmas gatherings are one of the biggest reasons we really love Christmas. Then even looking at childhood photos together is a lot of fun. Every Christmas song sounds better in a choir than a solo.

christmas table-christmas dinner

At Christmas, when the whole family gathers around the table, you finally feel the true magic of Christmas.

X The sensitive subject of the percentages

Even if it eventually turns out that the ubiquitous kitsch is getting on your nerves a bit and you are getting tired of hearing your aunt’s story about baking cakes for the hundredth time. Even if you don’t want to eat anymore because of your diet, once there is something that can still cheer you up a bit and bring you balance. The magic drink, which, thanks to the percentages, makes the Christmas party bearable.

Christmas is the best time to sit comfortably in an armchair with a glass of wine or an aperitif. In some homes, the percentage drinks are banned on Christmas Eve. And now it’s getting interesting, sneaking cherry liqueur into your tea or adding a little cognac to your coffee without anyone noticing becomes an adventure.

Don’t forget, everything is allowed, but with a certain measure. A glass of wine with dinner is not a faux pas, because alcohol consumption does not necessarily have to end with a big drinking party. Christmas time is also just to relax a bit, unwind and recharge batteries for the new year.

Even if you don’t love it, you still like it!

Christmas is one of the most special, most important and most celebrated holidays of all. Regardless of worldview or religion, most people love to celebrate it. Each in his own way. Some are cooking and tasting Christmas treats, others are ambitiously decorating their houses with fairy lights. Still others go in search of the ideal Christmas tree, under which the less or more appropriate gifts will find their place.


A beautifully decorated Christmas tree, traditional dishes, family get-togethers, a glass of wine, presents or maybe some Christmas kitsch – you like it all at Christmas

You can say that Christmas is always an expensive undertaking, that it causes a lot of duties and a lot of housework and kitchen work. You can also promise yourself every year that it will be the last time you let the Christmas fever carry you away, that you will pack your suitcase and fly to the tropics, but once is for sure. Even if someone doesn’t like to celebrate Christmas and isn’t much of a family man, he can always find a reason why it’s good to have Christmas every year after all.

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