10 Tips for babies and toddlers in freezing and cold weather

In the coming days it is supposed to get really cold. Even when temperatures are frosty, babies and small children need to be out in the fresh air. Read here what you should absolutely pay attention to..

Small children need fresh air and sun every day. And babies sleep especially well outdoors. Especially in cold weather: being outside strengthens the immune system. A daily walk of about half an hour is enough to get enough light – this is especially good for vitamin D formation and thus for bone growth. If the little ones are protected accordingly, nothing stands in the way of winter fun.

Winter fun in the snow (© Thinkstock)

In other countries, like Sweden, Finland, or in Canada, temperatures often drop to -20° degrees even during the day. Of course, the children there play outdoors even in winter. Warmly wrapped up, the little ones in the stroller are of course also put in front of the door for the afternoon nap in Finland. Stay indoors? Out of the question for a good Finnish mother. Also reasonable so, because generally children tolerate dry cold very well – wet cold weather around the freezing point is much worse and in sleet you may of course prefer the well-heated home.

There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing

In winter, the onion look is in vogue. For babies, this means that they should first wear a long-sleeved bodysuit, tights, then over it a romper or pants and sweater. Over it then a snowsuit. Warm wool socks provide for warm feet. If the suit doesn’t already keep little toes chubby, small overcoats of fur or fleece should now be donned in sub-zero temperatures.

It is important to wear the right clothes in winter (© Thinkstock)

Gloves and a scarf or a bandana complete the outfit. It is important for babies to wear headgear. Since heat and cold are balanced with so small children over the scalp, they cool down otherwise very fast. For infants, a cotton bonnet and then a winter hat is recommended. With mittens, wrapped up warmly in a fur or fleece bag, they can then go out into the fresh air. Do not forget: Protect the delicate skin from drying out with a wind and weather cream.

Multi-layer chic is also recommended for older children. Because the different layers allow air to circulate and children sweat less. This protects against colds. For active toddlers and kindergarten children, the following is recommended in freezing cold: long thermal underpants,T-shirt as an undershirt, long-sleeved cotton sweater with turtleneck, pants, sweatshirt or wool sweater, warm socks, winter-proof shoes or boots, mittens and, of course, a hat. Do not forget the face cream, if the winter sun is strong, it is best to use UV protection. And important: the baby face cream should not contain water, which freezes at sub-zero temperatures!

The first snow (© Thinkstock)

Rule of thumb at degrees below zero: children always dress one layer warmer than you would protect yourself as an adult. If the thermometer reading rises above zero again, however, should be significantly "downgraded" again. Clothing that is too warm makes children sweat too much – and then the risk of catching a cold increases. Babies overheat quickly and then have wet hair and a red head. If the stroller with the thickly wrapped child is pushed into a well-heated department store, immediately: get out of the anorak, hat and gloves off.

The right equipment in the cold season

Winter babies are best protected in strollers with a proper baby carrier. Carrycots are much more difficult to protect against the cold. For insulation, it is best for parents to cut a piece of sleeping pad to the size of the stroller and place it under the mattress. A sheepskin also prevents the baby from getting the cold in the back.

In very cold weather, the footmuff of the cart or the blanket of the car with a hot water bottle can already be nice and cozy. Because of the danger of scalding, take the hot water bottle out of the car when the little stroller driver gets in.

Babies in the sling should wear only a light suit, because they are already kept very warm by the body temperature of the mother. Of course, it is practical if the thick jacket from pregnancy still fits: Then the offspring can simply be snuggled under the jacket.

Small children have difficulty balancing their body temperature. In the apartment they are often dressed too warmly. Therefore, make sure that rooms are not overheated and they provide regular ventilation and good humidity.

In bed, children in any case should not be overheated. Even in cold weather a nice sleeping bag is enough, after all, thanks to modern heating systems you can regulate for a good sleeping temperature of 18 ° to 19 ° degrees with the thermostat.

When children underestimated the winter

Children who are already playing outside on their own usually underestimate the cold. They sweat while playing and secretly take off jacket and cap. Gloves are also considered very uncool.

The winter air can be very dry, some children then tend to frequent nosebleeds, here parents should pay attention to humidifiers and in case of very high frequency consult the pediatrician.

First warm up properly (© Thinkstock)

When children get very cold, for example, after playing for a long time in the cold with inadequate clothing, they should be quickly wrapped in warm blankets or take a warm-up bath. Important: start with lukewarm water and then gradually add warmer. If you experience chills or noticeable lethargy, see a doctor immediately!

After a long game in the cold or an extensive walk, a nice hot cup of cocoa or tea is just the thing to warm you up. Not only for children.

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