10 Tips for the perfect portrait photo: how to create photos with personality!

When we encounter a face as immediately as on a well-made portrait photo, we simply cannot resist: We have to take a closer look – and even if we’ve never seen the person in the portrait photo before, we suddenly feel as if we’ve known him or her forever.

This is what makes these kinds of pictures so appealing. But how does one actually succeed in taking the perfect portrait photo? We give Staging tips and reveal how you can take good portrait photos yourself. Plus, learn why you don’t even need a good camera to take the world’s best portrait photo.

1. Create an atmosphere of well-being and trust

Only those who feel really comfortable in their setting, with the people in the room, with their clothes and possibly with their makeup, will feel free to pose. In this way succeed unposed portrait photos that look natural and powerful. If you feel like you have to pretend or are inhibited, you will also look uptight in your portrait photo. So rule number one is A feel-good atmosphere in natural and familiar surroundings is the best prerequisite for the successful picture. Because even no high-end camera can compensate for a bad mood.

2. Preparation is the key

If you’re planning a small photo session, don’t leave the results to chance. Plan carefully, What poses you want to try, what backdrop you want the pictures to be taken in, and what outfit you are wearing. Rehearse possibly even beforehand in front of the mirror to become confident in your pose.

3. Take props with you

Also consider whether certain props should be included in the picture. Even if these are only visible in the background of the portrait photo, they can have a symbolic character. Do not worry. A prop could be goofy or silly. The rule here is: Try, snap and try again.

Use props such as cherished objects for your portrait photos.

Our tip: Use one of your favorite objects or something that best represents your character as a prop. This way you give your portraits even more personality.

4. Have various items of clothing at the ready

Surely you have already thought about a favorite outfit for your portrait photo. And that is good. But do not underestimate the power of spontaneity. Pack a few tops and dress combinations more and Change the outfit. Sometimes this works wonders. However, you should be sure you feel comfortable in your outfit. Otherwise, it can be at the expense of your looseness, which will be obvious to you.

5. Don’t miss out on the fun

Allow yourself to have fun during your photo session. An honest laugh has an indescribable charisma, which cannot be constructed in such a way. Make jokes, joke around, tell each other anecdotes and look forward to great photos with character. You will find the fun during the shooting on your portrait photos as well.

a laughing woman with closed eyes in front of a railing

Don’t miss out on the fun. A relaxed atmosphere creates particularly natural shots.

6. The right light is crucial

Portrait photos love natural light. So the best thing is to choose a day with sunshine and a room with windows, where the Light well comes into its own. If the natural light doesn’t play along as you’d like, you can also use a flash. But please do not use the built-in flash of your camera. Better use an external flash, which is easier to adjust. If you use lamps, then preferably shining from above. Light that shines from below has an irritating effect.

a woman sits laughing on a green sofa

If possible, provide soft and natural light for your portrait photos.

Our tip: It’s not just indoors that you can take great portrait photos yourself. Dare to go out into nature and Try your hand at outdoor portraits. Use the soft and warm light of the golden hour for this purpose, for example.

An old lady smiling at the camera, with trees in the background

Don’t be afraid to take portrait photos in outdoor settings. Especially in the evening hours there is usually a nice and warm light.

7. Look for your "chocolate side

The right perspective makes a lot of difference and is worth discovering. For round faces, for example, it is recommended to use side light illumination. Because shadow gives the portrait additional contour. A double chin, on the other hand, can be avoided by photographing the person slightly from above. In general, the shot should be as wide as possible at eye level be done. This way, viewers will have the feeling that they are looking directly at the person portrayed. People photographed from below quickly give an unintentionally arrogant impression. It’s best to try things out a bit until you really like yourself.

8. Discreet background for maximum focus

When it comes to background, less is more. Opt here rather for plain backgrounds, bright walls and quiet backdrops. The do not distract and leaves more room for your portrait.

Our tip: To make your subject stand out nicely against the background, select portrait mode on your camera or smartphone. This is how you achieve especially soft background. Professionals set the aperture on the camera as wide open as possible (small aperture z.B. f/2.0) one.

Make sure your portrait photos have a discreet and light background.

9. Playing with distance and closeness

The closer a camera gets, the more we tend to feel insecure. But once you let it, it’s amazing the value detailed shots can have. Bright eyes with small or even larger smile lines have an unexpected effect. Striking details like freckles show true character. And stubble can suddenly become completely fascinating.

Pay attention to details when creating your portraits.

Our tip: Always make sure you have the right focus in your portrait photos. Focusing perfectly is a small art. If possible, always set the camera focus on the eyes. This will give your homemade portraits even more expressiveness.

10. Many pictures, many possibilities

Shoot take as many pictures as possible. Even if there are thousands: You will be all the more pleased with your favorite portrait photo.

Portrait photos is an art in itself. But who well prepared and some tips will create pictures for eternity. By the way: If you have made your choice with several favorites, the photo products from CEWE might be a good way to hold on to and collect them. Create a photo book with your favorite portraits or decorate self-designed photo gifts with them. Have fun with your personal portrait photo session!

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