100 Reasons why i love you

You’re looking for inspiration for a romantic love message to your sweetheart? Sometimes you don’t have the right words to express how much you like someone and what they mean to you. We understand that well. So we have for you a selection of the best reasons to love someone.

Sentimental message: these compliments will leave him speechless

It doesn’t always have to be the grand gesture or an expensive gift to show him how much he means to you. The important thing is that you show it to him at all. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been together six months or many years. Sometimes it’s just time to tell it or write it what you like about it. The occasion does not always have to be the wedding anniversary or anniversary. A personal message of love also just makes a gray day seem a lot friendlier! However, if you are not really a creative writer, it does not matter at all. We help you out and have formulated 100 reasons why your boyfriend or husband is just right for you.

100 reasons why I love you so much

  1. Because I knew YOU were the one from the first time we met.
  2. Because you often know what I’m going to say next before I do.
  3. Because I can be so wonderfully silly with you.
  4. Because you are simply not embarrassed by anything.
  5. Because you are the only one who puts up with me even when I am in a bad mood.
  6. Because you lift my mood immediately when I see you.
  7. Because I can have really profound conversations with you.
  8. Because you are so committed to other people.
  9. Because you think I’m wonderful even when I look like Chucky thanks to a cold.
  10. Because you stand by me even on gray days.
  11. Because even an argument with you is really fun makes.
  12. Because you do not hold grudges.
  13. Because you are so emotional but powerful at the same time.
  14. Because you are the only person who is allowed to be there when I am on toilet. ;)
  15. Because I still get weak in the knees when we kiss.
  16. Because hardly a day with you is boring.
  17. Because you never want to change me.
  18. Because you allow me to shower you with tenderness.
  19. Because you can be very romantic.
  20. Because I’m still discovering sides of you that surprise me.
  21. Because you have as great a need to cuddle as I do.
  22. Because you tell me you love me in such a cute way.

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In addition to your love letter you want to give him something very special? Then see if one of the following gifts might suit your sweetheart.

  1. Because you are a very honest person.
  2. Because you are simply my best friend.
  3. Because you are not jealous when I am out with my friends.
  4. Because you trust me.
  5. Because I can trust you limitlessly.
  6. Because we give each other the freedom we need.
  7. Because we have a common goal.
  8. Because no one else will fry me fried eggs at four o’clock in the morning and listen to my worries.
  9. Because you tell me that I am sexy.

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Now you are perfectly prepared for the most beautiful declaration of love of your life! What is important in the end is that your words come from the heart and are honest. Then you can basically say anything to him. Have you ever moved your sweetheart to tears with a particularly poignant message of love? Tell us about it in the comments.

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